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  • User Guide - Page 3

    ......3 Legal Prohibition...3 Disclaimer...3 Model-Specific Information...4 Guide to Components...5 Exterior...5 Interior...6 Installing the Driver and Software...7 Installing the Printer Driver...7 Upgrading or Deleting the Printer Driver...7 Installing the Smart Organizing Monitor...8 What is Smart Organizing Monitor?...9 2. Loading Paper ...
  • User Guide - Page 4

    Updating the Firmware...24 5. Maintaining the Machine Replacing the Print Cartridge...25 Cautions When Cleaning...27 Cleaning the Inside of the Machine...28 6. Troubleshooting Common ......34 Checking the Condition of the Machine...34 Printer Problems...35 Print Positions Do Not Match Display Positions...36 Error and Status Messages Appear on the Smart Organizing Monitor...37 7. Appendix ...
  • User Guide - Page 5

    .... For your safety and benefit, read this manual carefully before using the machine. Keep ... certificates, bank drafts, checks, passports, driver's licenses. The preceding list is meant as a guide ... or accuracy. If you have any questions concerning the legality of copying or printing certain .... Two kinds of size notation are employed in this manual. Some illustrations or explanations in this guide may ...
  • User Guide - Page 7 resume printing if printing stops due to paper running out or a paper settings error. 5. [Job Reset] key Press this key to cancel an ... Alert Indicator This indicator lights up red when the machine runs out of paper or consumables, when the paper settings do match the settings specified by the driver, or when other abnormalities occur. 7. Tray Extension Pull out and extend this tray extension to ...
  • User Guide - Page 9

    ... Installing the Driver and Software You can install the necessary driver for this machine using the included CD-ROM. The operating systems compatible with the drivers and software for this machine are: Windows XP/ Vista/7 and Windows Server 2003/.... 3. From the CD-ROM menu, click [DDST Printer Driver]. 4. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard. Upgrading or Deleting the ...
  • User Guide - Page 10

    1. Guide to the Machine Deleting the printer driver 1. On the [Start] menu, click [Devices and Printers]. 2. ...the [Drivers] tab. 6. Click the [Change Driver Settings] button if it is displayed. 7. Click [Remove...]. 8. Select [Remove driver and driver package.], and then click [OK.... Click [Close] to close the print server properties window. Installing the Smart Organizing Monitor Smart Organizing ...
  • User Guide - Page 11

    What is Smart Organizing Monitor? What is Smart Organizing Monitor? Install this utility on your computer from the included CD-ROM before using it. Smart Organizing Monitor provides the following functions: • Displays the status of the ...other error messages. • Paper size and type settings Displays the settings for paper sizes or types available on this machine. ...
  • User Guide - Page 14

    2. Loading Paper Non-Recommended Paper Types Do not use the following types of paper: • Ink... Paper whose weight is heavier or lighter than the limitation • Paper with windows, holes, perforations, cutouts, or embossing • Adhesive label paper on ... or base paper is exposed • Paper with clips or staples • When loading paper, take care not to touch the surface of the paper...
  • User Guide - Page 15

    Print Area Print Area The diagram below shows the area of the paper that the machine can print on. From the printer driver 4 3 4 1 3 2 CHZ904 1. Print area 2. Feed direction 3. Approx. 4.2 mm (0.2 inches) 4. Approx. 4.2 mm (0.2 inches) • The print area may vary depending on the paper size and printer driver settings. 13
  • User Guide - Page 16

    .... • When loading paper, be sure to configure the size and type of paper. When printing a document, specify the paper size and type in the printer driver so that the settings configured when paper is loaded can be used for printing. 1. Open the input tray cover and pull out the tray. 1 2 CHZ005 2. After pulling out ...
  • User Guide - Page 18

    ... Monitor The procedure in this section is an example based on Windows 7. The actual procedure may vary depending ...All Programs]. 2. Click [Smart Organizing Monitor for SP 100 Series]. 3. Click [Smart Organizing Monitor for SP 100 Series Status]. 4. On the [Status] tab, click [Change...]. 5. Select the paper... Programs]. 2. Click [Smart Organizing Monitor for SP 100 Series]. 3. Click [Smart Organizing...
  • User Guide - Page 19

    ...Printing Documents Basic Operation Use the printer driver to print a document from your computer. 1. After creating a document, open ... settings if necessary. The following print settings can be specified using the printer driver: • Printing multiple pages on a sheet • Splitting ...8226; Having prints sorted • Saving printer driver settings • Recalling and deleting saved printer...
  • User Guide - Page 25

    ... using Smart Organizing Monitor. For more information on each setting item, see the Smart Organizing Monitor Help. System ... of time that will elapse before switching to it. • Update the machine firmware. Printer tab • Configure how the machine behaves when there is an inconsistency in paper size and/or type settings between the machine and the printer driver. • Specify the period ...
  • User Guide - Page 26

    ...resulting from any use or loss of use of this software. • To make sure that a firmware update has successfully completed, ... when running a firmware update. • If necessary, modify power management settings on your computer in advance so that the computer will not enter standby or sleep mode when during a firmware update. • Download the firmware from the manufacturer's Web site. To ...
  • User Guide - Page 31

    ... connecting another working device. • Reconnect the USB cable. • Open the front cover and tray extension. Confirm that the consumable is properly installed. The machine does not turn on. The power ... properly. Pages are not printed. • The USB cable is not connected correctly. • ... noise is heard. The consumable is not properly installed. • If any of these problems ...
  • User Guide - Page 36

    ... the machine. See p.11 "Supported Paper". Make sure that the paper type setting of the printer driver matches the type of paper loaded. See p.11 "Supported Paper". Non-genuine print cartridges reduce print ... p.25 "Maintaining the Machine", and clean the machine as required. The paper type setting is incorrect. A non-genuine print cartridges is being used. An old ...
  • User Guide - Page 37

    ... Problems Problem Solution If an error occurs when printing, change the computer or printer driver settings. • Check the printer icon name does not exceed 32 alphanumeric characters. If ... resolved, close unneeded processes too. • Check that the latest printer driver is being used. A print job is canceled. • Set I/O Timeout to a larger value than the ...
  • User Guide - Page 39

    ...paper size setting on the machine, see p.14 "Loading Paper". For details about changing the paper size setting in the printer driver, see the printer driver Help. For details about changing the paper type setting of the machine, see p.14 "Loading Paper". For details about changing the paper type setting in the printer driver, see the printer driver Help. Prepare a...
  • User Guide - Page 46

    ... all rights to those marks. The proper names of the Windows operating systems are as follows: • The product ...Windows® 7 Enterprise • The product names of Windows Server 2003 are as follows: Microsoft®...174; 2003 Standard Edition Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 Enterprise Edition ...Windows Server 2008 are as follows: Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 Foundation 44
  • User Guide - Page 49

    ...the machine...34 Configuration page...22 Consumables...41 D Delete...8 Disclaimer...3 Driver...7 Duplex...18 E Error messages...37 Exterior...5 F Firmware...24 I Install...7 Interior...6, 28 Introduction...3 J Job cancel...19 L Legal prohibition...3 Loading paper...14 M Machine settings...23 Models...4 Moving...40 N Non-recommended paper...12 Notes...
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