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  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 2

    2 Contents Home screen Organize your applications Download a game, application, or other item 33 35 36 Contents ...Copy contacts or pictures from your old phone Access codes Use the user guide in your phone Install Nokia Ovi Suite on your PC Basic use Touch screen actions Interactive home screen ... 45 Contacts 47 About Contacts 47 Save phone numbers and mail addresses 47 Save a number from a received...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 3

    ... Share your location in your status update 61 Contact a friend from a social networking service 62 Add an event to your phone calendar 62 Camera About...web 59 Social networks 59 About Social 59 See your friends' status updates in one view 60 Post your status to social networking services 60 information 60 See your friends' status updates on the home screen 60 Upload a picture or ...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 4

    ...your phone stops responding 118 Restore original settings 118 What to do when the memory is full? 118 Message indicator blinking ...intranet 100 Connectivity Internet connections Wi-Fi Bluetooth USB data cable VPN connections Close a network connection Store your files ...107 108 Phone management 109 Keep your phone software and applications up to date 109 Manage files 110 Increase available memory so ...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 5

    ... IN RESTRICTED AREAS Switch the device off when cellular phone use is not allowed or when it may cause ... driving should be road safety. INTERFERENCE All wireless devices may be susceptible to interference, which ... SERVICE Only qualified personnel may install or repair this product. BATTERIES, CHARGERS AND ..., chargers, and other accessories approved by Nokia for use with this device. Do not connect ...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 19

    ...of charge. Your previous Nokia phone needs to support Bluetooth. Select Menu > Applications > Tools > Phone setup and Data transfer. If your previous Nokia phone does not have the Phone switch application, your new phone sends it in a message using Bluetooth. To install the application, open the message in your previous phone, and follow the instructions. 1 2 Select ...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 21

    ... PC application, you can manage content on your phone, and keep it in sync with your compatible computer. You can also update your phone with the latest software, and download maps. Download the latest version of Nokia Ovi Suite from to your computer. To learn more about Nokia Ovi Suite, go ...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 32

    32 Customize your phone Tip: Download ringtones from Ovi Store. To learn more about Ovi Store, go to Silence ...situations, and give them appropriate names. 1 2 3 Select Menu > Settings > Tone profiles and Options > Create new. Define ... which the previously used profile is activated. Select Menu > Settings > Tone profiles. 1 2 Select the desired profile and Timed. ...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 36

    ...item is free, select Download. You can pay with a credit or debit card, or, if available, on your phone bill. To save ... a receipt of your purchase, select or enter a mail address. Select Confirm. When the download is complete, you can open or view ... location, select Account > Installation preferences and the desired memory. 4 5 6 Tip: Use a Wi-Fi connection to download larger files, such as games,...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 41

    ... as mobile or telephone. Make calls over the internet About internet calls With the internet call network ... may support calls between computers, between mobile phones, and between a VoIP... connection in a 3G network, and be signed in to an internet call service. Install an internet call... from Ovi Store. For details, go to 1 2 3 Download an installation widget for the internet call service...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 59

    ... network dependent. For more information, contact your network service provider. Using services or downloading content may cause transfer of large amounts of data, which ...' profiles to their contact information in your phone Add your location information to your status update Add events from the service calendar to your phone calendar Only those features that are ...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 78

    ...have an active data connection, new street maps are automatically downloaded. Prevent downloading new street maps automatically > Internet > Connection > Offline. In the main menu, select New street maps are also downloaded if you upgrade to the latest Maps application version. When you use Maps the first time after an upgrade, select Use Ovi Maps online. You need an active...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 79

    ... can browse the maps without an internet connection when traveling. To download and update maps on your phone, you need an active Wi-Fi connection. Download maps 1 Select Update > Add new maps....the latest street maps and voice guidance files, and copy them to your phone. To download and install Nokia Ovi Suite, go to When you install a newer version of the Maps ...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 85

    ... account. The supported social networking services vary by country or region. 1 2 3 4 Sign in to your Nokia account,...your status update. You can post only to selected services that you have set and not provided by Nokia. Check the privacy settings of the social networking service you ...first time, you are asked to select the language of the voice guidance, and download the appropriate files....
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 109 About phone software and application updates With phone software updates and application updates, you can get new features and enhanced functions for your phone. Updating the software may also improve your phone's performance.... you back up your personal data before updating your phone software. Warning: If you install a software update, you cannot use the device, even to make emergency...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 110

    ... your phone You can check if there are updates available for your phone software or for individual applications, and then download and install them to your phone (network service)....Applications > SW update. If there are available updates, select which updates to download and install, and select . Set your phone to automatically check for updates Select Options >...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 112

    ... menu, select Format. Do not format the mass memory using PC software, as it may cause degraded performance. You can use Nokia Ovi Suite to back... Application manager Select Menu > Settings and Application manager. You can view details of installed applications, remove applications, and define installation settings. You can install the following types of applications Java™ ...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 117

    ... your phone. Switch off the phone, and remove the battery. After about a minute, replace the battery, and switch on the phone. Update your phone software Restore the original factory settings If your issue remains unsolved, contact Nokia for repair options. Go to repair, or in Latin America, www....
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 123

    ... otherwise be harmful to your device or computer. Be cautious when accepting connectivity requests, browsing the internet, or downloading content. Do not ... from sources you do not trust. Install antivirus and other security software on your device and any ... performance and operation of the device and/or computer. Only install and use services and software from sources that you trust and that offer ...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 128

    ... emergency calls encryption environmental tips F factory settings, restoring favorites feeds, news file management... keyboard keyguard keys and parts L language settings licenses local events and services ... changing views - Check in - compass - display elements - downloading maps - driving routes 112 16 IMEI number inbox, messages indicators installing applications internet See web browser ...
  • Nokia E6-00 User Guide in English - Page 130

    ... 10 slide show 68 SMS (short message service) 51 social networks 59, 60, 61, 62 software 112 software updates 109, 110 speakerphone 17 speed dialling 40 status updates 60, 61 support ... on/off 15, 31, 118 TV - viewing pictures and videos on 69 - watching programs 70 U updates - applications - phone software USB charging 109, 110 109, 110 14, 15
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