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  • PTV1000 Install Guide - Page 1

    ... software. Package Contents 4. Use the Intel Wireless Display software to scan and find the Push 2 TV adapter. The screen on the right shows that .... Enter this 4-digit security code into the Intel Wireless Display software. Power cord HDMI cable The Push 2 TV adapter LED is red when it... Push 2 TV/Intel Wireless Display. Power On/Off HDMI Composite Reset If you do not see this screen, make sure ...
  • PTV1000 Install Guide - Page 2

    ... Core i3, i5, or i7 processor Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD graphics adapter Intel WiFi Link wireless networking adapter Microsoft Windows 7 operating system Intel Wireless Display software IEEE 802.11 b/g wireless 12V/1A 106 mm x 138 mm x 32 mm 180 g 0 to 40º C (32 to 105º ...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 2

    ...or circuit layout(s) described herein. Certificate of the Manufacturer/Importer It is hereby certified that the Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display has been suppressed in accordance with ... Herstellers/Importeurs Es wird hiermit bestätigt, daß dasPush 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display gemäß der im BMPTAmtsblVfg...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 3

    ... Of Conformity We NETGEAR, Inc., 350 East Plumeria Drive, San Jose, CA 95134, declare under our sole responsibility that the model PTV1000 Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display complies with Part 15 of FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: • • This device may not cause ...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 5

    Contents Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual About This Manual Conventions, Formats, and Scope ...ix Revision History ...x Chapter 1 Connecting Using Intel Wireless Display ...1-1 Step 1: Opening Intel Wireless Display on the Laptop ...1-1 Step 2: Windows Firewall Security Alert ...1-2 Step 3: Consenting to the License Agreement ...1-2 Step 4: ...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 6

    Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual Cords and Cables ...2-1 On/Off Button ...2-2 Changing the TV Input ...2-2 Many Issues ...2-7 Known Issues ...2-8 FAQs ...2-8 How do I Change the Adapter Display Language ...2-9 How do I Update the Firmware? ...2-9 How do I Reset the Application Settings? ...2-9 How do I Reset the Adapter? ...2-9 How do I Clear the Adapter Memory...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 7

    Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual Global Volume Control ...2-12 Windows Audio Mixer ...2-12 Changing the Sound using the Windows Control Panel ...2-12 How do I Train My Displays? ...2-12 Can I play DVDs with Intel Wireless Display? ...2-13 How do I Contact Customer Support? ...2-13 What is Auto-Connect ...2-13 Appendix A Technical Specifications Appendix B ...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 8

    About This Manual The NETGEAR® Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel® Wireless Display User Manual describes how to install, configure and troubleshoot the Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display. The information in this manual is intended for readers with intermediate computer and Internet skills. Conventions, Formats, and Scope The ...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 9

    Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual For more information about network, Internet, firewall, and VPN technologies, see the links to the NETGEAR website in Appendix B, "Related Documents." Note: Product updates are available on the NETGEAR, Inc. website at Revision History Version Date Number 1.0 Part Number 202-...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 10

    ... couch. Intel Wireless Display requires the following key elements: • • Push 2 TV adapter. The adapter ... image, and sends the image to the TV. A laptop computer with Intel Wireless Display installed. This will be used to manage the connection ... This section provides instructions for using Intel Wireless Display. For help with installation, see the Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel® ...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 11

    Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual Some laptops may have a button or key that starts Intel Wireless Display. This key will be located in different places depending on the brand of laptop. It is usually found on or around the keyboard. The key will contain a small version of the symbol below. Figure 1-1 If this is the initial set up continue to Step 2. If ...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 17

    Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual Step 5: Finishing the Initial Set Up Process After the Connected. Please wait message disappears, the laptop ...have successfully completed the set up process! Click the Register link to register your adapter and receive product support and software updates. When you are done registering your product, click the Finish button to ...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 18

    Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual Exiting To exit Intel Wireless Display, click the Disconnect button, wait until the adapter disconnects, and click the Close Window button (red x) in the upper right corner of application window. If you click the Close Window button while still connected, you are asked if you want to close the connection. Click Yes to exit or...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 21

    Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual • Sometimes the inputs are located beneath the regular channels on the TV. Try selecting the lowest TV ... multiple times. If rescanning does not solve the issue, make sure the adapter is on and the TV is displaying the To get started screen. Also, try moving the laptop or the adapter to different places in the room. The ...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 24

    Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual Firewall Issues Sometimes the laptop's ..., click OK and connect again. Windows Power Saving Microsoft Windows software may be set to dim the display or put the computer to sleep after a period of... dimming while using Intel Wireless Display, change the laptop's power settings by following these steps: 1. Click the Windows Start icon. 2. ...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 25

    Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual If the adapter will not turn on, or it is impossible to update the firmware, perform a factory reset. Reset Figure 2-3 ..., the adapter connection settings will be erased and the firmware will need to be updated. Checking the Access Point Frequency Intel Wireless Display only works at 2.4GHz on both ...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 26

    Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual 2. Shut down the laptop, restart, open the application, scan for available ...) format 4.43 variations on the composite interface. See the TV owner's manual for NTSC variation information. Changing the wireless LAN or connection settings when Intel Wireless Display is connected may cause momentary disruption of or end the connection....
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 27

    Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual How do I Change the Adapter Display Language To change ... I Update the Firmware? If the firmware needs updating, there will be an Update available button on the Adapter Properties page. (The Properties ...the Reset Intel Wireless Display settings page. After starting Intel Wireless Display, all detected adapters will be displayed ...
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 28

    Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual How do I Clear the Adapter Memory? Clearing the adapter's memory erases security settings and the user.... Adapter Model. This is the model name of the adapter currently connected. Adapter firmware version. The version of the application. If a Web update is required, click the Update Available button. -10 v1.0, January 2010
  • PTV1000 User Manual - Page 29

    Push 2 TV Adapter (PTV1000)/Intel Wireless Display User Manual • Show the cursor. By default, Intel Wireless Display enables the cursor to be ... Auto-Connect" on page 2-13 for more details. Register. Register your adapter to obtain support and get the latest software updates. • • Audio/Visual Tuning If the laptop display is cropped or not filling the entire TV screen, see "How ...
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