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  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 8

    ... ...134 Camcorder ...134 Camera ...134 Doodle Jump ...134 Downloads ...134 DriveSmart ...135 Email ...135 Facebook ...135 Files... Latitude ...137 Lookout ...138 Maps ...138 Market ...140 Downloading a New Google Application ...141 Launching an Installed Google Application ...142 Android ... Video Chat ...150 Scrabble ...151 Settings ...151 Slacker ...152 Swype tips ...152 T-Mobile Mall ...152 T-Mobile ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 9

    ... ...Bluetooth ...Enable Downloading for Web Applications ...PC Connections ...Wi-Fi ...Tethering ...Mobile AP ...Calendar...Accounts and Synchronization ...Privacy Settings ...SD Card & Phone Storage ...Search Settings ...Notification Slider ......Voice Input and Out Settings ...Accessibility Settings ...Date and Time ...Software Update ...Exposure to Radio Frequency (RF) Signals ...Specific Absorption ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 11

    ... charging the battery, installing the SIM card and optional memory card, and setting up your... Instructions in this manual are based on default settings, and may vary from your phone, depending on the software version on your phone, and any changes to the phone's Settings. Unless stated... vary, depending on the software version of your phone and any changes to the phone's Settings. Understanding this...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 23

    ... number of applications running on your phone, the larger the energy drain on your battery. • Downloaded displays any installed packages or applications from the Market that are taking up memory space. Tap Uninstall to ... available and used space within the Random Access Memory (RAM), Program, and External SD card. • Help provides additional battery saving ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 53

    ... in the device you can use your computer to access and manage the SD card. Important!: If access to the external SD card is not available, download and install the USB drivers. microSD Icon Indicators Using the SD Card There are several methods for using the SD card: 1. The following icons show your microSD...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 127

    ...Important!: You must be using an active Wi-Fi/4G connection to preview and download a media file. You must have a microSD card installed prior to initiating the service. This card acts as a storage location for your downloaded rental or purchase. Read the End-User License Agreement (EULA) and tap Accept to continue or Decline to exit. ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 129

    ... hour period if such period would extend the viewable time beyond the thirty (30) day rental window). • You cannot play any media content downloaded from Media Hub through any output on your mobile phone, including All Share. Pause the song. Start the song after pausing. Press and hold to rewind the song. ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 147

    ...You can write applications in the SDK and install them on this device, then run the applications using the hardware, system, and network. Warning!: Android Dev Phones are not...-party applications Press ➔ and then tap (Settings) ➔ You can uninstall any application you downloaded and installed from Android Market. 1. Applications ➔ Unknown sources. Unknown sources displays a...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 173

    ... phone and enable the Unknown sources feature (enables downloading). For more information, refer to "Installing the microSD Memory Card" on page 9. Also,...applications are safe to download. In order to protect your phone and data, use Android Market to install web applications....: To use any downloaded market application that requires a USB connection between your phone and your PC,...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 174

    ... samsung Support site and locate your phone: Navigate to the Software tab and download Kies. ... you need any additional USB drivers, these can also be found within the phone's Download Center > Software tab. Using USB Debugging ..." on page 170. What is Kies? Samsung Kies is a software that enables you to update your device firmware by connecting to the PC....
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 175

    ... are on your microSD card: 1. 5. Run Samsung Kies and follow the prompts to update your device firmware. Refer to Samsung initiating a Kies Mini update. Synchronizing with Windows Media Player Ensure that Windows Media Player is installed on your PC.... is active before connecting your USB cable. Connecting with Kies 1. 2. Install Samsung Kies software on your PC. Press ➔ and then tap...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 178

    ... you to share your phone's mobile data connection via a direct USB connection between your phone and computer. A wireless version of this same functionality would be the Mobile... your computer while using the USB tethering feature. If additional software or USB drivers are required, navigate to: downloads. To disconnect tethering: 1. Press ➔ and then tap...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 188

    ... feature. Note: You can not mount your phone's microSD card to your computer while using the USB tethering feature. If additional software or USB drivers are required, navigate to: downloads. VPN settings The VPN settings menu allows you to set up and manage Virtual Private Networks (...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 204

    ...the SDK and install them on this device, then run the applications using the hardware, system, and network. This feature...enable the Unknown sources feature (enables downloading). Developers can use this option to install non-Market applications. ... and Data Important!: You must have downloaded applications installed to use this feature. Press Applications. ➔ and then tap (Settings) ➔...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 207

    ...; Applications ➔ USB settings. 2. Select one of the following USB modes: • Samsung Kies: connects your phone to a PC and prepares it for a direct firmware update. • Media player: connects your phone to a PC in order to synchronize files with Windows Media Player. • Mass storage: allows ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 210

    ... data and settings. 1. ➔ Prior to doing a Factory Reset Before using Kies Mini to upgrade your device, ... up my data to create a backup of your current phone settings and applications. 2. 3. Verify the Gallery contains all ... cover and remove the internal microSD card prior to initiating a Kies Mini update. 3. Tap Automatic restore to assist in the re-installation of a previously installed ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 218

    ... please contact your T-Mobile service representative. Software Update The Software Update feature enables you to use your phone to connect to the network and upload any new phone ... latest available software when you access this option. Press ➔ and then tap (Settings) ➔ Software update. The phone automatically updates the software (if ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 244

    ..." BUTTON (OR IF YOU BYPASS OR OTHERWISE DISABLE THE "I ACCEPT", AND STILL INSTALL, COPY, DOWNLOAD, ACCESS OR OTHERWISE USE THE SOFTWARE), YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS EULA. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THE ... a time, and you may not make 239 the Software available over a network where it could be used by multiple computers at the same time. You may make one ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 245

    ... identifies you. 5. UPGRADES. This EULA applies to updates, supplements and add-on components (if any) of the Software that Samsung ... of this EULA, you must cease all use of the Software and destroy all copies, full or partial, .... 9. THIRD-PARTY APPLICATIONS. Certain third-party applications may be included with, or downloaded to this mobile device. SAMSUNG makes no representations whatsoever about ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f4) (English) - Page 258

    ... Home 29 Uninstalling Third-party applications 142 Unknown Sources 142 Unmounting SD card 49 Updates tab 97 Usage Battery 201 Memory 201 USB Connections As mass storage device 168 USB Settings As mass storage device 168 Windows Meida Player 170 USB Tethering Drivers 169 Use GPS Satellites 139 195 Use Packet Data 185 Use ...
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