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  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 2

    ...volume). Information on using your camcorder connected to a computer will also be found in the Operating Guide and ... of the supplied "PMB (Picture Motion Browser)" software. Table of contents Searching for information quickly...; You can search for an item by keyword using Adobe Reader. Refer to the Help of Adobe... for tips on how to use Adobe Reader. You can print out the "Handycam" Handbook. Index...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 3

    ... items, LCD panel, and lens  Rechargeable battery pack NP-FV30 (1) CD-ROM "Handycam" Application Software (1)    "PMB"  "Handycam"  (software, ...)  "Operating Guide" (1)   "PMB Portable" software is pre-loaded on the camcorder (p. 47). See page 18 for the memory card you can use with this camcorder. A menu item that is ...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 38 to be divided. The selected movie starts playback.   Also, do not eject the memory card while dividing movies on the memory card. A slight difference may occur from the point and the actual dividing where you touch point, ...divided. Only simple editing is available on the camcorder. Use the supplied software "PMB" for more advanced editing. Tips You can ...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 44

    ... are not saved on the computer when you perform One Touch Disc Burn. Table of contents  1 2 Install "PMB" beforehand,...the internal recording media only (DCR-SX65/SX85). Useful recording techniques Turn on your computer, and place an unused... the computer using the Built-in USB Cable. 3 4 Touch [DISC BURN] on your camcorder. Follow the instructions on the computer screen. Index  US
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 45

    ... recording media that contains the images you want to save on the camcorder screen. [ USB CONNECT]: Internal memory (DCR-SX65/SX85) [ USB CONNECT]: Memory card   The displayed recording media ...  [Show appear, touch others]  [USB CONNECT] (under [OTHERS] category). Index The [Import] window appears on the computer screen.  US
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 46

    ... creation]  [Video Disc Copier] to start the software. See "Video Disc Copier" help on ... "PMB Help" for details. If any other software than "PMB" starts automatically, shut it ..."PMB". Click [Calendar] or [Index] on the left side in the window, and select the folder or date, then ... drag and drop onto the window for selecting movies. Index 5 Follow the instructions on the screen to create a...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 47

    ... for which you wish to use "PMB Portable." [ USB CONNECT]: Internal memory (DCR-SX65/SX85) [ USB CONNECT]: Memory card  ... "PMB Portable" by mistake, you can correct this by downloading the PMB Portable installer from the web site.  Useful ... "PMB Portable" makes it possible to download various URLs of websites from the server administered by Sony ("Sony server"). In ...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 49

    ...-UAM1 (sold separately)  5 You cannot connect to the Built-in USB Cable. Index Touch [Copy.] on the camcorder screen. DCR-SX65/SX85: Movies and photos in the internal recording media of the camcorder that have... to external media can be saved. Tips You can also import images recorded on external media using the supplied software "PMB".  US
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 59

    ... MENU appears just like the pop-up window that appears when you right-click is displayed at ...-right of the screen, you can use the mouse on a computer. When , and the menu items you can change ...(OPTION).  Touch the desired tab  the item to change the setting. .  After completing the... Notes Grayed out menu items or settings are not available.  When the item you ...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 62

    MANUAL SETTINGS (Items to adjust for scene condition) See "Using menus" (p. 57) on the operation. The default...such as sunsets or sunrises. )   Notes If you set [SCENE SELECTION], [WHITE BAL.] setting is...Shoots distant subjects clearly. This setting also prevents your camcorder from focusing on glass or metal mesh in windows between the camcorder and the subject. WHITE FADER Fades...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 79

    ... connected properly. Make sure to connect the cable to the input jack of another device (p. 54). Connecting to a Computer "PMB" cannot be installed.  A movie cannot be divided.  ... is too short cannot be divided. A protected movie cannot be divided.  Check the computer environment or installation procedure required to install "PMB." A ...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 81

    ... (p. 71). (Warning indicator pertaining to incompatible memory card)  An error occurred during ...not work, copy the image using the supplied software. Useful recording techniques There is no ...can record photos on a memory card. Index The internal recording media of the camcorder is set differently... the memory card on your camcorder after backing up the data to the hard disk of a computer...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 91

    ... may not delete data from the memory card completely. When you give the memory card to somebody, it is recommended that you delete date completely using data deletion software on a computer. Also, when you dispose of the memory card, it is recommended that you destroy the actual body of the memory card. Index 1 US
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 92

    ... Read "license2.pdf " in the "License" folder on the CD-ROM. You will find licenses (in English) of "GPL," and "LGPL" software. To view the PDF, Adobe Reader is needed. If it is not installed on your computer, you can download it from the Adobe Systems web page: Index  US
  • Operating Guide - Page 33

    ... websites To save movies and photos using a computer, install "PMB" from the supplied CD-ROM beforehand.  Notes Do not...1,024 dots × 768 dots Step 2 Installing the supplied software "PMB" Install "PMB" before connecting your camcorder to a computer.   Notes...Also, "PMB Launcher" is installed from the supplied CD-ROM and you can start "PMB" or other software by using the ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 34

    ... installation. Close all applications running on the computer before installing the software.  Place the supplied CD-ROM in the disc drive of your computer. The installation screen ...types displayed on the screen to make the computer recognize your camcorder. [ USB CONNECT]: Internal memory (DCR-SX65/SX85) [ USB CONNECT]: Memory card   ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 35

    ... depending on the installation procedure.   Notes To create discs or use other functions on Windows XP, Image Mastering API v2.0 for Windows XP should be installed. If Image Mastering API v2.0 for Windows XP has not been installed yet, select it from required programs ...the installation.) You may install Image Mastering API v2.0 for Windows XP in response to the message displayed ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 51

    ...-cut icon on the computer screen. 1 2 To install the "Handycam" Handbook on a Windows computer, place the supplied CD-ROM in the disc drive of your computer. On the installation screen displayed, click [... Reader to read "Handycam" Handbook. If it is not installed on your computer, you can download it from the Adobe Systems web page: Refer to "...
  • Operating Guide - Page 58

    ...the memory card to somebody, it is recommended that you delete data completely using data deletion software on a computer. Also, when you dispose of the memory card, it is recommended that you destroy the actual body of the memory card. On charging the pre-installed rechargeable battery Your camcorder has a pre-installed rechargeable battery to ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 64

    ..." Handbook...51 S Saving images in external media ...38 Screen indicators ...61 Self-diagnosis display ...53 Setting the date and time ...17 Software ...33 Specifications ...59 Supplied items ...8 I Install...33 Internal memory...19 You will find the menu lists on pages 48 to 50. L LANGUAGE SET ...18  US
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