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  • Operating Instructions - Page 1

    ... this product. Model No. D-NS505 Serial No. _____ This manual describes how to use the CD player. For the supplied software SonicStage, please see "Installation/Operating Guide." "WALKMAN" is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation to represent Headphone Stereo products. is a trademark of Sony Corporation. D-NS505 &#...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 2

    ... on line at walkmanreg Proper registration will enable us to send you periodic mailings about software upgrades, new products, services and other ... reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 4

    ... CD-RW. The following is a quick overview of how you listen to music on your ATRAC CD. Install SonicStage on your computer. SonicStage is software that takes music downloaded from audio CDs on your computer and creates original CDs. It can be installed from the supplied CD-ROM. Create an ATRAC CD. After selecting your favorite...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 5

    ... at 64 kbps. You can create an ATRAC CD using SonicStage. MP3 CDs: CD-R/CD-RW on which audio data compressed in the MP3 format has been recorded* MP3 ... to about 1/10 of their original size. CD-R/CD-RW on which mixed audio data compressed in the ATRAC3plus, ATRAC3, and/or MP3 formats has been recorded by using a software other than SonicStage can also be played. With SonicStage, you cannot create a...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 6

    ..."file" is equivalent to a "track" of an audio CD. A "group" is a bundle of files and is equivalent to an "album." For MP3 CDs, this CD player...0 to 9, and _(underscore). • On a disc that has ATRAC3plus/ATRAC3/MP3 files, do not save files in other ...-Rs/CD-RWs recorded in the ATRAC3plus/ ATRAC3 format cannot be played on your computer. About MP3 CDs • Be sure to add the file extension "mp3"...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 7

    ... direct sunlight, excessive dust or sand, moisture, rain, mechanical shock, unleveled surface, or in a car with its windows closed. • If the CD player causes interference to the radio or television reception,...• Discs with non-standard shapes (e.g., heart, square, star) cannot be played on this CD player. Attempting to do so may damage the CD player. Do ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 9

    ...• Headphones Getting Started * Not supplied with the US/Canadian models • CD-ROM (SonicStage) Do not play this CD-ROM on an audio CD player including this player. • Operating Instructions (This book) • SonicStage Installation/Operating Guide Wearing the supplied headphones The following procedures are for wearing on...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 13 any deposit left in the battery compartment, and install new batteries. If the deposit adheres to ...power adaptor • Disconnect all power sources when the player is not to be used for a long time. • Use...the AC power adaptor supplied. If your player is not supplied with the one, use an ACE45HG AC ... AC power adaptor You can use the player powered by the AC power adaptor without batteries....
  • Operating Instructions - Page 18

    ...order. All tracks in the selected group are played (ATRAC CD/MP3 CD only). The current track is played once. All ... group are played once in random order (ATRAC CD/MP3 CD only). Tracks in the selected m3u play list* are played (MP3 CD only). After selecting "PLAY LIST," flick the lever ... the play list function, record MP3 files on a CD-R/CD-RW using encoding software that supports the m3u format. 18
  • Operating Instructions - Page 22 operate the player.  ON OFF ON  OFF The beep is turned off. The CD is played ...up only while the player is stopped. This function works only for ATRAC CDs. Notes •...if "G-PROTECTION" is activated, sound may skip: - when the CD player receives stronger continuous shock ... is a problem with the original recording device or application software. • Even if "SEAMLESS" is set...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 24

    ... the player is blank.  There is a problem with the quality of the CD-R/CD-RW, recording device, or application software.  The buttons are locked. Slide the HOLD switch back...MP3 CD during playback to reduce the power consumption. The player is not malfunctioning.  There are no ATRAC3plus/ATRAC3/MP3 files on the CD.  A CD-RW from which the data has been erased is being...
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