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  • User Manual - Page 3

    ... Power...3-4 ECO Engine -- Power Saving Function...3-9 Power Management in Windows OS ...3-13 Energy Saving Tips...3-15 Basic Operations ... Drive...3-28 Connecting the External Devices...3-29 Using the External Optical Drive Device...3-29 Connecting the Peripheral Devices ...3-31 Connecting the Communication Devices ...3-34 Safely Remove Hardware ...3-37 Components Replacement and Upgrade ...3-38
  • User Manual - Page 5 provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and radiates radio frequency energy, and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to... is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to...
  • User Manual - Page 7

    ... cautions and warnings on the equipment or user's manual should be noted. Keep the User's Guide that comes with the package for future ... high temperature. Lay this equipment on a stable surface before setting it up. Make sure the power voltage is ... the equipment to the power outlet. Always unplug the AC power cord before installing any add-on card or module to the equipment. Always disconnect the...
  • User Manual - Page 8 electrical shock. Place the power cord in a way that people are unlikely to step on it. Do not place anything on top of the power cord. When installing the coaxial cable to the TV Tuner, it is necessary to ensure that the metal shield is reliable connected to protective earthing system of the building. Always keep the strong magnetic or...
  • User Manual - Page 23

    .... Chapter 3, Getting Started, gives the basic operation instructions on using keyboard, touchpad, hard disk drive, and optical storage drive. Beside, the steps of installing and uninstalling the battery; and the procedures of connecting the various external devices, communication devices, and so on, are also provided...
  • User Manual - Page 24

    ...These accessories listed above may change without notice. Chapter 4, BIOS Setup, provides information on BIOS Setup program ...package should contain the following items: Notebook Quick Start Manual High-capacity Li-ion battery AC/DC ...power cord Carry bag (optional) All-in-one application disk, containing the full version of user's manual, drivers, utilities, and optional recovery function, etc...
  • User Manual - Page 28

    2-7 Introductions WebCam CMOS 1.3MP Audio Sound Controller Internal Speaker Sound Volume Realtek® ALC 888S-VC2-GR 2 speakers with housing Adjust by K/B hot-key & SW Software & BIOS USB Flash Boot BIOS Yes, USB floppy boot up DOS only Fast Boot Support --- Yes Others Compliance Kensington Lock Hole WHQL x1
  • User Manual - Page 47

    3-5 Getting Started Installing the Battery Pack To insert the battery pack, following the steps below: 1. Use both hands to align and insert the battery pack into the compartment with correct orientation. 2. Slightly slide and press the battery pack into the right position until the battery back is fastened in the compartment. 1 2 3. Press the lock/unlock button to the Lock position. 3
  • User Manual - Page 50

    3-8 Getting Started Charging the Battery Pack The battery pack can be recharged while it is installed in the notebook. Please pay attention to the following tips before recharging the battery: If a ... the charging process. The battery pack uses Lithium-ion battery cells that have no "memory effect." It is unnecessary to discharge the battery before recharging. However, to optimize the life of ...
  • User Manual - Page 54

    ... also provides an ECO SETTING interface for Users to enable or disable the devices preinstalled in the notebook manually, such as Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, or Webcam, etc.. Follow the instructions below to make selections in ECO SETTING dialogue window: 1. Make sure to disable the ECO Engine function, which means ECO Off ...
  • User Manual - Page 55

    3-13 Getting Started Power Management in Windows OS Power management of personal computers (PCs) and monitors has the poten-tial to save standby/hibernate mode after a period of user inactivity. Follow the instructions below to adjust the power management settings in Windows OS: 1. Power Options in Windows OS allow you to control the power management features of your display, hard drive, and ...
  • User Manual - Page 57

    ... off the monitor after a period of user inactivity. Utilize the Fn and F12 sleep mode keys to turn into power saving mode. Tune the settings in Power Options under Windows OS to optimize the computer's power management. Always disconnect the AC power cord or uninstall the battery pack or switch off the wall socket if ...
  • User Manual - Page 63

    ...Getting Started Function Keys Windows Keys You can find the Windows Logo key ( ) and one Application Logo key ( ) on the keyboard, which are used to perform Windows-specific functions, such as opening the Start menu and launching the shortcut menu. For more information of the two keys, please refer to your Windows manual or online help. [Fn] Key Switch the display output...
  • User Manual - Page 68

    ..., shape, moving speed and other advanced features of the cursor on the screen. To configure the touchpad, you can use the standard Microsoft or IBM PS/2 driver in your Windows operating system. The Mouse Properties in Control Panel allows you to change the configuration. Positioning and Moving Place your finger on the touchpad (...
  • User Manual - Page 70

    ... drive is a storage device with much higher speed and larger capacity than other storage devices, such as the floppy disk drive and optical storage device. software applications. Therefore, it is usually used to install the operating system and To avoid unexpected data loss in your system, please backup your critical files ...
  • User Manual - Page 73

    ... USB ports for connecting various USB devices, such as mouse, keyboard, digital camera, webcam, printer, and external optical storage device, ete.. To connect these devices, install the drivers for each device first if necessary, and then connect the device to the notebook. This notebook is capable to ...
  • User Manual - Page 75

    ... devices that supports standard, enhanced and high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable. Once the display is connected to the notebook, power on the notebook and the external display should respond by ... [Fn]+[F2]. Alternately, you can change the display mode by configuring the settings in Display Properties of Windows operating system.
  • User Manual - Page 79

    ... the device you want to unplug or eject, and then click Stop. When Windows notifies you that it is safe to do so unplug the device from your computer. Hardware Devices: USB Mass Storage Device 1 Stop a Hardware device Confirm devices to be stopped. Choose OK To continue. Windows will attempt to stop the following devices. After the devices are stopped they may ...
  • User Manual - Page 81

    ...refer to the section of Using Battery power for details. This notebook is equipped with a wireless LAN/ Bluetooth 2 module, and the module may be upgradable and replaceable by authorized dealer or... and replaceable by the authorized dealer or service center. Additional memory module may be installed, by the authorized 4 dealer or service center, to increase the ...
  • User Manual - Page 87

    4-5 BIOS Setup Main Menu System Date This item allows you to set the system date. [day:month:date:year]. The date format ... into sleep mode. The time format is [hour:minute:second]. Serial ATA The item displays the types of the SATA devices installed in the notebook. Press [Enter] to bring up a window showing the detailed information of the device, including the device name, vendor, LBA mode, PIO ...
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