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  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 2

    ...or its respective suppliers relating to the SAMSUNG Phone, including but not limited to, accessories, parts, or software relating there to (the "Phone System"), is proprietary to Samsung and protected under federal laws... Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and its related entities. Do you have questions about your Samsung Mobile Phone? For 24 hour information and assistance, ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 3

    ... that you enable may involve the location of your phone being shared. For applications available through AT&T, we offer privacy... and protected. In addition, your AT&T phone may be used to access the Internet and to download, and/or purchase goods, applications, and services from...devices which bypass AT&T controls. Open Source Software Some software components of this product incorporate source code ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 6

    ......43 FDN Mode ...43 Group Settings ...44 Managing Address Book Entries ...44 Applications... Your Settings ...48 Sound Profile ...48 Display ...50 Time & Date ...51 Phone ...52 Calls ...55 Bluetooth ...56 Applications Settings ...57 ...WAP Browser ...78 Using Favorites ...79 Downloading Multimedia Files ...80 Using your ...87 Health and Safety Information ...87 Samsung Mobile Products and Recycling ...88
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 7

    UL Certified Travel Adapter ...88 Consumer Information on Wireless Phones ...89 Road Safety ...94 Responsible Listening ...96 Operating Environment ...98 Using Your Phone Near Other Electronic Devices ...98 Potentially Explosive Environments ...99... Warranty Information ...106 Standard Limited Warranty ...106 End User License Agreement for Software ...109 Index ...114 3
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 9

    Installing and Removing the SIM Card Important!: The plug-in SIM card and its contacts can be easily damaged by ... the battery cover open, align the battery notches with the tabs in the battery compartment in the phone (1). 2. Press the battery down until it clicks into place (2). Make sure that the battery is properly installed and not obstructing the SIM card before replacing the cover. 3. To ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 10

    ...jack into the port on the side of the phone. Note: The battery must be properly installed before charging + Incorrect Correct Charging the Battery Your phone is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery....charger to charge the battery, and use only Samsung approved batteries and chargers. Note... damaging the accessory port and voiding the phone warranty. 2. Plug the adaptor into a standard...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 17

    ... for safe, convenient, hands-free conversations. 4. Back Cover: Used to cover the back of your phone. Must be removed to install or remove the SIM card or the battery. Main Display Layout The display has 3 areas: Icons Back View of Your Phone 1 Text and graphics 2 4 Soft key functions 3 Icons Shows the received signal strength. The ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 35

    ... to your message from your My Photos folder or your Downloaded Graphics folder. Important!: Adding an image or a ... Recipients: allows you to update the recipient list by adding information from your Recent Recipients, Address Book, your Group ... to insert sound to your message from your Recorded Audio folder or your Downloaded Tones folder. • Template: allows you to insert text from predefined ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 40

    ... - Send Read Report: when this option is enabled, the phone allows the network report to the sender whether or not the ... Service before changing. Push Message Push Messages are service provider-sent messages, that include software upgrades or general information messages. The following options are... Email provides access to your email from your phone. To access your Mobile Email, press Menu ➔...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 41

    ... must complete the procedures for selecting your default IM Community. 1. Press Menu ➔ Mobile Email. Select one of the email service providers and press the I Agree soft key... to and from online users. Before using this feature, you need to subscribe to one of your pre-loaded messaging services (AIM, Windows Live or Yahoo!®). Tip: Press the Options soft key. Press the Sign In soft key ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 44

    ...type of entry, either a New or Update. On the Select Type screen, choose the type of phone number being entered: Back soft key to return to the Address Book listing. &#... delete either a selected address book entry or multiple entries from a target location such as the Phone and/or SIM ...8226; Mobile: allows you keep or alter the mobile phone number. • Home: allows you keep or...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 45

    ... ID to your listing. You can choose Take Photo, choose from My Photos, Downloaded Graphics, a Default Image on your phone or choose Not Assigned. • Ringtone: allows you to add a ringtone to your listing from your default tones or your recorded audio files, your downloaded tones or to choose Not Assigned. • Group Setting: allows you to assign this contact to group. Press the ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 48

    .... Choose from your Default Tones, your Recorded Audio clips, your Downloaded Tones folder or choose Not Assigned. 4.... Phone and SIM entries on your phone. Copying an Entry to the SIM Card Note: When storing an Address Book entry into the SIM card, note that only the Name, Phone Number, Group,... Photo to take a new photo, My Photos folder, Downloaded Graphics folder, Default Image folder or choose Not...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 53

    ... which contains not only the default phone ringtones, but also any new ringtones which have been downloaded from the Internet and your recorded audio clips. - Ringtone Volume: allows you to select ... you can select the Mute setting. Other Available Profiles The phone can be set to additional audio profiles available in the Sound Profile menu: Silent, Driving and...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 54

    ... profile keeps the speaker active, the volume settings are raised to their highest levels, any ... In this menu, you can change various settings for the display or backlight. In Idle mode, press ... to access this option. Choose from the Shop Graphics, Downloaded Graphics, My Photos, or the Default Wallpapers.... or to Save your selections. • Light Settings allows you to select the following options:...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 78

    ...menus launch your WAP browser where you can shop for, purchase and download games and applications through your MEdia Mall. You can...allows you to Shop Games using the WAP browser. You can download new games and save them to your phone and access your phone's ...Shop Games and Shop Applications using the WAP browser. You can download new games and applications and save them to your phone. You can also ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 79

    ... to Shop Applications using the WAP browser. You can download new applications and save them to your phone and access your phone's... ➔ Shop Applications to launch the WAP browser and select an application to download. 2. Follow the on-screen options. The downloaded files will be stored in the Applications folder. For more information, refer to "MEdia Mall" on page 76. Note:...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 105

    • Check regularly that all wireless phone equipment in your vehicle is NFPA (National Fire... not place objects, including both installed or portable wireless equipment in the area over the air ... air bag deployment area. If wireless equipment is improperly installed and the air bag ... Information • Only qualified personnel should service the phone or install the phone in a vehicle. Faulty ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 113

    ...ACCEPT" BUTTON (OR IF YOU BYPASS OR OTHERWISE DISABLE THE "I ACCEPT", AND STILL INSTALL, COPY, DOWNLOAD, ACCESS OR OTHERWISE USE THE SOFTWARE), YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS EULA. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT ... at a time, and you may not make the Software available over a network where it could be used by multiple computers at the same time. You may make one ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f2) (English) - Page 114

    5. UPGRADES. This EULA applies to updates, supplements and add-on components (if any) of the Software that Samsung may provide to you or make available to ... Software identified as an upgrade, you must first be licensed for the Software identified by Samsung as eligible for the upgrade. After upgrading, you may no longer use the Software that formed the basis for your upgrade ...
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