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  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 2

    ..., minimum or maximum repair times, exchanges or replacements, accessories, options, upgrades, or consumables. For the location of a SAMSUNG Authorized Service Center, please call toll-free: - ... reduce image retention and screen burnout, refer to proper user manual section for details. Securing the Installation Space Keep the required distances between the product and other objects (e.g. walls) to ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 3

    ... Features y Media Play ...21 Connecting a USB Device 21 Other Information y Installing the Wall Mount ...25 y Securing the TV to the Wall (depending on... Features Changing the Preset Picture Mode Adjusting picture settings Changing the Picture Options Changing the Preset Sound Mode ... Settings Setting the Time Using the Sleep Timer Setting the On/Off Timer Locking Programs Other Features 11 12 ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 6

    ...Press to directly access to channels. Press to select additional channels (digital) being broadcast by the same station. For example, to select channel '54-3', ... the menu. MTS: Press to choose stereo, mono or Separate Audio Program (SAP broadcast). (P. 16) P.SIZE: Choose the picture ...: Controls the caption decoder. (P. 19) MTS P.SIZE CC Installing batteries (Battery size: AAA) ✎ nOTE x x...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 8

    Connections Connecting to an AV Device Using an hDMI cable or hDMI to DVI Cable: hD connection (up to 1080p...; hDMI In 1(DVI), 2 x x x x R-AUDIO-L R-AUDIO-L PR PB Y PR PB Y When using an HDMI/DVI cable connection, you must use the hDMI/DVI In jack for video. A DVD, Blu-ray player, HD cable box, ...error may occur. If an HDMI to DVI cable is connected to the hDMI In 1(DVI) port, the audio does not ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 18

    ... ans+ and 18 ans+ will automatically be blocked also. ■ Downloadable U.S. Rating: Parental restriction information can be used ... U.S. Rating menu is available for use after information is downloaded from the broadcasting station. However, depending on the information from the... and Downloadable U.S. Rating change depending on the downloaded information. Even if you set the on-screen display to ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 20

    ... strength. Melody (Off / low / Medium / high) Set so that a melody plays when the TV is turned on or off. Software Upgrade Software Upgrade can be performed by downloading the latest firmware from to a USB memory device. TV Rear Panel ✎ nOTE x x Only available when the Input source is set to TV. ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 22

    ... size of the file. MP3 files with DRM that have been downloaded from a non-free site cannot be played. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a... files and other photo files must be located in the same folder on the USB Memory Device. SUM 307.2MB/973.7MB Free ... to select the option, then press the EnTERE button. - After setting the option press the EnTERE button to make a change. &#...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 25

    ...-TV - 32 inches or above) When installing the TV onto a wall, attach the Guide Stand as shown.... Stand may differ depending on the model.) Guide Stand Installing the Wall Mount Kit The wall ...items. Contact a technician for assistance when installing the wall mount bracket. Samsung Electronics is not responsible ...own. Wall Mount Kit Specifications (VESA) Case A. Installing the SAMSUng Wall-Mount Case ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 26

    ...kit is not supplied, but sold separately. Install your wall mount on a solid wall ... contact your nearest dealer. If installed on a ceiling or slanted wall, it may fall ... our wall mount kit, a detailed installation manual and all parts necessary ... is used or the consumer fails to follow the product installation instructions. Do not mount the TV ...M6 M8 M4 4 M8 4 Do not install your Wall Mount Kit while...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 27

    ... Safety Flyer with your TV. For added stability and safety, you can purchase and install the anti fall device as described below. Parts included in the Kit: 05 Other Information TV...X L12) UN**C9000 model only Screw 4 (M4 X L16) LED / LCD Plastic Cover only Installing the TV-holder 4 1. Read these instructions through once before you start. 1 2. Remove the screw attached to the back of your TV,...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 28

    ...screw you provided (size M4xL20 or similar) to the wall or cabinet where the TV is to be installed. If you fasten the screw to the wall, we recommend you ... If that is not possible, use a molly to anchor the screw. Install the TV close to the wall so that it does not fall. When ... failure. If you have any doubt about the security of your connections, contact a professional installer. 28 English
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 29

    ... provided on the included Safety Flyer. For added stability, install the anti-fall device for safety purposes, ... of your connections, contact a professional installer. Wall ✎ Install the TV near to the wall ... Lock The Kensington Lock is not supplied by Samsung. It a device used to physically fix the system ... these steps: 1. Wrap the Kensington lock cable around a large, stationary object such ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 30

    ... not look as good as it did in the store. • If you have an analog cable/satellite box, upgrade to a digital set top box. Use HDMI or Component cables to deliver HD (high definition) picture quality. • ...a HDMI connected to your TV). • If you are using a DVI to HDMI cable, a separate audio cable is required. • Reboot the connected device by ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 31

    ... connected to the TV and external devices). • Set your external device's (Cable/Sat Box, DVD, Blu-ray etc) video... Program then select Auto and make sure the correct Cable TV signal type is set in the menu. There are 3 options. (STD, hRC and.... If the buzzing stops, this indicates that the set-top-box has a grounding issue. Replace the Component video cables with an HDMI connection. • HD...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 33

    ...5W X 2 32" Class (31.5" measured diagonally) UN32D4003BD 05 Other Information ✎ Design ... recycling location, go to our website: or call, (877) 278-0799.... notice In the case of using open source software, Open Source Licenses are available on the product ... be found on the following webpage. ( ) Open source License Notice is written ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 34

    ... 3 2 (Unit: inches) Model name UN19D4003BD UN26D4003BD UN32D4003BD UN22D5003BF UN40D5003BF LN32D403E2D 1 4.7 6.5 7.2 6.2 9.3 9.2 2 8.0 2.6 3.1 10.5 6.2 1.9 3 2.0 3.2 5.5 2.1 7.7 4.9 4 2.6 14.8 19.5 2.7... change without prior notice. Refer to the dimensions prior to performing installation of your TV. Not responsible for typographical or printed errors. © 2011 Samsung Electronics America, ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.1.0) (English) - Page 35

    ... Program 7 12 F Favorite Channel 12 R Remote Control Reset Picture Mode 6 15 B Balance 16 h HD HDMI 15 8 S Screen Fit Sleep Timer Slide Show Software Upgrade Source List SRS TruSurround HD Standby mode 15 17 22 20 10 16 5 C Cables Caption Clear Scrambled Channel Clear Voice Component Composite 4 19 12 16 8 4 l Language License ...
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