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  • Authorizing the Network Player - Page 1

    Authorizing your NW-HD5 Network WalkmanPlayer Tracks managed by SonicStage® software (tracks recorded from your CDs, imported from your PC's hard drive, and/or tracks purchased and downloaded from the Internet1) can be transferred to your NW-HD5 Network Walkman player. By authorizing your device, you will be able to: Use your device as...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 2

    .... Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No. NW-HD5 Serial No. _____ Table of Contents Index WARNING To prevent fi...limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and,...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 5

    ...of Contents Table of Contents ...5 Notice for Users ...7 Precautions ...9 On safety ...9 On installation ...9 On heat build-up ...9 On the headphones ...9 On cleaning ...10 ... ...13 Checking the remaining power of the battery ...15 Installing SonicStage on Your Computer ...16 Preparing the required system ...16 Installing SonicStage ...17 Transferring Audio Data to the Player Importing Audio Data ...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 7

    ...result of defective manufacturing, SONY will replace it. However, SONY bears no other responsibility. • The software provided with this player cannot be used with equipment other than changed without notice. • Operation of this player with software other than that provided is not covered by the warranty. • The ability to display the languages on your SonicStage will depend on ...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 8

    .... The Gracenote logo and logotype, and the "Powered by Gracenote" logo are trademarks of Gracenote. Thank you for purchasing this Sony product. The Network Walkman is pre-installed with sample audio data so that you can try it out right away. The pre-installed sample audio data is for the purpose of trial ...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 11

    ...Checking the Supplied Accessories • Headphones (1) • Carrying case (1) • CD-ROM (1)* (SonicStage software, PDF of Operating Instructions) • Quick Start Guide (1) * Do not play this CD-ROM on an audio CD player. (The rechargeable battery has been installed in the player beforehand). Index • Dedicated USB cable (1) Getting Started • ...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 16

    ... by WDM) (CD-R/RW drive is necessary for CD writing.) • Sound BoardUSB port Factory installed: Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005/ Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004/ Windows XP...: for Web registration, EMD services and CDDB • Windows Media Player (version 7.0 or higher) installed for playing WMA files Continued  Getting Started ...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 17

    ...including any virus-check software. • Make sure to use the supplied CD-ROM for installing SonicStage. - If OpenMG Jukebox or SonicStage has been installed, the existing software will be overwritten by the new version with the new functions. - If... or MD Simple Burner has been installed, the existing software will co-exist with SonicStage. - You will still be able to use audio data registered...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 18

    ...may cause the software installation to fail. • You are not logged on as an "Administrator" (when using Windows of your computer. The setup program starts up automatically and the installation window appears.... SonicStage software. If no window appears, proceed to step . "Install SonicStage"... to restart your computer only after the installation is completed. If any trouble occurs ...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 19

    ...or import tracks from other sources such as the Internet and your computer's hard disk (MP3 files). Refer to SonicStage Help for...starts up. If you use the earlier version of SonicStage, the "SonicStage file conversion tool"** window appears when you start up SonicStage for the first time after installing it. Follow the instructions in the window. * ** "Programs" in the case of Windows Millennium ...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 54

    ...; English Français Deutsch Italiano Español 2) Other Functions 2) 2) Initialize System 3) Factory Settings Initialise HDD Update Firmware 1) G-Sensor is the function that senses the direction of the player. 2) These languages are not displayed depending on the country where you use the player. 3) You ...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 64

    ...; Click "Start"- "Control Panel."* * "Settings" - "Control Panel" in the case of Windows 2000 Professional/... Installed Programs" list, and then click "Change and Remove."* Follow the displayed.... The uninstallation is completed when the computer has restarted. * "Change/Remove" in the case of Windows 2000 Professional... Millennium Edition/Windows 98 Second Edition Note When you install SonicStage Ver...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 68

    Connection with the computer/SonicStage Symptom The SonicStage software cannot be installed. Case and/or corrective action  An operating system not compatible with the software is used ( page 16).  All Windows applications are not closed. ... has been changed by start up. updating Windows OS, etc. Consult your nearest Sony dealer. Continued ...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 69

    ... file for the player has not been installed. Reinstall the SonicStage software for the player using the supplied CD-ROM ( page 17) to install the driver together.  The installation of the SonicStage software had been failed. Disconnect the player and your computer, and then reinstall the software again using ...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 70

    ... count may not be transferred due to restrictions set by copyright holders. For details on the settings of each audio file, contact the distributor.  The installation of the SonicStage software had been failed. Disconnect the player and your computer, and then reinstall the software again using the supplied CD-ROM ...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 71

    ... Audio data is  If a track is deleted from the player using the transferred back to SonicStage software installed on a computer your computer and other than the one used for transfer ...Device/Media." is properly. Quit the SonicStage software and verify displayed on the the connection of the USB cable. Restart the computer screen when SonicStage software. the ...
  • Operating Instructions (English) - Page 76

    ... LOW BATTERY and try to upload it firmware. again. You are charging the player  Charge in an ambient CHARGE in .... You have tried to update CONNECT AC  Connect the AC power POWER ADAPTER the firmware without using adaptor to the player the AC power adaptor. (... data base being updated. You are transferring the HARD DISK  Operate in an ambient audio data to the player in ...
  • Quick Start Guide - Page 1

    ... on the player Portable Hard Disk Audio Player Network Walkman NW-HD5/NW-HD5H You can carry a number of music tracks with you ... as they may cause the software installation to fail. • You are not logged on as an "Administrator" (when using Windows 2000/Windows XP).... you will use SonicStage software. If no windows appear, proceed to step . Click "Install SonicStage," and ...
  • Quick Start Guide - Page 2

    ...of the item (artist, album, etc.) you selected. If the transfer is not completed properly Disconnect the player from a computer, and then install SonicStage software again using the supplied CD-ROM. As the existing audio will not be erased, it will be transferred to the reinstalled SonicStage. Notes •...
  • Marketing Specifications - Page 2

    NW-HD5 Network Walkman™ Digital Music Player features s specifications Backlit Color:...Supplied Accessories: SonicStage® Software Headphones (MDR-E931LP) Carrying Pouch USB Cable AC Power ... Drive Digital Music Player In addition to audio that can be transfered to the NW-HD5, it is also possible to ... just getting into digital music and downloading, Sony's ATRAC® format provides higher...
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