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  • Operating Instructions - Page 3

    ... protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful..., MATCH WIDE BLADE OF PLUG TO WIDE SLOT, FULLY INSERT. "Memory Stick" This Class...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 4

    ... Getting started Using this manual ...8 Step 1 Preparing the power supply ...10 Installing the battery pack ...10... Your Camcorder Changing the menu settings ...84 Resetting the date and time ...92 "Memory Stick......49 Quickly locating a scene using the zero set memory function ...50 Searching the boundaries of... Self-diagnosis display ...148 Warning indicators and messages ...149 Using your camcorder ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 5

    ...4 NP-FM50 battery pack (1) (p. 10, 11) 5 A/V connecting cable (1) (p. 27, 56) 6 Lens cap (1) (p. 15) 7 USB cable (1) (p. 126) 8 "Memory Stick" (1) (p. 93) 9 CD-ROM (SPVD-002 USB Driver) (1) (p. 126) q; Lens hood (1) (p. 18) qa Battery terminal cover (1) (p. 10) Contents of the recording cannot be compensated if recording...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 6

    ... introduces you to the basic features of your camcorder. See the page in parentheses "( )" for more information.... down the Holding Grip to hold your camcorder as illustrated. Holding Grip Connecting the power ...13) Use the battery pack when using your camcorder outdoors (p. 10). AC power adaptor... line deeply into the cassette compartment with the window facing out. 3 Close the cassette compartment...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 10

    Step 1 Preparing the power supply Installing the battery pack Install the battery pack to use your camcorder outdoors. (1) While sliding BATTERY RELEASE in the direction of the arrow 1, slide the ...terminal cover. Note on the battery terminal cover To protect the battery terminals, install the battery terminal cover after the battery pack is removed. 10
  • Operating Instructions - Page 14

    Step 2 Inserting a cassette (1) Install the power source. (2) Slide OPEN/ZEJECT in the direction of the arrow and open the ... cassette in a straight line deeply into the cassette compartment with the window facing out. mark on the cassette (4) Close the cassette compartment ... lid other than the mark. When you use mini DV cassette with cassette memory Read the instruction about cassette memory to use ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 15

    - Recording - Basics - Recording a picture Your camcorder automatically focuses for you. (1) Remove the lens ...and pull the lens cap string to fix it. (2) Install the power source and insert a cassette....down the Holding Grip. Hold your camcorder firmly as illustrated. (4) Set the POWER switch to CAMERA while pressing the small green button. Your camcorder is set to the standby mode. (5) Press OPEN ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 24 can monitor the playback picture in the viewfinder. You can control playback using the Remote Commander supplied with your camcorder. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Install the power source and insert the recorded tape. Set the POWER switch to VCR while pressing the small green button. Open the LCD panel while pressing ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 30

    ... Recording images with the flash The flash pops up automatically. The default setting is auto (no indicator). To change the flash mode, press the (flash) ... does not fire. The flash is adjusted to the appropriate brightness through the photocell window for the flash. You can also change FLASH LVL to the desired brightness in the menu settings (p. 84). Try recording various images to find the most ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 42

    ... allows you to maintain atmosphere when you are recording sunsets, general night views, fireworks displays and neon signs. Landscape mode This mode is for when you are recording distant subjects such as mountains and prevents your camcorder from focusing on glass or metal mesh in windows when you are recording a subject behind glass or a screen. Low lux mode This mode makes subjects ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 68

    ... jack to your camcorder. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Set the POWER switch to VCR. to LCD in the menu settings. Set DISPLAY in... operation procedures depend on your personal computer and the software which you use. For details on...capture images, refer to the instruction manual of personal computer and software. AUDIO/VIDEO OUT unit. Notes • You need to install software which can exchange video ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 92

    ... in Japan, and New York time for other models. If you do not use your camcorder for about 3 months, the date and time settings may be released (bars may appear) because the manganese-lithium battery installed in your camcorder will have been discharged (p. 153). First, set the year, then the month, the day, the hour and then the minute...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 94

    Using a "Memory Stick" - introduction "Memory Stick"s formatted by a computer "Memory Stick"s formatted by Windows OS or Macintosh computers do not have a guaranteed compatibility with this camcorder. Notes on image data compatibility ...United States and/or other countries. • Macintosh and Mac OS, QuickTime are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. • All other product names ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 105 When shooting with the self-timer function or the Remote Commander The camcorder automatically records up to the maximum recordable number of ...flash The flash automatically pops up to strobe. The default setting is auto (no indicator). To change the flash mode, press.... The flash is adjusted to the appropriate brightness through the photocell window for the flash. You can also change FLASH LVL ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 125

    ... Professional standard installation is required. Operation is not assured in an environment upgraded from: Windows 3.1, Windows 95 ... Macintosh computer with the Mac OS 8.5.1/8.6/9.0 standard installation However, note that the update to Mac OS ...; iMac with the Mac OS 8.6 standard installation and a slot loading type CD-ROM drive • iBook or G4 with the Mac OS 8.6 standard installation The USB ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 126

    ...personal computer, install the USB driver to the computer. The USB driver is contained together with application software appears on your desktop. Set the cursor on "USB Driver Installation for Windows ® 98/...You cannot install the USB driver if a "Memory Stick" is not in your camcorder. Be sure to insert a "Memory Stick" into your camcorder before installing the USB driver. For Macintosh ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 127

    ... Turn on the power of your personal computer and allow Windows 98 to load. (2) Connect one end of the USB cable to the USB jack on the camcorder and the other end to the USB ...wall outlet. (4) Set the POWER switch to MEMORY. PC MODE appears on the LCD screen of the camcorder. (5) Open "My Computer" on Windows 98 and double click the newly recognized drive. (...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 128

    Viewing images using a personal computer Unplug the USB cable/Eject the "Memory Stick" To unplug the USB cable or eject the "Memory Stick", follow the procedure below. For Windows 2000 users (1) Move the cursor to the "Unplug or Eject Hardware" icon on the Task Tray and click to cancel the applicable drive. (2) A...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 129

    ...on using your personal computer "Memory Stick" •"Memory Stick" operations on your camcorder cannot be assured ...Do not compress the data on the "Memory Stick." Compressed files cannot be played back on your camcorder. Software •Depending...file. •When you load an image modified using a retouch software from your personal computer to the camcorder or when you directly modify the image...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 141

    ... series personal computer) other than video equipment. Before connecting this unit to a personal computer, make sure that application software supported by this unit is already installed on the personal computer. For details on precautions when connecting this unit, also refer to the instruction manuals for the equipment to be connected. Required ...
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