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  • User Guide - Page 2

    ...loudspeaker control Shortcuts Antenna locations Contacts bar Offline profile Sensor settings and display rotation Headset Remove the SIM card Attach a wrist strap Remote lock Make calls ... tone Support Visit Ovi About Ovi Store Find help In-device help Accessibility solutions Update software using your PC Settings Access codes Prolong battery life Increase available memory Your device 6 7 8 10 10 12...
  • User Guide - Page 4

    ...Create a post Post files from Gallery Nokia Video Center View and download video clips Video feeds My videos Transfer videos ... 160 View your location and the map Map view Change the look of the map Download and update maps About positioning methods Find a location... connections Synchronization Bluetooth connectivity Transfer data using a USB cable PC connections Administrative settings
  • User Guide - Page 5

    Contents File manager Quickoffice Application manager Software updates over the air RealPlayer Recorder Write a note Make a calculation Converter Dictionary Settings Phone settings Call settings Troubleshooting Product and safety information Index 161 162 163 167 168 170 170 171 171 171 172 172 181 183 187 196 5
  • User Guide - Page 7

    ... content. Exercise caution with messages, connectivity requests, browsing, and downloads. Only install and use services and software from trustworthy sources that offer adequate security and protection, such ... have passed the Java Verified™ testing. Consider installing antivirus and other security software on your device and any connected computer. ...
  • User Guide - Page 22

    ... select Menu > Help in your device. If this does not resolve your issue, do one of the following: • • Restore the original factory settings. Update your device software. If your issue remains unsolved, contact Nokia for repair options. Go to, or in Latin America,
  • User Guide - Page 24

    ... a compatible PC, broadband internet access, and a compatible USB data cable to connect your device to the PC. To get more information and to download the Nokia Software Updater application, go to, or in Latin America, Settings Your device normally has MMS, GPRS, streaming, and ...
  • User Guide - Page 87

    ..., the episode plays from the beginning. Transfer music from a computer You can use the following methods to transfer music: • To install Nokia Ovi Player to manage and organize your music files, download the PC software from, and follow the instructions.
  • User Guide - Page 88

    ...cable or Bluetooth connectivity. If you are using a USB data cable, select Mass storage as the connection mode. To synchronize music with Windows Media Player, connect a compatible USB data cable, ...and manage music between your computer and cellular phone 1 Open Nokia Ovi Player on your computer. If you want to download music, register or sign in. 2 Connect ...
  • User Guide - Page 90

    ... search service web address, to use to search for podcasts. Download settings Select Options > Settings > Download and from the following: Save to - Define where to save podcasts. For optimal use of storage... exceeds - Define what to do if the download limit is exceeded. Setting the application to retrieve podcasts... have subscribed to a podcast, you can download, play, and manage the podcast episodes...
  • User Guide - Page 114

    ... of the map. When traveling at night, the map is easier to read in this mode. Download and update maps To avoid cellular data transfer costs, download the latest maps and ... Ovi Suite application to download the latest maps and voice guidance files to your compatible computer. To download and install Nokia Ovi Suite on your compatible computer, go to Tip: Save new maps to your device ...
  • User Guide - Page 130

    ...Wireless LAN settings Select Menu > Settings and Connectivity > Wireless LAN > Options > Settings. Select from the following: Show WLAN availability - Select whether (WLAN) is available. is displayed when a wireless LAN Tip: To access the WLAN Wizard application and ... the pop-up window, select the highlighted text next to the WLAN icon. Scan for networks - If you set Show WLAN availability to Yes...
  • User Guide - Page 143

    ... mode and from the following: PC Suite - Use Nokia PC applications such as Nokia Ovi Suite or Nokia Software Updater. Mass storage - Transfer data between your device and a compatible PC. Image transfer - Print images ... transfer - Synchronize music with Nokia Music or Windows Media Player. PC connections You can use your mobile device with a variety of compatible PC...
  • User Guide - Page 155

    ... bar. To define how web feeds are updated, select Options > Settings > Web feeds. Widgets ... content to your device! Widgets are small, downloadable web applications that deliver multimedia, news... device. Installed widgets appear as separate applications in the Applications folder. You can download.... When active in the background, some widgets may update information automatically in your device. Using...
  • User Guide - Page 163

    ... 163 To purchase the editor version of Quickoffice, select Updates and upgrades. Read Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint ... mgr.. With Application manager, you can see the software packages installed in your device. You can view details of ...remove applications, and define installation settings. You can install the following types of applications and software: • JME applications based on Java...
  • User Guide - Page 164

    ... .sisx file extensions Widgets with the .wgz file extension Only install software that is compatible with your device. Install applications You can transfer installation files to your device from a compatible computer, download them during browsing, or receive them in a ... application installed in the mass memory Important: Only install and use applications and other software from trusted ...
  • User Guide - Page 165

    ... have the original installation file or a full backup copy of the removed software package. To restore ... is required for installing Java applications. If it is missing, the device may ask you to download ..., do the following: 1 2 To locate an installation file, select Menu > Settings and Application mgr... in the main menu. To see which software packages are installed or removed and when, select Options...
  • User Guide - Page 167

    ... > SW update. With Software update (network service), you can check if there are updates available for your device software or applications, and download them to your device. Downloading software updates may involve the transmission of large amounts of data (network service). Make sure that the device battery has enough power, ...
  • User Guide - Page 168

    ... replaces the Start update option when updates are only available using the Nokia Software Updater PC application. View update history - View the status of previous updates. Settings - Change the settings, such as the default access point used for downloading updates. Disclaimer - View the Nokia licence agreement. RealPlayer With RealPlayer, you can play video clips or...
  • User Guide - Page 177

    ... if you want to reduce the risk of viruses or other malicious software and be sure of the authenticity of software when downloading and installing software. Select from the following: Authority certificates - View and ... use of certificates makes the risks involved in remote connections and software installation considerably smaller, they must be used correctly in ...
  • User Guide - Page 187

    ... get the error message Expired certificate or Certificate not valid yet when I am installing a downloaded application? A: If Expired certificate or Certificate not valid yet ...the setting of date and time when starting the device for the first time, or the mobile network may have failed to update these settings to your device. To resolve this, select Menu > Settings and Phone > Phone mgmt. > Factory...
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