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  • Operating Instructions - Page 3

    ...time without notice. The software described herein may also be governed by the terms of a separate user license agreement.  This software is for Windows and cannot be used for Macintosh.  The supplied connecting cable is for the IC recorder ICD-SX57/SX67/SX77. You cannot connect other IC recorders. Disposal of ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 5

    ...46 Adding Priority Mark(s) - the Priority Mark Function ...46 System Requirements...59 Installing the Software ...60 Connecting the IC Recorder to your Computer...63 Referring to the Help Files...64 Playing Back MP3 Files Using the IC Recorder ...64 Using the Digital Voice Editor Software ...65 Using Windows Explorer ...65 Construction of folders and ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 13

    Getting Started 3 Charge the batteries by connecting the USB connector of the IC recorder to your computer. Getting Started Step 1: Preparing a Power Source Charging the batteries To use the supplied Digital Voice Editor software, it is recommended that you install the software before step 3. 1 Slide and lift the battery compartment lid. USB connecting cable (supplied) 2 Insert two ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 16

    ... the "UPDATING DATABASE..." message The IC recorder is accessing data while "UPDATING DATABASE..." appears in the display window or the operation indicator flashes in orange. While accessing...process excessive amount of data, "UPDATING DATABASE..." may be displayed for an extended period of time. This is not a malfunction of the IC recorder. Wait until the message...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 17

    ... Press and hold /MENU. The menu mode will be displayed in the display window. Getting Started /MENU  Press ...the clock to use the alarm function or record the date and time. Clock setting display appears when you insert batteries for... using the clock in the computer connected to the IC recorder and on which the supplied Digital Voice Editor software is started. When you ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 22

    ... (page 58). To pause recording* Do this Press  (record). During recording pause, the operation indicator flashes in red and flashes in the display window. Press  (record). Recording resumes from that point. (To stop recording after pausing recording, press  (stop.)) Press . Recording ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 58

    Using the IC Recorder with Your Computer  Using the Supplied Digital Voice Editor Software What You ...® speech-recognition software (Only when Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 5.0 (or higher) Preferred or Professional Edition is installed on your computer). Using the CD Recording Tool for ... using the Digital Voice Editor. You can make an audio CD, or data CD using the CD Burning Tool ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 59

    ...or higher/Windows® 2000 Professional Service Pack 4 or higher installation (You cannot use this software with Windows® 95/ Windows® 98/Windows® 98 Second Edition/ Windows®... Windows® NT.) You cannot use the software with a Macintosh machine. A handmade computer, a computer whose operating system is installed or upgraded by the user, or a...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 60

    ... handle all the compatible file formats. Do not connect the IC recorder to the computer before installing the Software. Or do not remove or ... the user name being displayed.) When the "Memory Stick Voice Editor 1.0/1.1/1.2/2.0" software has already been installed, installing ...After installing the Digital Voice Editor software, do not install the "Memory Stick Voice Editor 1.0/1.1/1.2/2.0" ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 61

    ... and then turn on your computer and start up Windows. the CD-ROM drive. 3 Follow the displayed instructions. When the [...2 Insert the supplied CD-ROM into The installer starts up automatically and the welcome window appears. If the ... not removed.) Follow the instructions on the screen to uninstall the software and then the installation of the current version starts. Using the IC Recorder with Your ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 62

    ... the file may become unplayable or the Digital Voice Editor may become inoperable. Uninstalling the software When you wish to uninstall the software, follow the ...], The uninstaller starts up. 2 Follow the displayed instructions.  Note If you wish to move the software to another drive or directory after it is installed, you need to uninstall the software and then reinstall it. The software ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 63

    ... Computer You can transfer the IC recorder data onto your computer by connecting the IC recorder to the computer. Use the USB connecting cable supplied with the IC recorder to connect the...58320;    Be sure to install the Digital Voice Editor software before connecting the IC recorder to your computer. Otherwise, a message like [Found ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 64

      When you connect the IC recorder to the computer, make sure that the IC recorder is in the stop mode. It is ... two ways to copy the MP3 files to the IC recorder: using the Digital Voice Editor software, and dragging and dropping the file using Windows Explorer. The maximum ... playing MP3 files using the IC recorder, is as follows. ICD-SX57 ICD-SX67 ICD-SX77 48 kbps 11 hr. 20 min. (...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 65

    Using the Digital Voice Editor Software Using Windows Explorer  Note When you copy MP3 files using Windows Explorer rather than the Digital Voice Editor software, you can play back the ...your 2 Start the Digital Voice Editor computer using the supplied USB cable (page 63). software and copy MP3 files from your computer to the IC recorder. The IC recorder can recognize up ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 66 play, and then press . computer, and then press /MENU to select the ...and files are displayed on the computer screen as shown on the right. The folder indicators in the display window of the IC recorder are as follows: : Folders copied using the Digital Voice Editor software : ... without using the Digital Voice Editor software Using Windows Explorer Folder 1 *1 Folder 2 Folder 3 ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 71

    Symptom The remaining time displayed in the display window is shorter than that displayed in the supplied Digital Voice Editor software. The battery life is short. Remedy  The IC recorder requires a certain amount of memory for system operation. That amount is subtracted from the remaining time, which is the reason for the difference.  The battery life...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 72

    ...the menu setting is changed using "IC Recorder Setting" of the Digital Voice Editor software with the exhausted batteries inserted, the...function. If the IC recorder is required to process excessive amount of data, "UPDATING DATABASE" may be displayed for an...;  The changed menu setting does not function.  The "UPDATING DATABASE" display does not disappear. The IC recorder does not ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 73

    ... the Digital Voice Editor3 software. You may have formatted the memory of the IC recorder using the computer. Use the ... Editor software, too. Symptom The Digital Voice Editor software cannot be installed. Remedy     The free disk or memory space on ... small. Check the hard disk and memory space. You are trying to install the software into the operating system that ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 74

    Symptom The IC recorder or "Memory Stick" cannot be properly connected. Remedy  Check that the installation of the software has been successful. ... system standby/hibernate mode. Do not let your computer enter into the system standby/ hibernate mode while ... IC recorder. Use the IC recorder formatting function to format the memory. No sound board is installed. No speaker is ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 75

    ... computer operations become unstable or the data inside the IC recorder may be damaged. There may be conflict between the software and other driver or application. Do not install the "Memory Stick Voice Editor" software and the Digital Voice Editor Ver. 2x software after you installed the Digital Voice Editor software. The ...
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