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  • Universal Print Driver Guide (ENGLISH) - Page 4

    ...interface. • • Device discovery Download and install with the installer file provided with the Samsung Universal Print Driver. Install via executing the installer file. MODEL SPECIFIC DRIVERS Inconsistent user interface. • • Manually locate, download, and install driver for each device. Install via CD autorun or Add printer wizard. Easily...
  • Universal Print Driver Guide (ENGLISH) - Page 5 step-by-step instructions for installing and uninstalling the Samsung Universal Print Driver. The following windows are for a PCL driver in Windows XP. Windows may differ for a PS driver, but the steps are the same. Installing Samsung Universal Print Driver ...Print Driver setup file. 3. Start the setup file. The Samsung Universal Print Driver Installer Wizard opens. 4. Click Next. If ...
  • Universal Print Driver Guide (ENGLISH) - Page 6

    checkbox and click Finish. If the driver is installed properly, you can find the Samsung Universal Print Driver in the Printers and Faxes ...Driver If you want to uninstall the Samsung Universal Print Driver, follow the steps below: 1. From the Windows Start menu, select...Programs > Samsung Universal Print Driver > Maintenance. The Samsung Universal Print Driver Installer Wizard opens. 2. ...
  • Universal Print Driver Guide (ENGLISH) - Page 7

    ... devices, creating a favorites folder, and checking a device's status. Accessing the Samsung Universal Print Driver 1. From the Windows Start menu, select Printers and Faxes. 2. Right-click Samsung Universal Print Driver. 3. Click Printing Preferences or Properties. Samsung Universal Print Driver window opens. If there's no recently used printer, a pop-up ...
  • Universal Print Driver Guide (ENGLISH) - Page 9 the list. You need to select Layout2 and install the Samsung Smart Panel program to see this window. • Update Now : Updates the selected .... You can only use this option with network printers. 4 Changing Samsung Universal Print Driver settings Setting the pop-up option You can set the Samsung Universal Print Driver window to appear when you print. There are four...
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 5

    ...11 For Network Printing ...2.13 Turning the Printer On ...2.15 Printing a Demo Page ...2.16 Installing Printer Software ...Printer Driver Features ...Installing Printer Software in Windows ...Changing the Display Language ...Reinstalling Printer Software ...Removing Printer Software ...2.17 2.18 2.19 2.21 2.22 2.23 ...
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 44

    Installing Printer Software The supplied CD-ROM contains Windows printing software, Linux printing software, DOS RCP, an on-line User's Guide ... Acrobat Reader to view the User's Guide. 2 If you are printing from Windows: You can install the following printer software using the CD-ROM. • Samsung Proprietary printer driver for Windows. Use this driver to take full advantage of your printer's...
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 46

    Installing Printer Software in Windows System Requirements Verify the following: • At least 32 MB (Windows 9x... 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. • You are using at least Internet Explorer 5.0. 2 Installing Printer Software All applications should be closed on your PC ... the CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive. Installation will start automatically. If the CD-ROM driver does not automatically run...
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 47

    2 Choose the installation type. •Typical: Installs the common software for your printer, such as printer driver, and User's Guide. This is recommended for most users. •Custom:... the component(s), click Next. •View User's Guide: Opens Samsung ML-2250 Series User's Guide. If your computer doesn't have Adobe Acrobat, click on this option ...
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 48

    ... and connect the parallel cable. Then reinstall the printer driver; select Start ➔ Programs ➔ Samsung ML-2250 Series ➔ Maintenance ➔ Repair ➔ Printer. If you have replaced the ... of the software, you can change the display language. 1 From the Start menu, select Programs. 2 Select Samsung ML-2250 Series, and Language Selection. 3...
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 50

    ..., click Yes. If not, click No to reprint it. 5 When the reinstallation is done, click Finish. 2 Removing Printer Software 1 From the Start menu, select Programs. 2 Select Samsung ML-2250 Series, and then Maintenance. 3 Select Remove. Then you will see a component list so that you can remove any of them...
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 121

    .../Me, the Spooling Setting may be set incorrectly. From the Start menu, choose Settings and Printers. Right-click the Samsung ML-2250 Series printer icon, choose Properties, click the Details tab, and then choose the Spool Settings button. Select the desired spool setting. Install more memory in your printer. See "Installing Memory and PostScript DIMMs" on ...
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 138

    Common Windows Problems Problem "File in Use" message appears during installation. Possible Cause and Solution Exit all software applications. Remove all software from the StartUp Group, then restart Windows. Reinstall the printer driver. • Ensure that the cables are connected correctly, and the printer is on. • If bi...
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 144

    ... provided with your system CD-ROM to print a document, use the information in this Appendix. This chapter includes: • Installing PS Drivers • Using PS Printer Driver Features NOTE: You need to install an optional PS DIMM for using the PostScript driver. For more information, see Appendix D,"Installing Printer Options."
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 145

    ... interface, see page 2.11. • connecting with the USB interface, see page 2.12. For Windows 98/Me, the USB driver must be installed. • connecting with a network interface. For a ML-2250, you need to install an optional network interface card; see "Installing a Network Card" on page D.7. Installing PS Drivers 1 ...
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 149

    ...8226; HDD 1 GB or higher Softwares • Glibc 2.1 or higher • GTK+ 1.2 or higher • GhostScript Installing the Printer Driver 1 Make sure that you connect the printer to your computer. Turn both the computer and ... system password. NOTE: You must log in as a super user (root) to install the printer software. If you are not the super user, ask your system ...
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 161

    ... printer features through specific DOS printer drivers; however, many software manufactures do not develop printer... to set print settings that are not available through DOS software programmes. Printer drivers are supplied by the... your printer, contact the manufacturer of the software or use one of the alternate printer drivers. Installing the Remote Control Panel 1 Insert the supplied CD-ROM into ...
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 194

    ...panel,use 1.7 custom-sized materials, prnt 3.21 install printer driver for Linux B.2 printer driver for Windows 2.17 printer options D.1 PS Drivers A.2 Remote Control Panel C.2 software 2.19 toner cartridge 2.4 L labels,... 3.6 Favorite setting, use 4.6 features printer 1.2 printer driver 2.18 N network interface card, install D.7 network printing cable/antenna, connect ...
  • User Manual (ENGLISH) - Page 195

    ... demo page 2.16 print order, set 4.25 print quality problems 6.15 print quality problems, solve 6.15 print resolution, set 4.22 printer software install in Linux B.2 in Windows 2.19 uninstall in Linux B.7 printing configuration page 5.8 demo page 2.16 fitting to a selected paper 4.13 from Windows 4.2 multiple pages on ...
  • Universal Print Driver Guide (KOREAN) - Page 8

    Samsung Universal Print Driver 2 Samsung 4 Windows XP 1 • Windows XP • • • Samsung Universal Print Driver Samsung Universal Print Driver 사용_ 8
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