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  • Manuals - Page 5

    ...a Document...86 Sending Stored Documents...87 Printing the Journal Manually...89 5. Print Quick Install...91 Displaying the Printer Driver Properties...92 Standard Printing...93 When Using the ...Panel...99 6. Scan Basic Procedure When Using Scan to Folder...101 Creating a Shared Folder on a Computer Running Windows/Confirming a Computer's Information...102 ...
  • Manuals - Page 13

    ... See "Registering Internet Fax Destination Information Using Web Image Monitor", Fax See "Using the machine's Address Book as the LAN-Fax destination list", Fax . . Downloading destinations registered in the machine to the LAN-Fax driver destination list . . See "Registering a destination in the address book manually", Scan 11
  • Manuals - Page 17

    ... machine's hard disk, which have been previously sent from computers using the printer driver. The following types of print jobs can be selected: Sample Print, Locked Print, Hold ...; You can collate printed paper. • If the PictBridge card is installed, you can connect a PictBridge-compatible digital camera to this machine using a USB cable. This allows you ...
  • Manuals - Page 93

    ...Install You can install the printer drivers easily from the CD-ROM provided with this machine. Using Quick Install, the PCL 6 printer driver is installed under network environment, and... port is set to [LPT1]. • Manage Printers permission is required to install the drivers. Log... computer, restart it by following the instructions that appear. 11. Click [Exit] in the first window of the installer...
  • Manuals - Page 95

    ... print on only one side, select [Off] for the duplex setting. • If you send a print job via USB 2.0 while the machine is in Low Power mode or... is complete. In this case, check if the document was printed. When Using the PCL 6 Printer Driver 1. Click the WordPad menu button in the upper left corner of the window, and then click [Print]. 2. In the [Select Printer] list, select the printer you ...
  • Manuals - Page 124

    ... Web Image Monitor 3. Refresh/Help (Refresh): Click at the upper right in the work area to update the machine information. Click the Web browser's [Refresh] button to refresh the entire browser screen. (Help): Use Help to view or download Help file contents. 4. Basic Information area Displays the basic information of the machine. 5. Work area Displays the contents of the item ...
  • Manuals - Page 155

    ... the Machine Problem The Authentication screen appears. Causes Basic Authentication, Windows Authentication, LDAP Authentication or Integration Server Authentication is set. The entered Login User Name or ... reverse side of the paper. This may occur if the HDD is not installed. Press the [Start] key. You may have loaded the paper incorrectly. • Load...
  • Manuals - Page 170

    ...the main power switch while this message is displayed. Depending on the number of destinations to be updated, there may be some delay before ... operation. Operation is not possible while this message is displayed. For details about how to set permissions, see Security Guide . "The... do not have permission to delete. The destination list is being updated from the network using Web Image Monitor. "You...
  • Manuals - Page 178

    10. Troubleshooting Message "Problems with the wireless board. Please call service." (A "wireless LAN board" or "Bluetooth unit" is referred to as a "wireless ... before you can resume operation. Operations are not possible while this message is displayed. . The destination list is being updated from the network using Web Image Monitor. "You do not have the privileges to use this function." The ...
  • Manuals - Page 180

    ...." Only when using PCL 6 / PostScript 3 On the printer driver, select a job type other than ... when using PCL 6 / PostScript 3 On the printer driver's [Detailed Settings] tab, click [Effects] in "Menu... text in [Enter User Text:]. On the printer driver, set the resolution to 600 dpi or higher,... Security Guide Authentication or Windows . Authentication failed because the Address Book is full. The paper...
  • Manuals - Page 185

    ...on the printer driver. For details about how to change the resolution setting, see the printer driver Help. PCL 6 Select a lower resolution on the printer driver. For details about how to change the resolution setting, see the printer driver Help. ... the printer driver. For details about how to change the resolution setting, see the printer driver Help. "Memory Retrieval Error" A memory ...
  • Manuals - Page 206

    ...; Set with no compression. For details about the settings, see TWAIN driver Help. The problem may also be due to the following causes: • Scanning cannot ...invalid version of Winsock. Install the operating system of the computer or copy Winsock from the operating system CD-ROM. For...• Disable the client computer's own firewall. For details about firewall, see Windows Help. . "No User...
  • Support Guide - Page 25

    Product Support Guide Model D117/D118 Network TWAIN Driver OS 32bit/64bit: Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server2003/2008 64bit: Windows Server 2008R2 (Operates in 32-bit compatibility mode on 64-bit operating ... 100~1200dpi by 1bit each ARDF: 100~600dpi by 1bit each Standard / Photo / OCR / Filing Brightness / Contrast / Threshold / Gamma Adjustment /Halftone Pattern Date / Page ...
  • Support Guide - Page 41

    ... website. Printer Utility for Mac PS Descriptions Mac OS X PPD Installer LAN FAX Driver M10 PCL 6 Driver PCL 5e Driver ... fax documents directly from your computer. The Address Book Editor and Cover Sheet Editor are installed as well. This software requires the optional fax unit to be installed on the machine. M10 Driver Printer driver for B/W printing in Windows. It supports HP PCL XL commands ...
  • Security Target - Page 11

    ... operations from the client computer are as follows: Various settings for the MFP using a Web browser installed on the client ... printing of documents using the printer driver installed on the client computer, Storage and faxing of documents using the fax driver installed on the client computer. Telephone line A public line... Gate Type BN1. Copyright (c) 2012 RICOH COMPANY, LTD. All rights reserved....
  • Security Target - Page 16

    ...D118-7504 - Notes for Security Guide D143-7348 - Manuals MP C305SP/MP C305SPF/Aficio MP C305SP/MP C305SPF A D118-7576 - Printer/Scanner Drivers and Utilities RICOH Aficio MP C305SP/MP C305SPF LANIER MP C305SP/MP C305SPF SAVIN MP C305SP... Notes for Security Guide D143-7348 D645-7901 - SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT Copyright (c) 2012 RICOH COMPANY, LTD. All rights reserved.
  • Security Target - Page 21

    ...20 of 91 Receiving documents from the printer driver installed on the client computer. The TOE receives documents from the printer driver installed on the client computer. Printing methods for documents is selected by users from the printer ..., users first install the specified printer driver on their own client computers, and ...can send and then save those scanned documents to SMB server, FTP server,...
  • Security Target - Page 22

    ... Operation Panel. To send documents from the client computer by fax, the fax driver specified in the guidance documents must be installed on the client computer. A person who sends fax can send the transmission results by... client computer. The documents stored in the TOE can also be downloaded to the client computer. Document Server Function The Document Server Function is to ...
  • Security Target - Page 23

    ...use this function, the TOE user needs to install the designated Web browser on the client computer following the guidance documents and ... the operation with a restriction of access to the protected assets and software of the TOE. Security Functions The Security Functions are described ... or via the network. By the network, users can use the TOE from a Web browser, printer/fax driver, and RC...
  • Security Target - Page 27

    ... external authentication server connected to the MFP via LAN. External Authentication implemented in the TOE includes Windows Authentication, LDAP Authentication, and Integration ... the client computer. One of the document data attributes. Documents sent to IT devices by e-mail or sent to folders, or downloaded on the client computer from the MFP. For these operations the Scanner Function is used. ...
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