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  • Operating Instructions - Page 3

    ...reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can ... frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may ... guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful... ion batteries to your nearest Sony Service Center. "Memory Stick" N50 Note...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 4

    ...Do not shake or strike the camera In addition to malfunctions and inability to record images, this may render the "Memory Stick" ... in any way. • Be careful when placing the camera near a window or outdoors. Exposing the LCD screen, the finder or the lens to direct sunlight for long periods may ... on your camera still images recorded on other equipment (DCR-TRV890E/TRV900/ TRV900E, DSC-D700, DSC...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 6

    ... computer You can copy images onto your computer and view and modify images or attach images to e-mail on your computer using the supplied USB cable and application software. Viewing images using a personal computer: page 30 Recording still images for e-mail (E-MAIL): page 48 Records a moving picture (MPEG ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 8

    ... Press and hold down this button for approximately one second to turn on the camera. B Mode dial (18) (39) Be sure to remove the lens cap before recording. H Finder window I Beep/shutter sound holes J Lens K Jack cover L USB jack (32) (34) M VIDEO OUT jack (61) N... items C Shutter button (19) (27) D Flash (24) E Photocell window for flash : Do not block while recording with the flash...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 10

    Preparing the power supply Installing the supplied batteries or an optional battery pack Your camera operates only with the following batteries. • Two size AA alkaline batteries (supplied) • "InfoLITHIUM" (S series) battery pack (NP-FS11) (not supplied) • Two size AA nickel metal hydride batteries (not supplied) • Two size ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 11

    ... Install the batteries. Insert the two size AA batteries with the 3 and # ends facing as illustrated.... to prevent wearing down the battery. To use the camera again, press the POWER button to turn power-off function only operates when the camera is operating using a battery pack. The auto ..., the operating time becomes short. When using the camera in an extremely cold location, place the battery...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 30

    ... recorded in a "Memory Stick" from the personal computer. In order to use the USB cable, a USB driver must be installed in the personal computer beforehand. Be sure to also refer to the operation manuals for your personal computer and ...with your computer (for Windows only) Communications between your camera and your computer may not recover after recovering from Suspend or...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 31

    ... Millennium Edition The above OS is required to be installed at the factory. Operation is not assured in an environment upgraded to the operating systems described above. CPU: ... B Playback Recommended Macintosh environment Macintosh computer with the Mac OS 8.5.1/8.6/9.0/9.1 standard installation However, note that the update to Mac OS 9.0/9.1 should be used for the following models. •iMac ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 32

    ... with the application software in the CDROM which is supplied with your camera. Be sure to complete installation of the USB driver before connecting the... installing the driver and the driver software could not be installed correctly. For Windows 98/98SE/Me and Windows of your personal computer. The application software screen appears. Click "USB Driver Installation for Windows 98/98SE/Me and ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 33

    ... 7, make sure that a "Memory Stick" is inserted into your camera before installing the USB driver. Otherwise, you will be unable to install... When using MacOS9.1 It is not necessary to install the USB driver. The Macintosh recognizes the camera as a drive simply by connecting... the procedures below to install the driver. 1 2 3 4 5 Turn on your personal computer and allow the Mac OS to ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 34

    ... must be installed. When viewing moving images on a Macintosh system, QuickTime3.0 or later must be installed. 1 2 Turn on the power of your personal computer and allow Windows or Mac OS to load. Connect the USB jack (mini-B) on the camera with the USB connector on your personal computer using the supplied USB cable. to ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 35

    ... and double-click the desired image file from the folder. Notes on using your personal computer "Memory Stick" • Operation is not guaranteed if you are using a "... with a personal computer, or if you used a personal computer to format the "Memory Stick" in your camera through a USB connection. • Do not optimize the "Memory Stick" on a Windows machine. This will shorten the "Memory Stick...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 36

    ... confirming the safe removal of the hardware, disconnect the USB cable or eject the "Memory Stick". Software • Depending on your ...; When you load an image modified using the supplied retouch software from your personal computer to the camera or when you directly modify the image on...for Windows only) Communications between your camera and your personal computer may not recover after recovering ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 37

    Image file storage destinations and image files Image files recorded with your camera are grouped in folders by recording mode. The meanings of the file names are as follows. ssss stands for any number within the range from 0001 to 9999. For Windows Me users (The drive recognizing the camera is "E.") B Playback Folder containing still image, TEXT mode image and Clip Motion image data Folder...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 38

    ... the file format. The formats that can be used with this camera are as follows: JPEG format Most digital still cameras, operating systems of computers, and browser software adopt this format. This format is able to compress files without appreciable deterioration. However, if the image is compressed and saved on repeated ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 61

    ... TV screen Mode dial: Before connecting your camera, be sure to turn off the TV. Set the TV... image recorded in portrait orientation and display it in landscape orientation. 1 2 3,4 VIDEO connecting cable (supplied) 1 2 3 4 Set the mode... when viewing images on a computer, the image rotation information may not be reflected depending on the application software. Notes • You cannot use a TV...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 72

    ... nor modify the battery pack. • Install the battery pack to the camera securely. • Charging while ...that exceeds a floppy disk. "Memory Stick" is specially designed for exchanging and sharing digital data among ... method Connect the camera to a wall outlet (mains) with the AC power adaptor (not supplied), or install a charged battery pack or new alkaline batteries, and leave the camera for...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 77 10). • The battery pack is discharged. t Install a charged battery pack (pages 10,...turned on. t Turn the camera off (page 12). • The battery pack is not installed correctly....back the file directly from the "Memory Stick." t Copy the file to the hard disk of the personal computer and ... the file from the hard disk (page 35). t Consult the personal computer or software manufacturer. 77...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 79

    ..., the mouse, and your camera. • The USB driver is not installed. t Install the USB driver (page 32). • ...(page 70). • Since the camera is connected to a computer with the USB cable before installing the USB driver, the drive is not recognized by the computer. t Delete the drive which is not recognized, then install the USB driver. For details, see the procedure on page 80. t Remove...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 80

    ... click [Delete (E)]. 6 7 8 After the message appears to verify that you delete the device manager, click "OK." Turn off the camera, disconnect the USB cable, and restart the computer. Install the USB driver in the supplied CD-ROM to the computer following the procedure on page 32. 80
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