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Download the free PDF manual for Pantech Renue and other Pantech manuals at

  • Manual - English - Page 2

    Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone. Actual color may vary. Your phone is designed to make ... location information will be used and protected. In addition, your AT&T phone may be used to access the internet and to download, and/or purchase goods, applications, and services from AT&T or elsewhere from...
  • Manual - English - Page 12

    Important Safety Information YPmobile Shop Music Music Player Now Playing All Music Playlists Albums Artists Genres Shop Music Download Status Settings Facebook 12
  • Manual - English - Page 14

    Important Safety Information Pictures Images Sketch Pad Mobile Email Yahoo! AOL AIM Hotmail AT&T Mail Gmail Others Video Player Settings Profiles Display Powersaver Call Phone Touch Keyboard Connectivity Security AT&T Software Update Reset TTY Icon Glossary Phone Information 14
  • Manual - English - Page 16

    ......25 Essential display indications...26 Screen navigation...28 Missed events ...31 Using the Multitask menu ...32 Using a memory card...33 Updating software N...34 PC Suite...35 Speed dialing...44 Using the address book...44 Address book settings ...47 Caller identification...48 Using your headset...48 Service ...
  • Manual - English - Page 19

    Getting Started SIM card and battery Memory card Turning the phone on/off Screen lock/unlock Language Essential display indications Screen navigation Missed events Using the Multitask menu Using a memory card Updating software N PC Suite 1
  • Manual - English - Page 21

    Getting Started Installing/Removing SIM card and battery 1. To remove the battery cover, slide it as shown right. 2. Insert the SIM card into the slot. The gold contacts of the SIM card should face down. 3. Slide the connector of the battery into the notch located at the top ... the gold contacts on the battery end with the contacts on the phone. If the contacts on the battery are not properly ...
  • Manual - English - Page 27

    Getting Started Schedule Alarm is set. Web is active, secured and downloading. Bluetooth is active. Bluetooth hands-free headset is connected. Bluetooth A2DP headset is connected. Bluetooth ... is displayed. Play, Pause, Stop Status of BGM Playback Network dependent Note You can check the icons easily on your phone by tapping Menu > Settings > Icon Glossary. 27
  • Manual - English - Page 32 Press and hold the volume up key to launch the Multitask menu that can be accessed from any active window or page on the phone. There is no need to stop what you are doing, if you want to activate another common feature.... key keeps you from having to completely exit from your current task or window, whether that be a text message, a web page, or an active call, ...
  • Manual - English - Page 34

    ... Select USB Mode. 3. Select the desired option > Save. 4. Connect the data cable with the phone and a computer. 5. Follow the instructions on your computer screen. Note If you select ... WMP when you connect your device with your computer. If the versions are not compatible, Music player cannot be executed. Updating software N You can update your software without visiting your nearest dealer. 34
  • Manual - English - Page 35

    Getting Started To update the software 1. Tap Menu > Settings > AT&T Software Update. 2. Tap Check for ... check whether or not you need to update the software. Note After downloading the software, the device will ask you ... and tap Continue Update. To view the version of software 1. Tap Menu > Settings > Phone Information. 2. Scroll down to Software Version. PC Suite PC suite is a Windows-based ...
  • Manual - English - Page 45

    Calls and address book Searching for a contact 1. Tap Contacts. 2. Scroll the screen up or down or tap 4. To update information, tap Edit. and enter the name to find the contact. 3. Tap the contact to view detailed information. Calling from the contact list 1. Tap Contacts. 2. Scroll the screen up or down to select a person or ...
  • Manual - English - Page 56

    ... the My Stuff folder. For details on Picture album, see page 68. Loading a URL using Push message 1. Tap Messages > Web Messages > Tap the message. 2. Tap Go. Saving connection settings using configuration message 1. Tap Messages > Configuration Message > Tab the configuration message. 2. Tap Options > Install. Creating and sending text messages Sending a new text message 1....
  • Manual - English - Page 63

    ... for multimedia messages 1. Tap Messages > Options > Settings. 2. Tap Multimedia Message > MMS Profiles....add a profile, tap Create > set the options > Save. Sending settings for multimedia messages 1. Tap... Message Size. 4. Tap Save. Receiving settings for multimedia messages 1. Tap Messages > Options... Multimedia Message > Receiving Settings. 3. You can set Automatic Download. 4. Drag the bar...
  • Manual - English - Page 75

    Multimedia Adding music from Windows Media PlayerTM 1. Connect the USB cable to the device and the computer. 2. Select Music Player. 3. Open Sync Tap in Windows Media PlayerTM on your computer. 4. Select the music from the list and drag and drop ... directories, it may take more time to load them on the music player. Music Player Settings Shuffling songs 1. Tap Menu > ...
  • Manual - English - Page 77

    ...all Repeat off Repeat Single Track Library Options Shuffle On / Off Go to the library Play/Stop, Exit Player, Add to Playlist, Shop Music, Settings, Download Status, Properties Creating a playlist 1. Tap Menu > Music Player. 2. Tap Playlists > New Playlist. 3. Enter playlist name > OK. 4. Tap to select a ...
  • Manual - English - Page 80

    ... > Tap 3. Tap Format > Yes. and select Phone or Memory Card. Applications You can play pre-installed demo apps or download apps. It is easy to download and you can preview them beforehand....Select AppCenter or App Manager. 3. Scroll and tap to play pre-installed game or apps. Using the downloaded application data 1. Tap Menu > My Stuff > Application Data. ...
  • Manual - English - Page 87

    ... for all variable fields (Bill($), Tip(%), Split) and the corresponding calculation fields (Total($), Tip($), You Pay($)) are updated automatically. 3. Tap to use the decimal point. 4. Tap Reset to reset. Using the converter 1. Tap Menu > .... 3. Tap the field to enter a number and scroll left or right to select the unit. Other unit fields are updated automatically. 4. Tap Reset to reset. 87
  • Manual - English - Page 91

    ... the details of the device. 5. Insert password if prompted by Enter Password window, and then tap Yes. Note The other device must be in pairing.... Receiving an object Receiving an object starts only when the receipt has been approved. The received file will be saved in your phone's memory. Setting visibility 1. Tap Menu > Bluetooth > Settings. 2. Drag the Visibility bar to On. 3. Tap Save. 91
  • Manual - English - Page 93

    ... Using RSS feeds RSS (Really Simply Syndication) feeds are used to publish frequently updated contents in web such as blog entries or news headlines. Adding feeds 1.... feeds 1. Tap Menu > Web. 2. Tap Feed. 3. Select the feed to read. Updating and Deleting feeds 1. Tap Menu > Web. 2. Tap Feed. 3. Tap > Update Channel, Delete or Delete All. Entering a web address 1. Tap Menu > Web. 2. Tap ...
  • Manual - English - Page 95

    Connectivity Viewing download status 1. Tap Menu > Web. 2. Tap Manage > Download Manager. Setting the Web's profile You can set your profile and view Profile Name, Home URL, Connection Type, Proxy Address and Proxy Port. Viewing the default profile 1. Tap Menu > Web. 2. Tap Manage > Profiles. 3. Tap to view the details. Adding a new profile 1. ...
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