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  • Operating Instructions - Page 37

    ... modem and splitter Necessary cables LAN cable LAN cable For connection example, see pages 38 and 39 pages 38 and 39 * To access the Internet, you ...if your ISP • prevents devices other than computers from connecting to the Internet. • requires you to install special software on devices connecting to the Internet. • requires you to configure settings that are not available on the ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 49

    ... provider. Setup and Connections 2 Select [Wireless] under [On the go]. 1 Open the [Settings] window ... select [Monitor]. The [Monitor] window appears. 2 Select [Settings] to the right of [Wireless] under [On the go... mode is changed. Note For more on setting the IP address in [Wireless] under [On the go], refer ... Access]. z Tip You can also update the wireless network list by selecting [Search...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 74

    ...explains how to display the Web window and open web pages. As an example, let us try accessing the Sony web site (http://, then select [Close]. The keyboard disappears and the unit starts downloading the Sony web site. While downloading, the Internet icon at the top left of the screen moves. When downloading is finished, the Sony web site opens and the Internet icon stops moving....
  • Operating Instructions - Page 75

    ... Window Using the Web Window Web Parts and controls on the Web window A Web icon Moves when a web page is being downloaded. B Web indicator C Address field "Viewing Web Pages: Basics" (1 page 74) Displays 76) Displays the [Page List: Fav.] window, where you can save and access your favorite web page addresses. F History Displays a list of the ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 77

    ... web page begins downloading. 2 Select [Add]. With the unit selected, appears. With a "Memory Stick" selected for the LF-X1, appears. With... 1 [Add] This button appears only when a "Memory Stick" (LF-X1) or a CompactFlash card (LFX5) is inserted. In the ... [Edit Fav.] window appears. 2 z Tip To add a favorite web page to a "Memory Stick" (LF-X1) or a CompactFlash card (LF-X5), select [Switch] to...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 79

    ... an external memory card In the [Save] window, select [Edit]. The [Edit Save] window appears. You can save web page addresses to a "Memory Stick" (for the LF-X1) or a CompactFlash card (for the LF-X5). In the [Edit Save] window, select the check box beside the web page you want to copy, then select [Copy]. To copy ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 82

    ...PDF link in the Web page. PDF file is shown after the file is downloaded. Configuring Other Settings Proxy settings and other web browsing settings can be configured as ... This sets the homepage that appears when you select the [Home] button in the Web window. The default setting for the homepage is the LocationFreeTV web page. Enter the address of the web page you want to set as your homepage. 82
  • Operating Instructions - Page 144

    ...Causes and remedies • After verifying whether [Cable] is set to [On], run automatic channel preset again... page 14). • After verifying whether [Cable] is set to [On], run automatic channel preset again...-screen remote. With the LF-X1, You can also change the channel using a Sony brand TV...[Video 1] and [Video 2] are configured correctly in the [Remote Settings] window. Make sure you have not...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 147

    ... select an appropriate folder. • The LocationFreeTV may fail to display images from a "Memory Stick" (LF-X1) or a CompactFlash card (LF-X5)" initialized using a computer. Initialize the "Memory Stick" (LF-X1) or CompactFlash card (LF-X5) using the unit. The character encoding methods supported by the LocationFreeTV are...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 148

    ...has been corrupted. • Make sure you have selected the correct location where the image is saved. Try switching tabs. • For images copied from a computer to a "Memory Stick" (LF-X1) or a CompactFlash card (LF-X5) check if you have saved them in the appropriate folder (1 page 112). Check the date and time...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 159

    ... of ACCESS Co., Ltd. in Japan and other countries. A portion of the software for this device includes modules developed by the Independent JPEG Group. LocationFree is a trademark of Sony Corporation. "Memory Stick", "... of the GPL apply INSTEAD OF those given above. DISCLAIMER This software is provided 'as is' with no explicit or implied warranties in respect of its ...
  • LFAPC1 Software Instructions - Page 2

    ... Player...4 What is the NetAV Function? ...4 System Requirements ...5 Configuring LocationFree Player ...7 Installation Step 1 Installing the LocationFree Player Software ...9 Preparations Prior to Access from a Remote Location Step 2 Setting Up Your Computer ...10 Step 3 Setting Up the NetAV Function ...10 ...
  • LFAPC1 Software Instructions - Page 5

    ...kbps (both uploading and downloading). • A static global IP address or dynamic DNS ... be assigned to the home network where the base station is installed. * A global IP address is also known... via proxy server. Computer requirements (where LocationFree Player is installed) Sony recommended •....11a, b or g compatible wireless LAN device to connect to the Internet • A LAN cable for wired...
  • LFAPC1 Software Instructions - Page 7

    ... Internet connection setup, and other information can be found in the LF-X1/LF-X5 operating instructions. For details on setting up NetAV, refer to the NetAV Quick... Start menu, selecting [All programs] ([Programs] in Windows 2000), and then selecting [Sony LocationFree Player]. Step 1 Installing the LocationFree Player software (1 page 9) m Steps required before access remotely (one-time setup) ...
  • LFAPC1 Software Instructions - Page 9

    Pre-release version Installation Step 1 Installing the LocationFree Player Software Installation Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the software. For more details, refer to the "Software Installation Guide". z Tips • LocationFree Player is compatible only with Windows XP and Windows 2000. It ...
  • LFAPC1 Software Instructions - Page 13

    .... If this happens, uninstall LocationFree Player and then reinstall it. 1 2 Connect your computer to your network through a wireless or wired LAN connection. Double-click (LocationFree Player) on your desktop. You can also point to [All programs] ([Programs] in Windows 2000), [Sony LocationFree Player], and then click [LocationFree Player] on the ...
  • LFAPC1 Software Instructions - Page 36

    ... not using a single serial key on multiple computers. If the LocationFree Player is installed on multiple computers with the same serial key, those computers cannot be registered to the same base ... details, refer to the LF-X1/LF-X5 operating instructions. • Verify that the updating dynamic DNS ... anti-virus or anti-spam software been installed? If so, the software's firewall function may...
  • LFAPC1 Software Instructions - Page 37

    ... Blaster is correctly installed and that the on-screen remote control is correctly configured. For details, refer to the LF-X1/LF-X5 operating... • Try changing the CABLE ON/OFF setting. The picture is distorted. • Update to the newest display driver provided by the maker of your monitor... screen (1 page 20). The Settings button or Vol button does not • If the window size is too small...
  • Notice of changes due to version upgrade - Page 1

    LF-X1/LF-X5 English Notice of changes due to version upgrade In order to provide our ...a provisional version upgrade to the LocationFree TV software. Due to this upgrade, some sections of the Operating Instructions have changed. The specific changes...the base station and monitor are connected in Home-Wireless mode. The [NetAV Settings] window reappears. © 2004 Sony Corporation Printed in Japan ...
  • Troubleshooting Guide v1.3 - Page 3

    ... While SONY cannot guarantee to support every AV player in the market. From time to time Sony may provide links to download available software updates for your particular AV player. Q: I don't seem to be able to control the external TV tuner that I'm connected to with the On-screen Remote ...
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