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  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 2

    ... help Support In-device help Accessibility solutions Do more with your device Update device software Settings Access codes Remote lock Prolong battery life Increase available memory... and loudspeaker control Offline profile Fast downloading Ovi (network service) Ovi Contacts Make calls ... and addresses 39 Contact cards 39 Set contacts as favorites 40 Ringing tones, images, and ...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 5

    ... content. Exercise caution with messages, connectivity requests, browsing, and downloads. Only install and use services and other software from trustworthy sources that offer adequate security and protection ...or have passed the Java Verified™ testing. Consider installing antivirus and other security software on your device and any connected computer. ...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 7

    ..., so back up your data first. Update your device software regularly for optimum performance and possible ... the desired application. Accessibility solutions Nokia is committed to making mobile phones easy to use for all individuals, ... device There are various applications provided by Nokia and third party software developers, that help you do more with your device. To find and download applications, ...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 8

    .... For more information, go to mynokia. Warning: If you install a software update, you cannot use the... to back up data before accepting installation of an update. Downloading software updates may involve the transmission of large amounts of data (network service). Make ... your device to the PC. 8 To get more information and to download the Nokia Software Updater application, go to www....
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 10

    • power. You can prevent the automatic download of new maps. If the signal strength of the cellular network varies much in ...Increase available memory Transfer data to a compatible memory card (if available) or to a compatible computer. To remove data you no ... or .sisx) of applications you have installed. Transfer the installation files to a compatible computer. Images and video clips...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 57

    ... mode and from the following: PC Suite - Use Nokia PC applications such as Nokia Ovi Suite or Nokia Software Updater. Mass storage - Transfer data between your device and a compatible PC. Image transfer - Print images ... transfer - Synchronize music with Nokia Music or Windows Media Player. PC connections You can use your mobile device with a variety of compatible PC...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 58 videos, that requires a large amount of memory to view. If your device runs out of memory while loading such a web page, insert a memory card. Otherwise, the videos are not displayed. Disable graphics to save memory and speed up downloading Select Options > Settings > Page > Load content > Text only. Refresh the content of the web page Select Options > ...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 60

    ... delete bookmarks Select Options > Bookmark manager. Send or add a bookmark, or set a bookmarked web page as the homepage Select Options > Bookmark ... your service provider. Important: Even if the use of certificates makes the risks involved in remote connections and software installation considerably smaller, they must be used correctly in order to benefit from increased security. The existence of ...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 61

    ... of scripts. Java/ECMA script errors - Set the device to receive script notifications. Open while downloading - Enable the opening of a file while the file is being downloaded. Page settings Load content - Select whether you want to load ... Allow or block automatic opening of pop-up windows while browsing. Automatic reload - Set web pages to be refreshed automatically...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 82

    ...and organize your music files with Nokia Music Download the PC software from, and follow the instructions. Synchronize music with Windows Media Player Connect a compatible USB data cable... Connectivity > USB > USB connection mode. Ovi Music With Ovi Music (network service), you can search, browse, purchase, and download music to...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 83

    ...manage, and share podcasts. Downloading and sharing podcasts requires network support. The recommended ...episodes is displayed. Play a fully downloaded episode Select Options > Play. Update a podcast Select ...Select Options > Stop update. Add a new podcast by entering the web address of the podcast 1 Select.... Edit the web address of a podcast Select Options > Edit. Delete a downloaded podcast from your...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 84

    ...opml files in a multimedia message or by Bluetooth connectivity). Download podcasts After you have subscribed ...episode is a particular media file of a podcast. Start a download Select the episode title. You can ... time. Start playing a podcast before the download is complete Go to a podcast, and select Options > Play preview. Successfully downloaded podcasts are stored in the Podcasts folder, but may...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 85

    ...- Define the podcast search service web address, to use to search for podcasts. Download settings Select Options > Settings > Download and from the following: Save to - Define where to save podcasts. Update interval - Define how often podcasts are updated... charges, contact your service provider. Restore default settings Select Options > Restore default. FM radio Listen to...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 86

    ... are automatically downloaded daily at the time you define. Cancel scheduled downloads Select Manual download as the download method. Setting the application to download video clips automatically may involve the transmission of large amounts of data through ... or from the service provider. Download and play a video Select Menu > Videos & TV. Install a video service Select Video feeds...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 87

    ...desired location. My videos My videos is a storage place for all videos. You can list downloaded videos and video clips recorded... Resume download - Resume a paused or failed download. Cancel download - Cancel a download. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved. Video ...connect using a compatible USB data cable. Select Mass storage as the connection mode. A compatible memory card needs to be inserted ...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 93

    ... > Office > File mgr. and Backup. It is recommended that you back up the device memory regularly to a compatible computer or memory card. Tip: If you have DRM-protected content, use Nokia PC Suite to back up both...the dictionary. You can have two additional languages installed, besides English. Speech - Edit the voice feature settings. You can adjust the speed and ...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 99

    ... group - Specify a group of people to whom you can call and who can call you (network service). Confirm SIM services - Set the device to ask for confirmation when want to reduce the risk of viruses or other malicious software and be sure of the authenticity of software when downloading and installing software. Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Phone mgmt. > Security settings > Certificate ...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 101

    ...sisx file extensions Widgets with the .wgz file extension • Only install software that is compatible with your device. Install applications You can transfer installation files to your device from a compatible computer, download them during browsing, or... application installed in the memory card Important: Only install and use applications and other software from trusted sources, such...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 113

    ...- synchronization date and time declining calls See rejecting calls device - updating dictionary dismissing calls display settings downloads - podcasts DRM (digital rights management) duration of calls E ...sharing online inbox, message inbox, messages indicators installing applications internet browser internet calls - settings internet connection 50 21 27 79 80...
  • Nokia C6-00 User Guide in US English - Page 116

    ... protocol) slide settings slide show SMS (short message service) software applications software updates songs speakerphone Speech support resources ... answering - rejecting video clips - shared video settings videos - downloading - playing - transferring - video feeds videos & ... local are network) Wi-Fi (wireless local area network) widgets wireless LAN (WLAN) WLAN (wireless local...
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