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  • User Guide 2 - Page 2

    ...; 2 Any third party software, settings, content, data, or links installed or downloaded onto your Product at any time; 3 ...10 Nokia software. For the purposes of this Warranty, all software (including updates and upgrades) that Nokia has preinstalled on the ... Nokia does not warrant that any Nokia software (including updates and upgrades) provided with, in, or for your Product will...
  • User Guide - Page 18

    ...all neatly ordered. Got a lot of apps? To look one up, tap . The software in this device includes software licensed by Nokia from Microsoft Corporation or its affiliates. To access the Windows Phone software license terms, select Settings > about. Please read the terms. Please note that by using the software, you accept the terms...
  • User Guide - Page 23

    ... on the start screen, swipe left, and tap Under Mobile Accessibility, tap download > install. 1. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap . Accessibility to On 2. Tap restart phone.... airplane mode on. Airplane mode closes connections to the mobile network and switches your phone's wireless features off. Comply with the instructions and safety requirements given by, ...
  • User Guide - Page 28

    ... to your phone Connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable, and use the file manager of your PC... move the song you want to the ringtone folder in your phone. To set the song as your ringtone, in the ringtones+sounds view, ...your own unique ringtone? Tap app. Store, and download the Ringtone Maker Your PC must have Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. Enhance your audio experience Get the most ...
  • User Guide - Page 38

    Switch Set automatically to On . Update the time and date manually , and edit the time and date. Switch Set automatically to Off Update the time zone manually when traveling abroad , and tap Time zone and a ...Office hub. Tip: To easily manage your stuff in the cloud using your phone, you can download the SkyDrive app from Store. Save your photos and other stuff to...
  • User Guide - Page 39

    ... yet have the SkyDrive app, you can download and install it from Tip: With the SkyDrive app on your computer, you can simply drag and drop the ...Access Nokia services with a single username and password on your computer or phone. Buy music from Nokia Music Sync your favorites in Maps Download content from Nokia services Save details about your phone model and contact info. You can ...
  • User Guide - Page 41

    ...the latest and most downloaded apps, games, and other items recommended for you and your phone. Browse different ..., or other item Download free apps, games, or other stuff, or buy more content for your phone. 1. Tap your Microsoft account, sign in now. 5. Follow the instructions shown on your phone. When the download is complete, you can open or view the item, or continue browsing for more ...
  • User Guide - Page 46

    .... You can also make video calls and pay as you go with your credit card, or get a monthly subscription for the best rates. To download Skype, tap Store or go to For more info, see the user documentation on the Skype for Windows Phone support site at https:// For ...
  • User Guide - Page 52 want to get in touch with a contact, your phone can help you pick the best ... a message to a group. In the messaging settings, you can set your phone to back up ... to SkyDrive. If you change to a new Windows Phone device, you can get your messages to your new phone during the setup. You can send text... be sent in a single message. Using services or downloading content may cause the transfer of large...
  • User Guide - Page 64

    ... full creative potential, and take professional-looking photos? With Nokia Pro Camera, you can manually adjust the camera settings both in camera and video mode. 1. To... . Tip: To get hands-on learning on different settings, tap > tutorial. Tip: Check Store for the latest camera app updates, and upgrade your Nokia Pro Camera to Nokia Camera, which combines all the features of Nokia Smart Camera and...
  • User Guide - Page 65

    ... even better and find new fun ways to take great photos? Download Nokia Lenses apps from Store. 1. To switch the camera on, press ...Nokia Camera, and get all the features in one easy-to-use app. Download Nokia Camera from Store, free of charge. For instructions, see the leaflet in the sales box. When you install Nokia Camera, it replaces Nokia Pro Camera on your phone. Take a photo with Nokia Camera...
  • User Guide - Page 74

    ... or a trip, organize your photos into albums according to subject, for example. If your computer is a Mac, install the Windows Phone app from the Mac App Store. 1. Connect your phone to a compatible computer with a... 7 or Windows 8, you can also use the Windows Phone app. With Windows 7, you can download it from Delete an album When you delete ...
  • User Guide - Page 96

    ... Windows 8, you can also use the Windows Phone app. Windows 8 installs the app automatically. With Windows 7, you can download it from For info on which app works with which ... entertained by downloading and playing games on your phone. Get new games Head to Store to download and install new games on your phone. 1. Tap Games > get more games. &#...
  • User Guide - Page 106

    ... the Nokia Screen Beamer app, tap stop. Tip: Nokia Beamer, the updated version of Nokia Screen Beamer, is available in Store, free of charge. When you install Nokia Beamer, it replaces Nokia Screen Beamer in your phone. Downloading content requires a network connection and may result in data costs. Share your screen with Nokia Beamer Do...
  • User Guide - Page 107

    ... connect to accessories and networks, transfer files, create backups, lock your phone, and keep the software up to date. Keep your phone up to date Stay in ... phone software and apps to get new and enhanced features for your phone. Updating the software may also improve your phone performance. Warning: If you install a software update, you cannot use the device, even to make emergency calls, until...
  • User Guide - Page 108

    ... your phone software No computer needed - update your phone software wirelessly for new features and improved performance. Before starting.... By default, your phone automatically downloads available updates whenever the data connection settings, for example roaming, allow..., you can switch off automatic Settings > phone update > update downloading. On the start screen, swipe left, ...
  • User Guide - Page 114

    ...Tip: If your computer is a Mac, install the Windows Phone app from the Mac App can download from 1. Connect your phone to a compatible computer with a compatible USB cable.... to the computer, or from your computer to the phone. Tip: If your computer's operating system is Windows... the Windows Phone app. Windows 8 installs the app automatically. With Windows 7, you can download...
  • User Guide - Page 120

    ...also go to, where you can find Troubleshooting info Discussions News on apps and downloads Software update info Further details about features and technologies, and the compatibility of...• Press and hold the power key for over 8 seconds. The phone restarts. Update your phone software. © 2013 Nokia. All rights reserved. 120
  • User Guide - Page 126

    ... from sources you do not trust. Only install and use services and software from sources that you trust and that offer adequate security and protection. Install antivirus and other security software on your device and any connected computer...questions and answers concerning mobile telephones and health. Nokia encourages you to visit these websites for updated information. You can...
  • User Guide - Page 128

    ...third-party apps provided with your device. Downloading of maps, games, music and videos ... protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can ... and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful ...
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