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  • English - Manual - Page 2

    Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone. Actual color of the phone may vary. Your phone is designed to make it easy for you to access a wide variety of content. For your ... be used and protected. In addition, your AT&T phone may be used to access the Internet and to download, and/or to purchase goods, applications, and ...
  • English - Manual - Page 4

    ... located and obey relevant instructions or signs. Do not insert or remove your mobile phone's battery in such areas. x Dispose of and recycle ... closer you move to your network's base station, the longer you can use your phone because less battery power... a car accident. x x Keep away from other electronic devices Mobile phones emit electromagnetic waves that may affect nearby ...
  • English - Manual - Page 5

    ... user guide, please keep in mind the following: x It is assumed that you start operating applications of the phone ... Play, Talk, and Gmail on the phone. For more information on setting up a Google account, .... For example, "Tap Share contact." in this instruction manual guides you to follow the correct actions. In this way, you will tap the onscreen menu, "Share contact," in the Contacts menu window....
  • English - Manual - Page 7

    Table of contents Enjoying YouTube ...52 Accessing the Internet ...53 Installing or uninstalling applications ...55 Using Google Maps...56 Using Local ...57 ...68 Compass ...68 Navigation ...70 Weather ...70 Document Viewer ...71 8. Setting ...76 Wireless & networks...76 Call settings ...76 Sound ...78 Display ...78 Storage ...79 USB connection settings ...79 Battery ...79 Apps ...80 Power saver ......
  • English - Manual - Page 8

    Table of contents Software update ...86 About phone ...86 Resetting the phone ...86 Appendix ...87 PC Suite ...87 Troubleshooting checklist...87 Specifications ...88 FCC Hearing-Aid Compatibility Regulations for Wireless Devices...88 FCC Regulatory Compliance ...89 Warranty ...91 Legal notice ...93 8
  • English - Manual - Page 9

    1. Getting Started Follow the outlined steps that should be taken first before using Burst. Installing the SIM/USIM card and battery 1. Remove the battery cover from the unit. x To remove the battery cover, place your... Start Guide SIM/USIM card and battery About the SIM/USIM card When you subscribe to the network operator, you receive the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM...
  • English - Manual - Page 10

    ... MMS, emails or web browser are saved in the internal media storage. You can move the downloaded applications to internal media storage through the Settings menu. When you insert the SD card into the phone, you can change the default ... data. Save pictures and contacts, and downloaded applications to the SD card. You can expand the external memory space up to 32GB. 10
  • English - Manual - Page 14

    ...card Silent mode activated Vibrate mode activated An error has occurred. Icon Description Firmware upgrade is available. Power saver mode is on. An alarm has been set. Timer has been set. Music is play back content. Data manager is connected. GPS is active. Sync in progress Downloading data Uploading data Connected to a Bluetooth headset Bluetooth is active. ...
  • English - Manual - Page 19

    ...hold the background screen. Or press Q. 2. Tap a desired menu icon. Setting the home screen wallpapaer 1. Tap Wallpaper on the main ...a tab from among Live Wallpapers, Wallpapers, Gallery, and Download Wallpapers. 3. Tap a desired wallpaper, and then tap Set wallpaper. Setting the ...location. x Tap an item to align it with other icons automatically. Setting the home screen theme Adding a widget 19
  • English - Manual - Page 20

    ..., GPS, Bluetooth, Data, Power Saver, Auto Rotate, or Auto Sync. Accesses the settings for Sound, Wi-Fi, Display, Power Saving, Bluetooth, Lock, Sync, Hotspot, or Manage Apps. Closes the Quick Settings screen by dragging it upward. Views running applications, notifications for application updates, missed calls, new emails, or new messages. Clears all of the notifications. ...
  • English - Manual - Page 21

    ... a new group. Note You cannot uninstall pre-installed applications.  No.  Sharing downloaded applications 1. Press Q and tap Share. 2. Select and tap a desired application. ... alphabetical order. (flick upward or downward to search for applications.)  x  Tap Downloads to view downloaded applications. Views application information, or moves, uninstalls, ...
  • English - Manual - Page 29

    ... collected through Windows Media Player 10 or later. Transferring files to a PC 1. Set the USB mode to USB Storage. 2. Connect the phone to your computer using a USB cable. 3. Tap Turn on USB storage ...your PC or the phone. Turning on/off the USB mode in the Quick Settings Turning on USB storage 1. Connect the phone to your computer using a USB cable. 2. Tap on the top of the home screen and drag ...
  • English - Manual - Page 55

    Entertainment Installing or uninstalling applications You can download useful applications from Play Store and use them ... the necessary steps. Note x The status of downloaded applications can be viewed in the notifications panel. x To view installed applications, tap and ... the bottom left corner of the screen to select Downloads. x You can view the installation progress by dragging the area at the ...
  • English - Manual - Page 73

    ... Note The first time you open this application, you need to download the updated application from Play Store. 3. Enter your phone number and password, ... from the launcher. 2. Tap AT&T Locker. Note The first time you open this application, you need to download the updated application from Play Store. 3. Log in with your account. 4. Follow the on-screen instructions. 3. Read ...
  • English - Manual - Page 74

    ... Apps from the launcher. 2. Tap Live TV. Note The first time you open this application, you need to download the updated application from Play Store. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi AT&T Smart Wi-... launcher. 2. Tap AT&T Smart-Wifi. Note The first time you open this application, you need to download and install the application from Play Store. 3. Read the License Agreement, and then ...
  • English - Manual - Page 75

    ... from the launcher. 2. Tap myAT&T. Note The first time you open this application, you need to download the updated application from Play Store. YPmobile Find local ... first time you open this application, you need to download the updated application from Play Store. After downloading the updated application, the name is changed into YPmobile. 3. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully, ...
  • English - Manual - Page 82

    Settings Encrypting phone Encrypts your accounts, settings, downloaded apps and their data, media, and other files.... or deactivate device administrators. 2. Tap Settings > Security > Unknown sources to allow installation of non-market applications. ... not applications will use the credentials. 2. Tap Settings > Security > Install from SD card to install certificates from an SD card. ...
  • English - Manual - Page 85

    ... Settings > Developer options. 2. Select an option. x USB debugging: Sets to activate the debug mode when the phone is connected to a computer via a USB cable. x Development device ID: Views the phone's ...: Sets a limit for background processes. x Show all ANRs: Sets to show a pop-up window when background applications do not respond. Accessibility Accessibility helps to...
  • English - Manual - Page 86

    Settings Software update Checking for software updates 1. Tap Settings > AT&T software update. 2. Tap Check for updates. Note If a newer version of software is downloaded, the phone prompts you whether to start an update now. If you choose to update the software now, it will restart the handset. If not, ...
  • English - Manual - Page 87

    ...-based program that allows you to easily manage personal data and multimedia files by connecting your phone to a PC. The application can be downloaded at When you are unable to make a call Your phone may be set to "fixed dial." Cancel the "fixed dial" function. When you are unable to receive a call ...
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