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  • Software Installation Guide - Page 1

    ...List (See p.8) Quick Install for Network (Installing the Software) (See p.9) After Installing the Software (Checking the IP Address) (See p.12) Network Connection (IPv6 Environment) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Before Installing the Software (Preparing the Necessary ... the IPv6 Address via Web Image Monitor (See p.15 and the User Guide ) Quick Install for Network (Installing the Software...
  • Software Installation Guide - Page 2

    ...Connecting the Computer and Installing the Software (USB Connection) Connect the machine and computer with the USB cable, and then click [USB Quick Install] to install the software. CTT177 1....driver, WIA driver, PC FAX driver, and Smart Organizing Monitor. Before Installing the Software To install the software over a USB connection, a USB cable and the supplied CD-ROM are required...
  • Software Installation Guide - Page 3

    Quick Install for USB Installing the software. • Do not turn the machine on until you have read how to do so. CTT136 • Do not connect the USB cable to the machine until a message to do... the computer. Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. CFT052 4. 5. Select a language for the interface, and then click [OK]. From the CD-ROM menu, click [USB Quick Install]. 3
  • Software Installation Guide - Page 5

    2. Connecting the Computer and Installing the Software (Network Connection) • Network connection is not available for models SP 200/200S/203S/203SF/204SF. Connect the machine and computer with the Ethernet cable, and then click [Network Quick Install (DHCP)] or [Network Quick Install (Fixed IP)] to install the software. CTT178 1. Network Quick Install (DHCP) 2. ...
  • Software Installation Guide - Page 6

    Before Installing the Software To install the software over a network connection, a Ethernet cable and the supplied CD-ROM are required. To automatically obtain the IP address, a router with a built-in DHCP server is required. Selecting the type and method of IP address configuration ■ What is an IP Address? The IP address is an identification number allocated ...
  • Software Installation Guide - Page 8

    Printing a network setting list Before you install the software, print the network setting list to check the network information. • It can take up to two minutes to ... Setting List], and then press the [OK] ■ Checking a network setting list • MAC address This is a unique address identifying the hardware. • IPv4 Configuration You can check the ...
  • Software Installation Guide - Page 9 IP address using the control panel before installing the driver. For details about doing this, see "Changing the IP Address Settings Using the Control Panel (SP 202SN/203SFN... in "Selecting the Type and Method of IP Address Configuration". Install the software according to the following instructions. (1) Configuring the Machine Settings to Obtain an IPv4 Address Automatically Install (DHCP)] (2) ...
  • Software Installation Guide - Page 12

    ..., click [OK]. If the procedure fails, click [OK] to return to the window displayed in Step 6. Try specifying the setting again. If the problem persists, see "Troubleshooting" to ..., it is recommended to select the standard TCP/IP port. 8. 9. 10. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard. After Installing the Software Checking a network setting list Check the network setting list to see ...
  • Software Installation Guide - Page 18

    ... are running. ■ The machine is turned on before installation. Turn the machine off and then on, and then try "USB Quick Install" again. Network Connection ■ The Ethernet cable may not be connected properly. Check that the Ethernet cable is connected properly and is undamaged. ■ The CD...
  • User Guide - Page 6

    ... Basic Operation...103 Copier Features Settings...104 Fax Features Settings...107 Scanner Features Settings...113 Address Book Settings...116 System Settings...117 ... Monitor...141 Checking the Status Information...141 Configuring the Machine Settings...142 Printing the Configuration Page...143 Updating the Firmware...143 9. Maintaining the Machine Replacing the Print Cartridge...145 Cautions When ...
  • User Guide - Page 25

    Configuring Network SettingsInstall the driver after configuring the IP address. For details about installing the driver, see the Software Installation Guide. • For details about configuring the IPv4 address, see the Software Installation Guide. 23
  • User Guide - Page 75

    ... to operate the machine from your computer and scan originals into your computer directly. CTT174 1. Your Computer (TWAIN driver already installed) Instruct the machine to start scanning the original that is set on the machine. 2. This Machine The original that is set on the machine is scanned, and ...
  • User Guide - Page 96 five destinations at a time.) The procedure in this section is an example based on Windows 7. • Using PC FAX, you can ...] menu, click [Print...]. 3. Select the PC FAX driver as the printer, and then click [Print]. 4. ...:] list. Also, you can click [Browse...] to download the address book (CSV file). Select a destination in the [Address List:], and then click [Set as Destination]. Repeat this ...
  • User Guide - Page 98

    ... book. Configure the PC FAX address book on the computer. The PC FAX address book allows you ...FAX destinations quickly and easily. The PC FAX address book can contain up to 100 entries,... and Printers]. 2. Right-click the PC FAX driver icon, and then click [Printing Preferences...]. 3. Click [Edit Address Book... and then change the information. After this, click [Update]. 4. Click [OK]. 5. If you make ...
  • User Guide - Page 122

    ... machines or not under USB connection. Default: [Off] • On The same driver you have installed on your computer can be used with any machine other than the one originally ... is the same model. • Off You must install the driver separately for individual machines, because a machine that... is displayed only if [Toner End Option] has been set to [Stop Printing 120 (New)
  • User Guide - Page 142

    ...machine information. Machine Information Item Firmware Version Engine FW Version Machine ID Total Memory Description Displays the version of firmware installed on the machine. Displays the version of the firmware for the machine engine. Displays the serial number of the machine. Displays the total memory installed in the machine. 140
  • User Guide - Page 143

    ...Organizing Monitor Using Smart Organizing Monitor • To use Smart Organizing Monitor, install the printer driver. Checking the Status Information 1 3 4 2 CTT014 1. ...remaining toner level is displayed in ten levels, when [Toner End Option] has been set to [Stop Printing].... End Option] has been set to [Continue Printing], however, "**" is displayed because the remaining toner level ...
  • User Guide - Page 144

    ... is used to modify the machine's settings. 1. On the [Start] menu, click [All Programs]. 2. Click [Smart Organizing Monitor for SP xxx Series]. 3. Click [Smart ...8226; Enable or disable Energy Saver Mode, and specify the amount of time that will elapse before switching to it. • Update the machine firmware. Fax tab • Specify the fax name and number of the machine. • Register, edit, ...
  • User Guide - Page 145

    ...resulting from any use or loss of use of this software. • To make sure that a firmware update has successfully completed, print... when running a firmware update. • If necessary, modify power management settings on your computer in advance so that the computer will not enter standby or sleep mode during a firmware update. • Download the firmware from the manufacturer's Web site. To ...
  • User Guide - Page 146

    ...OK]. 6. On the [User Tool] tab, click [Printer Configuration]. 7. On the [System] tab, click [Printer Firmware Update...]. 8. Click [OK]. 9. Specify the location of the DWN file, and then click [Open]. 10. After a message is displayed on the Smart Organizing Monitor to indicate that the firmware update has completed, turn the machine's power Off and then On again. 144
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