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  • Operating Guide - Page 3

    ...with two kinds of operations guides. - "Operating guide" (This manual) - "First Step Guide" for using the supplied software (stored on the supplied CD-ROM)* * The DCR-DVD92/DVD602 do not include a "...Step Guide". Declaration of Conformity Declaration of Conformity Trade Name: SONY Model No.: DCR-DVD403 Responsible Party:Sony Electronics Inc. Address: 16450 W. Bernardo Dr, San ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 4

    ... be contrary to the copyright laws. You cannot dub copyright protected software on your camcorder. The images of the LCD screen and the viewfinder used on this .... Change the screen language before using your camcorder if necessary (p.69). The illustration used on this manual are based on the model DCR-DVD403. Notes on the Setup items, LCD screen, viewfinder, and lens • On this ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 7

    ...the last scene (Review/Review deleting) ...38 Indicators displayed during recording/playback ...39 Remote Commander (Except for DCR-DVD92/DVD602) ...41 Playing the picture on a... (Finalizing) ...44 Playing back a disc on DVD players, etc...48 Playing back a disc on a computer with a DVD drive installed ...48 Using the recorded disc (DVD-RW/DVD+RW) Recording additional scenes after finalizing ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 8

    ... other basic settings (REC MODE/LCD/VF SET/USB SPEED, etc.) TIME/LANGU...69 (CLOCK SET/..., etc.) Customizing Personal Menu...70 Editing on DVD Handycam (DVD-RW:VR mode) Editing the original ... Jacks to connect external devices ...81 Using a Computer (Except for DCR-DVD92/DVD602) Before referring to the "First Step Guide" on your computer ...82 Installing software...83 Viewing "First Step Guide"......
  • Operating Guide - Page 11

    ...nd the desired image quickly, from a list of thumbnails (p.30, 44). Editing a disc using the supplied software You can create your own DVD discs adding special effects or music to images using the Picture Package software supplied with your camcorder (p.82). • The DCR-DVD92/DVD602 do not support a computer connection. * DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) is a ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 16

    ...(Except for DCR-DVD92/DVD602) Shoe cover (1) (p.81) (Except for DCR-DVD403/DVD803) Attached to the camcorder. Cleaning cloth (1) Shoulder strap (1) (p.113) AC Adaptor...(1) (p.20) (DCR-DVD92/DVD602) Attached to the camcorder. Rechargeable battery pack (1) (p.18) NP-FP50: Except for DCR-DVD403/ DVD803 NP-FP70: DCR-DVD403/DVD803 CD-ROM "PicturePackage Ver.1.8" (1) (p.82) (Except for DCR-DVD92/DVD602...
  • Operating Guide - Page 48 it may cause a malfunction. • Make sure that a vertically installed DVD device is placed in the position where a disc can be placed horizontally. Playing back a disc on a computer with a DVD drive installed • Do not use the 8cm CD adaptor with an 8cm DVD as it ... a DVD playback application must have been installed on your computer. 1 Insert the finalized disc into the DVD...
  • Operating Guide - Page 49

    Playing back still images Still images stored on the disc are displayed in the JPEG format. Note that erasing or changing the original data may occur accidentally in this operation since ... folder The folder for data for DVD-Rs/DVD-RWs (VIDEO mode)/DVD+RWs When using Windows XP: 5 Double-click the file to be displayed. The selected still image appears on the screen. Still image folder 49
  • Operating Guide - Page 56

    ... ( ) Select to shoot distant subjects clearly. This setting also prevents your camcorder from focusing on glass or metal mesh in windows that comes in between the camcorder and the subject. • Items with one asterisk ... to [AUTO] when you have the power source disconnected from your camcorder for more than 5 minutes. SPORTS* (Sports lesson) ( ) SPOT ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 57

    ... when you have the power source disconnected from your camcorder for more than 5 minutes. EXPOSURE You can fix the brightness of a picture manually. When ... you can avoid backlight shadows on people next to the window by fixing the exposure to that of the wall side of the... and stored in the memory, the indicator stops flashing. • Do not shake your camcorder while ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 81

    ...details. • The Active Interface Shoe has a safety DCR-DVD403/DVD803: device for fixing the installed accessory securely. To connect...(optional) and the built-in flash at the same time (DCR-DVD403/DVD803). • When an external microphone (optional)...jack • Connect other optional accessories. Except for DCR-DVD403/DVD803: Extend the view finder, ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 82

    Before referring to the "First Step Guide" on your computer When you install the Picture Package software on a Windows computer from the supplied CD-ROM, you can enjoy the following operations by connecting your ...." (p.48) to play back images on your computer. • The CD-ROM (supplied) includes the following software. - USB Driver - Picture Package Ver.1.8 - ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 83

    ... be provided as standard) • Your camcorder is compatible with Hi-Speed You need to install the software to your Windows computer to enjoy editing your recorded video and still images. ... on as Administrators for installation. Close all applications running on the computer before installing the software. USB (USB 2.0). You can transfer data at a faster rate ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 84

    Installing software (continued) 4 Click [Install]. 8 Select where to save the Depending on the operating system on the computer, a ... message's instructions. software, then click [Next]. 5 Select the language for the 9 Select [NTSC], then click [Install]. application to... the onscreen instructions to install the "First Step Guide." Depending on the computer, this screen may not be displayed. In ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 85

    ...], [Picture Package Menu destination Folder] (and "First Step Guide," if installed by steps 11) appear on the desktop. [Next]. Using a Computer (Except for DCR-DVD92/DVD602)  Click [Next]. 15 Remove the CD-ROM from the disc drive of your computer. • If you have any questions about PicturePackage, see "For inquires about this software" (p.86). 85
  • Operating Guide - Page 86

    ... Guide" in HTML without using automatic installation, copy the desired language folder from the [FirstStepGuide] folder on the CD-ROM, and then double-click [Index.html..." - When "First Step Guide" is not displayed correctly due to the browser setting even in recommended environment. - When the HTML version of "First Step Guide" is not installed automatically. Music works, sound recording or other...
  • Operating Guide - Page 98

    ...a computer (Except for DCR-DVD92/DVD602) The computer does not recognize your camcorder. Install the Picture Package software (p.82). Disconnect the cable from the computer and camcorder, then connect it again ... correctly. • Confirm the USB driver is correctly installed with the following procedures. • • For Windows XP 1 Click [Start], then [...
  • Operating Guide - Page 99

    ... Mass Storage Device] in [Universal Serial Bus controllers] respectively. When all the devices appear, the USB driver is installed correctly. If any of these devices are not shown, install USB driver.  Place the supplied CD-ROM in the disc drive on your... place the supplied CD-ROM in your computer. • Set the computer display as follows: - Windows: 800 × 600...
  • Operating Guide - Page 109

    ... dust gets in your camcorder, it may malfunction. Sometimes this malfunction cannot be repaired. - Near windows or outdoors, where the LCD screen, the viewfinder, ... gets inside the casing, unplug your camcorder and have it checked by a Sony dealer before operating it ... moisture condensation has occurred Turn off your camcorder, and leave it for about an hour.  Note on ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 119

    ...;nalizing...50 USB1.1 ...67, 83 USB2.0 ...67, 83 USB cable ...16 USB jack ...81 USB SPEED ...67 USB driver ...82 Using abroad ...105 On trademarks &#... of Sony Corporation. Picture Package is a trademark of Sony Corporation. Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Media are either registered trademarks ... ...63 Wide angle ...34 WIDE SELECT ...60 Windows ...82 WIPE ...63 World time difference ...106...
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