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  • User Manual - Page 4

    .... YOUR CARRIER MAY NOT PERMIT USERS TO DOWNLOAD CERTAIN SOFTWARE, SUCH AS CUSTOM OS. IF YOUR CARRIER PROHIBITS THIS, IF YOU ATTEMPT TO DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE ONTO THE DEVICE WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED ON THE SCREEN THAT THE PHONE WILL NO ... master data management, and virtual private network solution is at the sole discretion of the software provider, solution provider or user and...
  • User Manual - Page 19

    ... Task manager. 2. Touch the Active applications tab to view apps running on your phone. Touch End, or End all to close apps. 3. Touch the Downloaded tab to view information about apps you've installed on your phone. Touch Uninstall to remove an app from your phone. 4. Touch the RAM tab to display the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) in ...
  • User Manual - Page 34

    ... on page 137. GPS Location Active: One or more GPS location services are active. See "Location services" on page 137. Missing SIM: No SIM is installed. No Network: No wireless network is available. 3G connection: Phone is active on a 3G system. The arrows are colored when data is being transferred. 4G LTE Connection:...
  • User Manual - Page 35

    Update Available: An update is available for an installed app. Update Successful: An update wasinstalled for an app. Alarm: An alarm is set. Silent mode: All sounds except ... playback ispaused. You can control playback from Notifications, or from Music player. SD Card Ready: A memory card scan is under way, to prepare the card for use. For more information about using ...
  • User Manual - Page 38

    ...You can choose from pre-loaded wallpaper images, or select a picture you've taken with the Camera or downloaded. 1. ... Gallery: Choose a picture stored on your phone or on an optional installed memory card. Touch a picture to select it, ... 130. Apps Apps holds all applications installed on your phone. Applications that you download and install are also added to Apps. The Apps screen is like the Home ...
  • User Manual - Page 69

    ... and manage messages you've stored on an installed SIM card. • Multimedia message (MMS) settings: - Emergency Alerts: ...- Auto-retrieve: When enabled, MMS messages download automatically. When disabled, the phone prompts for download. - Roaming auto-retrieve: ... download and display automatically when roaming. When disabled, the phone prompts you to download new MMS messages. - ...
  • User Manual - Page 75

    ... Applications Apps displays all applications installed on your phone, including apps you download and install. From Apps, you can change the way apps ...see "Shortcuts" on page 31. Uninstalling Apps You can uninstall apps you download and install. Pre-loaded apps cannot be uninstalled. Apps.... list: Icons display in a list, sorted from A-Z. Downloading and Installing Apps Find new apps to ...
  • User Manual - Page 76

    ...: • Share apps: Select apps you've downloaded (not available for pre-loaded apps) to share via Backup Assistant Plus, Bluetooth, Email, ... the icon. The trashcan is only available for apps you've installed. Pre-loaded apps cannot be removed. - Drag to • Uninstall: Remove an app that you downloaded from your phone. Preloaded apps cannot be uninstalled. • Downloaded applications: ...
  • User Manual - Page 88

    ... View and manage files and other items you download to your phone. 1. From the Home screen, touch Apps ➔ Downloads. 2. Touch an item to open it (if an appropriate application is installed.) Note: Applications you download in Google Play™ Store are managed in Play Store, and will not appear in Downloads. Gallery Use Gallery to view, capture, and manage pictures ...
  • User Manual - Page 99

    ... from your computer. You'll need to have a Google account set up on your phone to download a new application. Ⅲ From the Home screen, touch Play Music. Apps ➔ S Memo ... your Android device. You'll need to have a Google account set up on your phone to download a new application. Apps ➔ 1. From the Home screen, select Play Store. 2. The first time...
  • User Manual - Page 101

    ... Ⅲ From the Home screen, touch Setup wizard. Apps ➔ V CAST Tones Preview, purchase, and download ringtones and ringback tones. Note: Airtime or download charges may apply. 1. From the Home screen, select V CAST Tones. Apps ➔ Talk Chat with ... you launch the app, you'll be prompted to create a profile. Follow the prompts to install and use the app. 95
  • User Manual - Page 102

    Video Player Use Video Player to view and manage videos stored on an installed memory card, or shop for new videos. 1. From the Home screen, touch Apps ➔ Video player. 2. Video Player scans for videos stored in phone memory, or on an installed memory card, and displays your videos on the Thumbnails, List, and Folders tabs. 3. Touch a video to ...
  • User Manual - Page 114

    ... your device to a PC, it is highly recommended that you install Samsung Kies, which is available at (for Windows/Mac). Note: If you are a Windows XP user, ensure that you have Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher installed on your computer. Also, ensure that you have Samsung Kies 2.0 or Windows Media Player 10 or higher installed on your computer. Connections 108
  • User Manual - Page 115

    ...(not included), to connect your phone's USB/Accessory Port to the other device's HDMI port. Note: Your ...more storage capacity, you can set the memory card as the primary storage location for apps with the app's ... memory usage for the memory card, see "SD card" on page 133. Installing and Removing a ... Card For more information about installing and removing a memory card, see "Memory Card" on page 13....
  • User Manual - Page 140

    ...Home screen, touch Settings ➔ Battery. Menu, then select Application manager You can download and install applications from the Google Play™ Store, or create applications using the Android SDK and install them on your phone. Use Application manager to manage applications on your phone. Warning! Because this device can be configured with system software not provided by or...
  • User Manual - Page 144

    ...GPS services, you are allowing access to all location information by any third party through web access or any software or peripheral components you choose to install, download, add, or attach to the device or any other means. Enabling this functionality could pose certain risks to users of this device. 1. From the Home ...
  • User Manual - Page 164

    ..., and a tutorial. 1. From the Home screen, touch Menu, then select Settings ➔ About phone. 2. Touch items to view details: • Software update: Check availability and install updates. • Status: View information about your phone's current status. • Legal information: Display open source licenses, configure ...
  • User Manual - Page 194

    ...ACCEPT" BUTTON (OR IF YOU BYPASS OR OTHERWISE DISABLE THE "I ACCEPT", AND STILL INSTALL, COPY, DOWNLOAD, ACCESS OR OTHERWISE USE THE SOFTWARE), YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS EULA. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT ... at a time, and you may not make the Software available over a network where it could be used by multiple computers at the same time. You may make one ...
  • User Manual - Page 195

    ... personally identifies you. 5. UPGRADES. This EULA applies to updates, supplements and add-on components (if any) of the Software that Samsung may ... we provide other terms along with such upgrade. To use Software identified as an upgrade, you must first be licensed for the Software identified by Samsung as eligible for the upgrade. After upgrading, you may no longer use the Software that formed the...
  • User Manual - Page 200

    Index A Accessibility settings services 154 Accounts adding a Google account 37 Google 11 Samsung 12 setting up 37 Airplane mode 118 Amazon Kindle 73 Applications 32 downloading new 93 Apps installing 69 uninstalling 69 removing 9 Battery Use & ... 75 Care and Maintenance 173 Children and Cell Phones 163 Clock 81 Commercial Mobile Alerting System (CMAS) 166 Connecting to ...
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