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  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 7

    ...Safe Mode ...115 Storage ...116 Language and keyboard ...116 Voice Input and Output ...119 Accessibility Settings ...120 Date and Time ...121 About Phone ...121 Software Update ...122 Section 6: Multimedia ...66 Media Hub ...Music ...Using Playlists ...Live TV ...Qik Lite ...Videos ...Video Maker ...Gallery ...Camera ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 18

    ... AT&T GPS Navigation functionality provides real-time navigation • microSD card compatibility for use in data storage and access • HSDPA 7.2 mbps high speed download capability • Assisted GPS (TeleNav GPS Navigation) • Up to 32GB expandable memory slot • Sync and update social network applications 13 3 9 4 5 6 7...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 23 is communicating with the HSPA+ network. Displays when your phone is downloading a file. It will blink green when it is installing. Displays when a Market download has completed. Displays when the phone is tethered via a ...Displays when Bluetooth is activated. Displays when updates are available for download. Displays when an external microSD memory card is full. Displays ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 28

    ... messages about a location and track your friends. For more information, refer to "Maps" on page 149. Market: Android Market provides access to downloadable applications and games to install on your phone. Android Market also allows you to provide feedback and comments about an application, or flag an application that might ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 42

    ... several methods for using the SD card: 1. Important!: If access to the external SD card is not available, download and install the USB drivers. Mounting the SD Card To store photos, ... card slot. For more information, refer to "Removing and Installing the Memory Card" on page 6. 2. 2. Your SD card is scanned to see the available information on it. Important...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 74

    ...created via either the handset's Music Player options menu or from within a 3rd party music application (such as Windows Media Player) and then downloaded to the handset. Creating a Playlist 1. 2. 3. 4. Removing Music from a Playlist To remove music files from a playlist: 1. 2. 3. 4. ➔ Music Player From the ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 75

    ... information on downloading music for your phone, see "Market" on page 150. The Success! screen ... will need to download the application from the Market. For more information, refer to "Market" on page 150. instructions ... TV. Qik Lite Qik Lite is a mobile video sharing service that lets you ... and follow the onscreen prompts. The instructions will help you download the app from the Market. Otherwise...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 116

    ... Home screen, tap and security. ➔ Settings ➔ Location Unknown sources This feature allows you to download and install non-Market applications. 1. 2. Tap Use secure credentials to activate ... screen, tap Applications. Tap Unknown sources. ➔ Settings ➔ 3. Tap Install from USB storage to install encrypted certificates from USB storage. Tap ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 117

    ...; Manage applications. Important!: You must have downloaded applications installed to use this feature. From the Home screen, tap Tap ...You must have downloaded applications installed to use this feature. From the Home screen, tap Applications ➔ Memory usage. &#...are presently running. 3. Tap the Downloaded tab to see the memory usage for Downloaded applications. Changing Your Settings 112
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 120

    ..., including your Google account, system and application data and settings, and downloaded applications. It will not erase current system software, bundled applications, and external SD card files such as... are causing problems with the device. Safe mode will only load basic system software. 1. 2. With the phone turned off, press the Power key and Volume Up...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 125

    ... interactions. It comes from the applications such as KickBack, SoundBack, and TalkBack. 1. From the Home screen, tap Accessibility. ➔ Settings ➔ 2. Download a suitable screen reader from Android Market. For more information, refer to "Market" on page 150. Return to the Accessibility menu and tap Accessibility to...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 126

    ... phone information such as the model number, firmware version, baseband version, kernal version, and software build number. To access phone information: From the Home screen, tap ➔ Settings ➔ ..., roaming status, mobile network state, IMEI number, IMEI SV, Wi-Fi MAC address, Bluetooth address..., and Minute. Tap PM or AM, then tap Set. Optional: Tap Use 24-hour format. If...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 127

    ... contact your AT&T service representative. 5. When updating software, once the delta file for FOTA update is downloaded, you can delay... tap Continue update. Software Update The Software Update feature enables you to use your phone to connect to the network and ... for updates. ➔ SettingsSoftware 2. 3. 4. At the Software update prompt, tap OK to continue. The phone automatically ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 129

    ... selected page. - Share page: allows you to share the page using Gmail or as a message. - Downloads: displays the download history. - Settings: allows you to modify your ... "Browser Settings" on page 127. - Print: allows you to print the screen or web page on a Samsung printer ...Internet windows open at one time. To add a new window, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. From your browser, press...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 132

    ...: Prevents popup advertisement or windows from appearing onscreen. Remove the checkmark to disable this function. • Load images: Allows web...checkmark to disable this function. • Enable plug-ins: Allows the download of plug-ins such as Adobe Flash. • Open ... the Web browser. • Default storage: Allows you to set your default storage to Phone or Memory Card. • Clear cache: ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 158

    ... you to delete all diary entries. • Settings: allows you to select Auto update which will update your... screen, tap ➔ Settings ➔ Applications ➔ Unknown sources. You are now allowed to download non-Market applications. 2. From the Home screen, tap &#... the first time you use it. 3. 4. 5. 153 At the Movies download screen, tap Install. After the application is installed, ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 159

    ... and pay your bill, check minutes and data usage, upgrade to a new device, or change your rate plan. Initial Setup 1. 2. Navigation Navigation is an internet-...Account, the Android Market displays the myAT&T application. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the app. 4. Using myAT&T 1. From the Home screen, tap The myAT&T page is displayed. ➔ myAT&T From ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 161

    ... If speaking the address, the Voice guidance screen is displayed. For voice-guided navigation you need to install text-to-speech support from the Android Market. Tap ... location and the weather is updated if there have been any changes. • Settings: allows you ...of service for news service. - Refresh settings: allows you to choose options for updating content. - Application version:...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 192

    ..." BUTTON (OR IF YOU BYPASS OR OTHERWISE DISABLE THE "I ACCEPT", AND STILL INSTALL, COPY, DOWNLOAD, ACCESS OR OTHERWISE USE THE SOFTWARE), YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS EULA. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THE ... a time, and you may not make 187 the Software available over a network where it could be used by multiple computers at the same time. You may make one ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English(north America)) - Page 193

    ... identifies you. 5. UPGRADES. This EULA applies to updates, supplements and add-on components (if any) of the Software that Samsung ... of this EULA, you must cease all use of the Software and destroy all copies, full or partial, .... 9. THIRD-PARTY APPLICATIONS. Certain third-party applications may be included with, or downloaded to this mobile device. SAMSUNG makes no representations whatsoever about ...
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