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  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 4

    ...About your device...8 Network services...9 Find help...10 Support...10 Remote configuration...10 Software updates using your PC...11 Accessibility solutions... Keys and parts...14 Set up your device...16 Insert the SIM card and battery...16 Charge the battery...17 Insert the memory card...17 Eject the memory card...17 Connect the headset...18 Attach the wrist strap...18 Antennas...18 New...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 8

    ... content. Exercise caution with messages, connectivity requests, browsing, and downloads. Only install and use services and software from trustworthy sources that offer adequate security and protection, such ... have passed the Java Verified™ testing. Consider installing antivirus and other security software on your device and any connected computer. ...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 10

    ... your local Nokia website, (with a mobile device), the Help application in the device, or the user guide. If this back up your data first. • Update your device software regularly for optimum performance and possible new features, as explained in the user guide. If your..... With Device manager, you can manage settings, data and software on your device remotely. You can...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 11

    ... your settings. When you receive the update package on your device, follow the instructions on the display. Your device is restarted once the installation is complete. Downloading software updates may involve the transmission of large amounts of data (network service). Make sure that the device battery has enough power, or ...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 12

    Find help 3. Open the Nokia Software Updater application. The Nokia Software Updater application guides you to back up your files, update the software, and restore your files. Accessibility solutions Further information Instructions in your device Nokia is committed to making mobile phones easy to use for all individuals, including those with disabilities. For more information, visit ...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 21

    ... of similar applications. All applications you install in the device yourself are by default saved in the Installat. ... > Move to folder, the new folder, and OK. To download applications from the web, select Options > Download applications. Get started To switch between several open applications, press and ... applications and data stored on the device or memory card and to check the amount of free ...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 31

    .... To copy a contact's information from the memory card, select Options > Copy > From memory card. New from Eseries Contact groups Nokia Contacts for Eseries Select Menu > Communic. > Contacts. Save and update contact information, such as phone numbers, home addresses, or e-mail addresses of your contacts. You can add a personal ringing ...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 33

    ..., see About Ovi Store In Ovi Store, you can download mobile games, applications, videos, images, and ringing tones to your device. ... Ovi Files With Ovi Files, you can use your Nokia E63 to access content on your computer if it is switched on and connected to the internet. You will need to install the Ovi Files application on every computer you want to access with Ovi Files. You can...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 39

    ... service-specific settings, select Edit service settings. This option is only available if a service-specific software plug-in has been installed in the device. 1-touch dialing Select Menu > Tools > Settings > Phone > Call > 1touch dialing > ... screen. © 2008-2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Select Menu > Tools > Settings > Phone > Call forwarding. Forward incoming ...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 49

    ...IMAP e-mail. You need to connect to the mailbox, and download the e-mails to your device before you can read them. • Nokia Messaging. ... automatically pushes e-mail from your existing e-mail address to your Nokia E63 . You can read, respond ... your device to access the network. 5. Read the information on the display, and select Continue. 49 To install the Nokia Messaging application...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 50

    Messaging After the Nokia Messaging application has been installed, setup continues automatically. 1. ...your device. Nokia Messaging can run on your device even if you have installed other ...using Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite, it must be uninstalled before using Nokia Messaging. To set up Nokia ... settings in the Messaging settings. Regular POP or IMAP e-mail Your device can download e-mails from ...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 51

    .... You can then choose which messages to download to your device. 1. Go to the home screen, ... allow your device to access the network. 5. Enter your e-mail address and password. 6. Read the ... opening messages. Messages may contain malicious software or otherwise be harmful to your device or PC. ... attachment and press the scroll key. E-mail addressed to you is not automatically received by your device...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 58

    ... text message from the service provider that offers the IM service. If not, enter the settings manually. Other instant messaging solutions, such as Windows Live and Yahoo, may be available in Download. provider. To set the server as the one to which your device automatically logs in, select Options > Settings > Default server. To...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 66

    ... Eseries device you can browse both the internet and your company's intranet, and download and install new applications to your device. You can are using a data call or GPRS connection, your wireless network must support data calls or GPRS, and protection against harmful software. Tip: When you start to enter the address, the addresses of the pages you have previously ...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 68

    .... Select Menu > Office > Intranet. Download! uses your network services to access the most updated content. For ... items available through Download!, contact your service provider, or the supplier or manufacturer of the item. Only install and use ...My items. Select Menu > Download!. With Download! (network service), you can browse, download and install items, such as latest applications and related ...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 74

    ... automatically downloaded through the internet. Some maps may be available in your device or memory card. You can also use the Nokia Map Loader PC software to download maps. To install Nokia Map Loader to a compatible PC, go to Downloading maps may involve the transmission of large amounts of data through ...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 103

    ... from an Unplug or Eject Hardware wizard in Windows) to avoid damaging the memory card. To use Nokia PC Suite with your device, install Nokia PC Suite on your PC, connect the data cable and select PC Suite. To synchronize the music in your device with Nokia Music Player, install the Nokia Music Player software on your PC, connect the data cable, and select Media transfer. You can ...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 113

    ... information. They should also be used if you want to reduce the risk of viruses or other malicious software, and to check the authenticity of software when you download and install software to your device. © 2008-2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. To view certificate details, open a certificate folder, and select a ...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 115

    ... pages, you can download an installation file and install it immediately. Note, however,... or .jar. Installation files may be transferred to your device from a compatible computer, downloaded during ... passed the Java Verified™ testing. To download and install software from the web, select Download apps.. Select the application and Options > Install. To view the details of an installed software...
  • Nokia E63 User Guide in English / Spanish - Page 154

    ...129 editing registration servers 130 settings 129 sis files 115 sisx files 115 software packages installation settings 116 installing 115 software updates 11 sound clips recording 86 sending 57 Speech 48 standby mode settings 122 support ... sending options 53 settings 62 writing 53 themes changing 94 downloading 95 time settings 123 tones 122 settings 122 Touch tones 40 ...
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