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  • Operating Instructions - Page 2

    ... rain or moisture. Declaration of Conformity Trade Name: SONY Model No.: MVC-CD200 Responsible Party:Sony Electronics Inc. Address: 680 Kinderkamack Road, Oradell, NJ 07649... Name: SONY Model No.: MVC-CD300 Responsible Party:Sony Electronics Inc. Address: 680 Kinderkamack Road,...servicing to qualified personnel only. If you have any questions about this product, you may call: Sony Customer...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 3

    no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful .... The supplied interface cable must be used with the equipment in order to comply with the limits for a digital device... lithium ion batteries to your nearest Sony Service Center or Factory Service Center... may influence the picture and sound of this camera. This product has been tested and...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 4

    ... thoroughly, and retain it for future reference. The instructions in this manual are for the two models: MVC-CD200, MVC-CD300. The MVC-... buttons and settings on the camera are shown in capital letters. e.g. Press DISPLAY/LCD BACK LIGHT ON/OFF. This digital still camera uses 8 cm ...recording in any way. • Be careful when placing the camera near a window or outdoors. Exposing the LCD screen, the ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 6

    ... can easily copy images onto your computer through a CD-ROM drive, CD-R drive, CD-RW drive, or the USB cable and view and modify images on your computer using application software. When using a CD-ROM drive to view images on your computer, the 18) Recording is complete View on the camera (page 28) View on a computer (page 35) View through the USB cable (page 38) : CD-R ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 7

    ... having longer screws, and may damage the camera. F Accessory shoe G Photocell window for flash Do not block while recording with the flash. H Flash ... (MONO) jack (76) Audio output is monaural. About the Carl Zeiss lens (MVCCD300 only) This camera is equipped with a ...uses the MTF* measurement system for cameras developed jointly by Carl Zeiss, in Germany, and Sony Corporation, and ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 8

    ... (14) C D (Exposure) button (67) /CHG (Charge) lamp (10, 25) E FOCUS button (66) F Photocell window for LCD screen The LCD screen becomes brighter when exposed to sunlight. G LCD screen H Disc window I DISPLAY/LCD BACK LIGHT ON/ OFF button (23) J ACCESS lamp (20) K Reset button (99) L DC IN cover/DC IN jack (10, 13) 8 ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 9

    Preparing the power supply Installing the battery pack Your camera operates only with the NP-FM50 (supplied) "InfoLITHIUM" battery pack* (M series). See page 91 for more ... 1 2 2 3 1 2 1 2 Open the battery cover. Slide the battery cover in the direction of the arrow. Install the battery pack. Insert the battery pack with the v mark facing toward the battery ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 11

    ...backlight, the operating time becomes short. When using the camera in an extremely cold location, place the battery ...warm, then insert the battery pack into the camera just before recording. When using a pocket ... up: • When the battery pack is not installed properly. Charging time Battery pack... ∗∗ Playing back single-displayed images continuously at about 7-second intervals Moving...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 16

    ...OPEN lever Lock tab 2 1 While sliding the lock tab to the left, slide down the disc cover OPEN lever. Open the disc cover by your hand after the cover is unlocked. Place a disc with the printed side up. Push down the center of the disc until it clicks. When installing, do not push with too much force and do not touch the pickup lens. 2 Pickup lens Push here Disc 3 Close the disc cover. 16
  • Operating Instructions - Page 35

    ... You can view data recorded with your camera on a computer. This section describes the general method for viewing images on a computer and installing the driver into a computer. Be ... using the [NORMAL] setting. You do not need to finalize the disc. You have to install the USB driver and the software, DirectCD included in the supplied CD-ROM. For details on DirectCD, refer to the software operating ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 36

    ...finalize the disc. You have to install the software, DirectCD included in the supplied CD-ROM. For details on Windows environment, refer to the software operating instructions of DirectCD. You cannot view images on a Macintosh computer by USB connection. Install the driver, Adaptec UDF Volume Access included in the supplied CD-ROM into your computer and finalize the...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 37

    ... of their respective companies. Furthermore, "™" and "®" are not mentioned in each case in this manual. Viewing images on a Windows computer When playing back moving images, Real Player or Windows Media Player must be installed into your computer. B Playback A Viewing images with a CD-ROM drive Finalize the disc ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 38

    ...You can exchange data between the camera and a computer using the supplied USB cable and CD-ROMs. Installing the USB driver Do not connect the camera to the computer yet. Before connecting your camera to your computer, install the USB driver to the computer. The USB driver is contained in the supplied CD-ROM (...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 39

    ... go 8 9 The computer automatically recognizes the camera. Open [ My Computer], the newly recognized drive (Example: (E:)) is added. Installing driver is complete. Insert the disc install DirectCD included in the supplied CD-ROM. For details on DirectCD, refer to the software operating instructions of DirectCD. E.g., for Windows Me users 1 2 Turn on your computer and allow Windows to load. ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 40

    ... [ My Computer] on Windows and double-click the newly recognized drive. (Example: [ CD Mavica (E:)]) The folders inside the disc are displayed, and the disc cover of the camera will be locked. To remove the disc, carry out the operation for removing the disc described on the software operating ... a disc Once you install DirectCD included in the supplied CD-ROM into your computer, you can ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 41

    ... Remove the disc. For details, refer to the software operating instructions of DirectCD. When using Windows Me,...You have to install DirectCD included in the supplied CD-ROM. For details on DirectCD, refer to the software of your computer. Double-click the CD-ROM drive icon to open the window. Double... the icon of the hard disk containing the OS to open the window. Move the driver, "Adaptec UDF...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 43

    Image file storage destinations and image file names Image files recorded with your camera are grouped in folders by recording mode. The meanings of the file names are as follows. ssss stands for any number within the range from 0001 to 9999. E.g., for Windows Me users (The drive recognizing the camera is "E.") Folder containing still image recorded in normal mode, TEXT mode image and ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 44 the file format. The formats that can be used with this camera are as follows: JPEG format Most digital still cameras, operating systems of computers, and browser software adopt this format. This format is able to compress files without appreciable deterioration. However, if the image is compressed and saved on repeated ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 97

    ..., the mouse, and your camera. • The USB driver is not installed. t Install the USB driver (page 38). • 86). • Since the camera is connected to a computer with the USB cable before installing the USB driver, the drive is not recognized by the computer.... computer and allow Windows to load. Connect the USB jack on the camera and the computer with the supplied USB cable. Insert a ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 98

    ...7 8 After the message appears to verify that you delete the device manager, click "OK." Turn off the camera, disconnect the USB cable, and restart the computer. Install the USB driver in the supplied CD-ROM to the computer following the procedure on page 38. Battery packs Symptom The battery pack cannot be charged....
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