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  • WNCE2001 Install Guide - Page 1

    ... without WPS Step 1: Please disconnect any wireless connection to the router and/or remove the Ethernet cable currently connected to the computer. You may restore the ... connection options. For more information on power-up methods, see "Power Connection Options" on the reverse side. WNCE2001 Ethernet cable Step 2: Wait until the Power LED on the WNCE2001 is ...
  • WNCE2001 Install Guide - Page 2

    ...error page. What can I do? Make sure that your Ethernet cable is fully seated between the WNCE2001 and the computer, and that the WNCE2001 LAN LED is on. If not, re-... enough power. Unit is busy. Unit is powered on. Ethernet cable is plugged in. No Ethernet cable is attached. No wireless connection. Connection to router is poor. Connection to router is good. Connection ...
  • WNCE2001 Product Datasheet - Page 1

    ... 2.4 GHz Connect any device with a network port to your existing home wireless networkWirelessly connects networked home theater devices such as Xbox 360®, PS3&#... performance place adapter in front or to side of television. The NETGEAR Difference WNCE2001 Universal compatibility CD-less, wireless installation Push 'N' Connect Powered by USB port Home Theater Devices Game console OR ...
  • WNCE2001 Product Datasheet - Page 2

    Universal WiFi Internet Adapter WNCE2001 System Requirements • Existing wireless home network with Internet connection - 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n AP/gateway/router • ... 17.9mm (3.20 x 2.44 x .70 in) • Weight: 60 g (2.12 oz Package Contents Universal WiFi Internet Adapter (WNCE2001) Ethernet cable USB power cable Power adapter, localized to country of sale Warranty • Localized...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 2

    Universal WiFi Internet Adapter WNCE2001 ©2010 NETGEAR, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of ...To register your product, get the latest product updates, or get support online, visit us at Phone (US & Canada only):...Uplink, X-RAID2, and NeoTV are trademarks or registered trademarks of NETGEAR, Inc. Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, and Vista are registered trademarks of ...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 3

    ... Settings...13 Backing Up Settings ...14 Restoring Settings ...14 Erasing the Settings ...14 Upgrading the Firmware ...15 Advanced Wireless Settings...16 Using Push 'N' Connect (WPS) ...16 Chapter 3 Troubleshooting Using the USB Power Cable ...18 Connecting to ...18 Connecting to Wireless Networks...18 Appendix A Factory Settings ...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 6

    ...outlet. 6. Congratulations! Your installation is complete. You can return your computer to its usual set up and begin using the Internet adapter. Preparing to Change ... after installation, then you need to connect it to a computer while you are making changes. 1. Connect your Internet adapter to a computer with an Ethernet cable. 2. Connect either the USB power cable or the power adapter cable that...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 7

    ... In the address field, enter Unless you changed the settings on the Firmware Upgrade screen (see Upgrading the Firmware on page 15), the software automatically checks for new firmware at the NETGEAR website. Then the following screen displays: The Device Status screen shows what the current settings are ...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 8

    ...advanced configuration, see Chapter 2, Advanced Settings. The Universal WiFi Internet Adapter (WNCE2001) Installation Guide included in the package... Smart Wizard automatically displays. After installation, to use the Smart Wizard again: 1. Connect the Internet adapter to a computer and go to ...the Manually input my wireless SSID radio button. Click Continue. When you have chosen the network that you ...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 9

    2. Advanced Settings 2 To change advanced settings, connect the Internet adapter to your computer and use your Internet browser to go to http://www....Status Screen When you connect to http:/, after the automatic firmware check, the Device Status screen displays: This screen shows the current settings and the status of your Internet adapter. • You can click Show Statistics ...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 10

    ... field changes. The language version running on the Internet adapter. If you upgrade the firmware, this field changes. The status of your wireless connection (connected or disconnected). The ... IP subnet mask associated with the LAN IP address of the Internet adapter. The default is The IP address of the wireless network gateway. The IP address of the Domain Name Server (DNS) of the ...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 14

    Universal WiFi Internet Adapter WNCE2001 The Backup and Restore options in the Backup Settings screen let you save and... 2. If you do not have your browser set up to save downloaded files automatically, locate where you want ... or do anything else to the Internet adapter until it finishes restarting! 4. Close the message window. To restore your settings from a saved configuration file, enter the full...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 15

    ... Internet adapter, shut down the computer, or do anything else to the Internet adapter until it finishes restarting! Upgrading the Firmware Unless you changed the settings in the Firmware Upgrade screen previously, the Internet adapter is set up to check for new ...check, clear the Check for new version upon login check box. To check for firmware and upgrade if it is available: ...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 16

    ... WiFi Internet Adapter WNCE2001 Advanced Wireless Settings CAUTION: The Internet adapter is already ... directed by NETGEAR support. Incorrect settings might degrade the wireless performance of the Internet adapter.... the Advanced heading, select Wireless Settings. The following screen displays You can view... if the router supports WPS. Note: The Universal WiFi Internet Adapter (WNCE2001) Installation...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 17

    ... WiFi Internet Adapter WNCE2001 To join a network using WPS after installation: 1. From the Internet... a PIN displays. button or press the WPS The Internet adapter tries to join the wireless network... to the computer that is connected to the Internet adapter, and make sure that you are connected to the wireless network... LED is solid red for 5 seconds. If the computer does connect using WPS, the WLAN...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 19 8. If the Smart Wizard does not find your wireless network (it is not displayed in the Select Existing Network screen) check to see if your wireless network is still up and running. Make sure the router is turned on. If possible, ...seeing this message, you might need to upgrade your router to one that provides greater wireless range, or purchase a range extender to...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 22

    ... a more complete understanding of the technologies used in your NETGEAR product. Table 6. Document Windows XP and Vista Wireless Configuration Utilities Application Note Internet Networking and TCP/IP Addressing: Wireless Communications: Preparing a Computer for Network Access: Glossary: Link ...
  • WNCE2001 User Manual - Page 23

    ...applicable National regulatory authority. Note: This product's firmware limits operation to only the channels allowed ... to the requirements as set forth in CFR 47 Sections, 2.1093, and 15.247 (b) (4) addressing... sole responsibility that the Universal WiFi Internet Adapter (WNCE2001) complies with Part 15 Subpart... frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may...
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