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  • WNR1000v3 Setup Manual - Page 3

    ... ...4 Side Panel ...4 Router Label ...5 Positioning Your Wireless Router ...5 Installing Your Wireless Router ...6 Updating Your Router Firmware ...7 Installing Your Router Using the Smart Wizard ...8 Using the Smart ... Your Router After Installation ...10 Manually Installing Your Router ...11 Connecting Your Wireless Router ...12 Verifying Your Connection ...15 ...
  • WNR1000v3 Setup Manual - Page 7

    ...test diagnostic. The power is on and the router is ready. A software update is in progress. Firmware is corrupted. See ...instructions on restoring your router firmware. Power is not being supplied to the router Indicates that wireless security ..., but no IP address has been acquired. The wireless router has acquired ...LAN Solid Amber (Ports 1-4) Blinking Amber Off Getting to Know Your Wireless Router ...
  • WNR1000v3 Setup Manual - Page 11

    ...guidelines can result in significant performance degradation or an inability to wirelessly connect to the Internet. Installing Your Wireless Router To help you set up your router and get on the Internet quickly, ...Installing Your Router" on page 11). You can set up your wireless router using one of two methods: • Smart Wizard Setup: The Smart Wizard Installation ...
  • WNR1000v3 Setup Manual - Page 12 choose to use this option and install your router manually, for best results, install and set up your router in this order: 1. Install and connect your wireless router to your network (see "Connecting Your Wireless Router" on page 12). 2. Set up your wireless router for Internet access (see "Setting Up Your ...
  • WNR1000v3 Setup Manual - Page 13

    ... Windows 2000, or Windows XP with Service Pack 2, and with a wired Ethernet connection, not a wireless connection... your router, modem, and PC(s). It then helps you to configure your wireless settings and... updates for your . router, or No, to update later (for more information, see "Setting Up Your User Manual). 4. Follow the remaining instructions and prompts. Installing Your Router Using ...
  • WNR1000v3 Setup Manual - Page 15

    ... configuring your router using the Smart Wizard, you must open a browser window and log in to the router. You will also be prompted to check for new router firmware. For more information, see "Configuring Your Wireless Network" on page 20. Installing Your Router Using the Smart Wizard 10
  • WNR1000v3 Setup Manual - Page 20

    ... a connection." Verifying Your Connection Verify that your router is connected correctly by checking the wireless router status lights (as illustrated in Figure 11). Figure 11 Table 2. Label 1. Power 2. Push 'N' ... "Using Push 'N' Connect (WPS) to Configure Your Wireless Network" on page 22. The wireless light should be lit after turning on the wireless router. Manually Installing Your Router 15
  • WNR1000v3 Setup Manual - Page 22

    .... The Firmware Upgrade Assistant screen will display. 3. Click Yes to check for new firmware (recommended). The router will automatically check the NETGEAR database for ...the online User Manual.) 4. If new firmware is available, click Yes, and the router will automatically upgrade itself with the latest firmware. Do not try to go online, turn off the router, shut down the ...
  • WNR1000v3 Setup Manual - Page 32

    To restore your firmware: a. Make sure your PC is connected to your router and the router is powered on.... . c. In the CD's menu, click Supporting Software, then click Netgear Firmware Recovery Utility, and follow the prompts for the recovery process. Installation of the utility places a NETGEAR Router Recovery desktop. shortcut on the d. After firmware recovery is complete, follow the prompts to ...
  • WNR1000v3 Setup Manual - Page 37

    ... your computer's network interface card. Wrong network configuration - - Verify that the Ethernet card driver software and TCP/IP software are both installed and configured on your ... to the Internet After verifying that the path between your computer and the wireless router works correctly, test the path from your PC to the Internet. To test the path using ping ...
  • WNR1000v3 Install Guide - Page 2

    ...on the wireless device (iPhone®, laptop computer, gaming device) that you want to connect to your router. 2. The wireless software will scan for all wireless networks in your area. Look for your network-the.... After connecting to the Internet, you can check for firmware updates by selecting Router Upgrade and following the on-screen prompts. 2. First, name ...
  • User Manual - Page 10

    Wireless-N 150 Router WNR1000v3 User Manual How Port Forwarding Changes the Communication Process ...5-5 How ... Speed Requirements ...5-23 Chapter 6 Using Network Monitoring Tools Viewing Wireless Router Status Information ...6-2 Viewing a List of Attached Devices ...6-7 ... ...6-9 Checking for New Firmware in the Router Upgrade Screen ...6-9 Updating Manually to New Router Firmware ...6-10 Enabling ...
  • User Manual - Page 17

    Wireless-N 150 Router WNR1000v3 User Manual - The Checking for Firmware Updates screen appears unless you previously cleared the the router status screen.) Figure 1-3 - To automatically update to the new firmware, click Yes to allow the router to download and install the new firmware file from NETGEAR. Warning: When uploading firmware to the WNR1000v3 router, do not interrupt the Web ...
  • User Manual - Page 37

    Wireless-N 150 Router WNR1000v3 User Manual Configuring WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK Wireless Security Wi-Fi Protected ... adapters. Note: Not all wireless adapters support WPA. Furthermore, client software is also required. Windows XP with Service ... the wireless adapter hardware and driver must also support WPA. For instructions on configuring wireless computers or PDAs (personal digital assistants)...
  • User Manual - Page 96

    Wireless-N 150 Router WNR1000v3 User Manual Table 6-1 describes the router status fields. Table 6-1. Wireless Router Status Fields Field Hardware Version Firmware Version Description The hardware version of the router. The version of the current software installed in the router. This will change if you update your router. Internet Port. The following settings apply...
  • User Manual - Page 102

    Wireless-N 150 Router WNR1000v3 User Manual Updating the Router Firmware The firmware of the WNR1000v3 router is stored in flash memory, and can be updated as NETGEAR releases .... See "Logging In To Your Wireless Router" on page 1-2. Use the Check button in the Router Upgrade screen. ... Manually to New Router Firmware" on page 6-10. Note: Before updating the router software, NETGEAR recommends...
  • User Manual - Page 103

    .... When the upload is complete, your router automatically restarts. The update process typically takes about 1 minute. Updating Manually to New Router Firmware To manually select, download, and install new software to your router: Using Network Monitoring Tools v1.0, February 2010 6-10
  • User Manual - Page 104

    ...most recent firmware offered to the firmware version of your router. If the version on the NETGEAR website is more recent, download the file 5. Click Browse, and locate the firmware image that you downloaded to your computer (the file ends in .img ...the router. Warning: When updating firmware to the WNR1000v3 router, do not interrupt the Web browser by closing the window, clicking a link, ...
  • User Manual - Page 117

    Wireless-N 150 Router WNR1000v3 User Manual • Your computer might not have the wireless router configured as its default gateway. Reboot the computer and verify that the wireless router address ( is listed by your computer as the default gateway address. You might be running login software that is no longer needed. If your ISP provided a ...
  • User Manual - Page 118

    Wireless-N 150 Router WNR1000v3 User Manual If the path is working, you see this message: Reply from < IP address >: bytes=32 time=NN ms..., make sure that the link lights are on for the switch ports that are connected to your computer and router. Verify that the Ethernet card driver software and TCP/IP software are both installed and configured on your computer. Verify that the IP address for your ...
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