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Download the free PDF manual for Netgear WNDA4100 and other Netgear manuals at

  • WNDA4100 Installation Guide - Page 1

    Installation Guide N900 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter WNDA4100 Installation Estimated completion time: 10 minutes. 1. 2. Insert the Resource CD in your... not display, browse the files on the CD and double-click Autorun.exe. Click Setup. The Software Update Check screen displays. 7. NETGEAR Genie displays a list of wireless networks in your area. Package Contents 3. If you are connected to the ...
  • WNDA4100 Installation Guide - Page 2

    ... the adapter and the computer. Technical Support Thank you for selecting NETGEAR products. After installing your device, locate the serial number on the... to for product updates and web support. For additional information about setting up, configuring...NETGEAR Genie Icon When you install your adapter, the NETGEAR Genie icon displays in the Windows system tray ...
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 2

    N900 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter (WNDA4100) © 2011 NETGEAR, Inc. All rights reserved No part of ...Inc. Technical Support Thank you for choosing NETGEAR. To register your product, get the latest product updates, get support online, or for more information about the topics covered in this manual, visit the Support website at Phone (US & Canada only): ...
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 3

    Contents Chapter 1 Set up Your Wireless Adapter NETGEAR Genie Desktop Icon ...4 NETGEAR Genie Home ...5 Status Bar...5 Join a Wireless Network ...6 Network Details ...7 Join a ... Network ...8 Join a Hidden Network ...10 Chapter 2 Maintenance Other Screen ...13 Remove the Software ...14 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ...14 Appendix A Supplemental Information ...
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 4

    ... includes the following sections NETGEAR Genie Desktop Icon NETGEAR Genie Home Join a Wireless Network For help installing your wireless USB Adapter, see the installation guide that came in the NETGEAR Genie Desktop Icon When you install your adapter, the NETGEAR Genie icon appears in the Windows system tray and on the desktop....
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 5

    N900 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter (WNDA4100) NETGEAR Genie Home When you launch NETGEAR Genie, the home screen displays. This screen shows you at... a different screen. Join a Network button. View a list of wireless networks and join a network. Other button. View more information or check for software updates. Help. Display the help. Status Bar The status bar is located at the bottom of the ...
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 8

    .... Identifies whether the router or access point for this network supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). MAC Address. The unique hardware address of the wireless device broadcasting this information. Typically, this is a wireless router, gateway, or access point. Join a Network or Connect to a Different Network You can ...
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 12

    2. Maintenance 2 This chapter includes the following sections Other Screen Remove the Software Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 12
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 13

    N900 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter (WNDA4100) Other Screen In NETGEAR Genie, ... Packets.Total number of packets received from wireless network communications. Network IP Address. The IP address ... used for the adapter to connect to the current wireless network. Adapter Adapter MAC Address. The Media Access ... measure, some wireless networks restrict access based on a list of known MAC addresses. If ...
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 14

    ... Uninstall: In Windows, select Start > All Programs > NETGEAR WNDA4100 Genie > Uninstall NETGEAR WNDA4100 Software. Control Panel: How you do this depends on your Windows operating system: Windows 7: Select ... Panel > Add or Remove Programs, and then select NETGEAR WNDA4100 Genie. - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) The wireless USB Adapter LED is not lit. The...
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 15

    ... or use Push 'N' Connect if the network supports WPS. Some networks also restrict use to only computers or wireless devices with known MAC addresses. If that is the case, on the NETGEAR Genie screen, click Other to find the MAC address for your wireless USB Adapter and provide it to the network administrator. Maintenance 15
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 16

    ...8226; Check to make sure the router or access point is physically connected to the Ethernet network. Make sure that the IP addresses and the Windows networking settings are configured correctly. Do the USB ports go into a sleep mode... and Sound > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > USB Settings, and change the setting for Selective Suspend...
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 17

    ... speed can vary depending on the type of USB port on your computer, the capacity of the router or access point for the wireless network, and the type of... older USB 1.1 standard. How can I view the IP address for the wireless USB Adapter? Click the address. icon to open NETGEAR Genie. Then click the ... Adapter. This can occur if you upgraded your wireless USB Adapter software and did not reboot your ...
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 18

    ...A Technical Specifications The following table provides technical specifications for the wireless USB Adapter. Feature Antenna Standards Radio ... MCS32 coding scheme 5V Bus powered FCC, CE USB 2.0 Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP (32/64-bit) Operating temperature: 0 to 40 C ...year warranty Power Emissions Bus interface Provided drivers Operating environment Encryption Warranty 18
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 20

    ...and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference ...if such function is available. The USB dongle transmitter is approved for use in typical laptop computers. To comply with used in other devices or certain laptop and tablet computer configurations where the USB connectors on the host computer ...
  • WNDA4100 User Manual - Page 21

    N900 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter WNDA4100 FCC RF Radiation Exposure and SAR Statements ...detailed SAR requirements and has established that these requirements have been met while installed in the host notebook computer. For products available in the USA/Canada market, only... to be compliant to the requirements as set forth in CFR 47 Sections, 2.1093, and 15.247 (b) (4) addressing RF Exposure from ...
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