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  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 2 When you register your device, Toshiba will send you periodic updates, announcements, and special offers applicable to your product. If you do not register ... under the Standard Limited Warranty. Take a few minutes to read through the Userʼs Manual. It will guide you through the setup and features. If you need more information on ...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 3

    ... Features Front View Back View Canvio Personal Cloud To Set Up the Canvio Personal Cloud ® To Install the Canvio Personal Cloud Software Software Features Canvio Home Music, Video, Photo, ... Files System Backup Settings Canvio Personal Cloud Updates and Versions Advanced Operations Remote Access Features Mobile Device Access Service and Support Contact ...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 7

    ... and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference ...this product. Use of any other cable types, not approved by Toshiba, will be the responsibility of the user and may ...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 8

    ..., PBB, and PBDE. Copyright Statement This manual is copyrighted by Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. with ... the copyright laws, this manual cannot be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Toshiba. No patent liability is assumed, however, with ...and TotalMedia are trademarks or registered trademarks of ArcSoft, Inc. Windows, Windows Vista, Internet Explorer, and Xbox ...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 11

    ...package contains Canvio Personal Cloud device AC adapter Ethernet cable Installation software CD Quick Start Guide Note The User Manual can also be found on ... You must use a PC equipped with: a. an optical or CD-Rom drive, or an internet connection to download the installation software from the Toshiba Service and Support web site at http://www.toshibastorage...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 12

    ...CD-Rom Drive, open an internet browser and go to Toshiba customer support center at 4. Download the installer application from this page. 5. Once it is downloaded, select Install software. 6. To confirm, click CONTINUE. 6. To view the userʼs manual or the End-User License Agreement, select...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 13

    ...® Personal Cloud 7. It will take several minutes to complete the installation. 8. After the installation is complete, click Next >. 9. When the installation is successful, a message will appear. 10. To exit the InstallShield Wizard and to continue, click Finish. Your PC... Personal Cloud on your network, then this step will happen automatically). Copyright © 2012 Toshiba 13
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 14

    ...3. To resolve the issue and proceed with configuring the device, click EXIT and follow the instructions on the window. Then, continue to setup the Canvio Personal Cloud. 1. In this window,... password, enter it again. 5. Click FINISH. This will complete the installation of the Canvio Personal Cloud Software. A demonstration video will automatically play to show the ...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 15

    Canvio® Personal Cloud Software Features Canvio® Home Once the installation has been ® completed, the Canvio Home icon will ...Home icon. 2. Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD at the login window. Canvio Home icon ® 3. To have the program remember ... application, you can click one of the following icons: ® ® Copyright © 2012 Toshiba 15
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 16

    ... Files To Upload Files 1. Click the UPLOAD icon. A window will appear with a list of file types, including ... types will be uploaded. ® 7. The Canvio Personal Cloud software will begin to search your PC for the file ...UPLOAD RESULT window will appear. 10. To exit, click OK. Note When you upload digital ...available on the MUSIC, VIDEOS, PHOTOS, AND FILES window. If you are uploading a large number ...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 18

    Canvio® Personal Cloud System Backup The Canvio Personal Cloud software includes a SystemSave™ feature that allows you to create a bootable rescue ... bootable rescue media prior to performing a system backup. The complete system backup can be used to restore Windows, programs, system settings, and files in case of a system malfunction or failure. ® To Create a Rescue Media 1. From ...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 19 is created, a RESCUE MEDIA CREATION REPORT window will appear. 7. To exit, click OK. Note, the following RESCUE MEDIA CREATION REPORT window will appear. 8. To resolve the issue and exit,...Select COMPLETE PC BACKUP. 3. Click CONTINUE. 4. A window will appear with PC BACKUP OPTIONS. a. To Create ...Click CONTINUE. e. Please wait while it prepares to backup. Copyright © 2012 Toshiba 19
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 20

    ... 6. To stop the backup, click Cancel on the Backup Progress window. 7. When the backup process is completed, a PC BACKUP REPORT will ... disk becomes full. ® ® ® Verify that the Mac is connected to the same local area (share) network (LAN) as the Canvio Personal Cloud, ... when the assigned storage space on the Canvio Personal Cloud becomes full. Copyright © 2012 Toshiba ® 20...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 21

    ... PC. 4. Double check that the system is plugged into the same network as the Canvio Personal Cloud to which the system was backed up... from the list. ® ® 7. Before the system image is downloaded to the PC, the program will check for the available space on the 8. After the available space has been verified, the download process will begin. The reinstalling may take up to ...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 26

    ... Cloud Updates and Versions To Check on Available Updates 1. Click the Canvio Home icon. 2. If a software update is available, the blue light next to UPDATES will flash. 3. To update the Canvio Personal Cloud software, click UPDATES. 4. You will be asked if you want to download and install the new updates. It may take a long time to complete the update depending on the speed...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 29

    Canvio® Personal Cloud Advanced The Advanced window allows the administrator to make changes to an admin password, upgrade the firmware, change certification, how to backup and restore ... and how to setup the hard disk drive. Admin Password Firmware Upgrade Certificate Advanced HDD Setup Configuration Backup/Restore Network The Network window allows the administrator to configure the Local...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 32

    ... on the back ® of the Canvio Personal Cloud. 2. To set up more than one printer, connect a USB hub to the device. Then, connect the ...;s operating system, instructions will vary. Please refer to the instructions that came with your model that will guide you exactly on how to install it. To Exit from Advanced Settings Click Logout to exit the Advanced window. 32 Copyright © 2012 Toshiba
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 34

    ...Once the Canvio Personal Cloud App is downloaded and installed according to the standard procedure for your on your portable media player (PMP) or your digital audio player (DAP). Note .... If you are viewing a file that is not download or streaming compatible with the device, a message will appear... or File cannot be downloaded or Not available for streaming". 34 Copyright © 2012 Toshiba...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 38

    ...: 1. The ethernet cable is connected into the Canvio Personal Cloudʼs ethernet port and to the network router or switch. 2. The network router is connected ...(DHCP server). 5. The PC meets the requirements to install the Canvio Personal Cloud Installation software. ® ® ® Network Router or Switch Failed 1. Verify that the router or switch cables are connected correctly. 2. Verify...
  • Canivo Personal Cloud User Manual (English) - Page 39

    ..., Photo or File 1. Reboot your PC, tablet, or smartphone. 2. Verify that the Canvio Personal Cloud Software has been installed. 3. Log back into the Canvio Home application. ... cannot find the issue mentioned in the Userʼs Manual, please check the Frequently Asked Questions on the Toshiba web site, or contact Toshibaʼs customer support center. Copyright ©...
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