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  • Installation Guide - Page 3

    ... feeder) ...DADF skew test and adjustment ...Skew test ...DADF adjustment ...43 49 52 52 55 INSTALLING THE SUPPLIED SOFTWARE Supplied software ...System requirements ...Windows ...Macintosh ...Linux ...UNIX ...Installing a network connected machine's driver ...Windows ...59 60 60 60 60 61 61 61 Contents_ 2
  • Installation Guide - Page 4

    ... the machine as well as detailed explanation on how to install with step-by-step instructions. This installation guide is valuable for both novice ... professional users. You can refer to this as a guide for installing and setting up the machine. Read the safety information ... this user's guide are mainly based on Windows XP. Convention Some terms in this installation guide are used interchangeably,...
  • Installation Guide - Page 5

    ... on printer driver and instructions for setting up the options for printing. (See the User's Guide.) Samsung website Downloadable softwares If you have Internet access, you can get latest machine drivers, manuals, ... to print XPS print path. XPS printer driver can be installed only on Windows Vista OS or higher. ( About this installation guide_ 4
  • Installation Guide - Page 6

    ... hardware We recommend you leave to setting up the hardware to the installation engineer from Samsung or the dealership where you bought the ... cartridges Installing the imaging units Installing other options Loading paper Connecting a printer cable Turning the machine ... (vapor) around the object). • Installation engineer must prepare the screw drivers and diagonal-cutting pliers. Setting up ...
  • Installation Guide - Page 8

    ...have the below recommended environment before you install the machine. • Range of temperature - Operation:..., stable, vibration-free surface on which to install the machine. • Select an area with adequate ... circulation. • Avoid areas near windows, with exposure to direct sunlight, or sources of heat... quality may be affected if the machine is tilted too much. Setting up the hardware_...
  • Installation Guide - Page 12

    ... all the enclosed items. Included items may differ depending on the country TONER CARTRIDGE IMAGING UNIT POWER CORD & USB CABLE INSTALLATION GUIDE & WARRANTY CARD SOFTWARE CD & USER'S GUIDE CD QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE ACCESSORY BOX AND CLEANING CLOTH RUBBER PACKING(2) 3. Remove all the tapes Make sure that ...
  • Installation Guide - Page 60

    ... CD. This chapter includes Supplied software System requirements Installing a network connected machine's driver Supplied software After you have set up your machine and... or Macintosh OS user, install the software from the software CD and if you are a Linux OS user, download the software from the Samsung website ( and install. Machine software are occasionally updated due ...
  • Installation Guide - Page 61

    ...6.0 or higher is the minimum requirement for all Windows operating systems. Users who have an administrator right can install the software. Windows Terminal Service is compatable with this machine. Macintosh REQUIREMENTS (RECOMMENDED) OPERATING SYSTEM CPU Mac OS X 10.5... Power PC G4/ G5 Intel Processors RAM 512 MB (1 GB) FREE HDD SPACE 1 GB Mac OS X 10.6 1 GB ...
  • Installation Guide - Page 62

    ...the User's Guide CD for installing printer driver. Windows You can install the machine software using the typical or... into your CD-ROM drive. • The software CD should automatically run and an installation window appear. • ... install. Follow the instruction on the window. The Administrator Installation allows IT administrator or system administrator to install printer driver and supplied ...
  • Installation Guide - Page 63

    ..., click Next. The program searches the machine. If your machine is not found in the network or locally, the following window will appear. Check if you want to install the software without connecting the printer to the network or locally. - Check this option to install this program without a machine connected. In this case...
  • Installation Guide - Page 64

    ... on. b) From the Start menu, select Programs or All Programs > Samsung Printers > your printer driver name > Uninstall. c) Follow the instruction on the window to uninstall the driver. d) Insert the software CD into your CD-ROM drive and reinstall the driver. Installing the supplied software_ 63
  • Administration Guide - Page 3

    ... SafeCom Go Samsung...10 2.1 Overview ...10 2.2 SafeCom Go Samsung software installation ...11 2.2.1 Uninstall earlier version of SafeCom Go ...14 2.4.4 Automatically fill-in Scan to E-mail fields ...15 2.5 Install card reader ...16 2.6 SafeCom Go Samsung web pages ...16 2.6.1 Open ... the device home server ...30 2.7.16 Update SafeCom Go Samsung software ...30 2.7.17 Is the SafeCom Go Samsung software ...
  • Administration Guide - Page 5

    ... by code and/or card. SafeCom Go Samsung works together with the SafeCom G3 Server software and is designed to help ... to insert the card reader into a USB port marked XOA. Table 1 SafeCom Go Samsung supported Samsung ... CLX-8385NX SCX-8030ND SCX-8040ND CLX-9250ND CLX-9350ND Type A4 model A4 model....15.0_07-01-2011 Please contact your Samsung representative to obtain the firmware. D60719-07 5
  • Administration Guide - Page 9

    ... access rights Revision D60719-06 SafeCom Go Samsung version S94 010.010*07. Automatically fill-in Scan to E-mail fields for A3 models removed. ... Disable Print Confirmation Sheet (2.3.3 and 2.4.3). Revision D60719-05 SafeCom Go Samsung version S94 010.010*06. Updated table with supported devices and firmware requirements (1.2). Mask user code and user identification method Auto-sense are now ...
  • Administration Guide - Page 11

    2 SafeCom Go Samsung 2.2 2.2.1 SafeCom Go Samsung software installation Uninstall earlier version of SafeCom ....010*06 installed, uninstall before proceeding with the new software installation. 2.2.2 How to 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Make sure the printer is powered ... device and save it in the database. In the Update software dialog, browse to the SafeCom Go Samsung software file (*.b94) ...
  • Administration Guide - Page 24

    ... 2.7.1 Get the SafeCom Go Samsung software The SafeCom Go Samsung software file (*.b94) was installed from the SafeCom CD or can be downloaded using the SafeCom Administrator function Check for updates. Alternatively a software package can be downloaded: 1. 2. Download the file from the link supplied to you. Extract...
  • Administration Guide - Page 29

    ... Track, Fax Track, E-mail Pull Print access control Drivers Timeout Post track High speed print E-mail, ... menu, then click Application Management in the left menu. The software version can be seen in the Application window. On A4 devices: Click the Network/Security/Maintenance button, and click Maintenance in the upper menu. The software version can be seen in the Application window. D60719-07 29
  • Administration Guide - Page 35

    ... Pull Print icon on the main screen. Login with card, code, or Windows Credentials to access the Document list. Note: The documents appear in chronological order with the...). Tap Logout to log out. Tap Refresh to update the list of documents with pending documents that has finished ... to see information about the selected documents, including cost, driver name, use of color and duplex. Tap ...
  • Administration Guide - Page 40

    4 Use SafeCom Go Samsung - A4 models 4.4 Pull Print 1. 2. Login with card, code, or Windows credentials. If the Document list does not appear automatically, tap the Pull Print icon. Note: The... selected documents. Tap Information to see information about the selected documents, including cost, driver name, use of color and duplex. Tap Copies to request multiple copies...
  • Administration Guide - Page 42

    ... the SafeCom Go Samsung Information web page (2.6.3) to collect information from the device, such as device firmware version and last device states. Use the SafeCom Go Samsung log ... "Error in HTTP response! cc = 401" when updating the SafeCom software, you have entered the wrong password.... If the SafeCom GO Samsung configuration web page is not displayed correctly in Windows Internet Explorer ...
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