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  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 5

    ... with the FCC if you believe it is necessary. If trouble is experienced with this equipment, for repair or limited warranty information, please contact Toshiba Corporation, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. or an ... local or long-distance transmission charges.) In order to program this information into your fax transmission, refer to the fax software instructions installed on this computer.
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 9

    ... be operated indoors and away from windows to provide maximum shielding. Equipment (or its transmit antenna) that is installed outdoors is subject to...GHz to reduce the potential for harmful interference to co-channel Mobile Satellite systems. High power radars are allocated ... for radio equipment. English: Hereby, TOSHIBA Corp. Digital Media Network Company, declares that this Radio LAN device is in ...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 35 of powerful and portable multimedia computers! With your new Toshiba notebook computer, your access to information ...wherever you go. Your system comes the Microsoft® Windows® XP Home or XP Pro operating system....your operating system and how it functions with your Toshiba computer. For specific information on the software, see the Microsoft booklet that shipped with your computer. 35
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 38

    ... on your computer or that are available for installation on your Recovery Media. For accessory information, visit Toshiba's Web site at The Microsoft® Windows® operating system documentation ... current on the most recent software and hardware options for your computer, and for other ... you have a problem or need to contact Toshiba, see "If Something Goes Wrong...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 46

    ... computer Setting up your computer TECHNICAL NOTE: You must complete all set up steps up to "Setting up your software" before adding external or internal ... attach the AC adapter. See "Connecting to a power source" on page 48. Setting up your software NOTE The names of windows displayed and the order in which windows appear may vary depending on your software setup choices. The first time you ...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 47

    ... register with Toshiba by clicking the Register with Toshiba icon on the desktop. A window displays the message, "Thank you." 4 Click Finish to continue. Your computer restarts automatically. ... devices NOTE Before adding external devices, Toshiba recommends setting up your software first. See "Setting up your software" on page 46. Before starting to use your computer, you may ...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 62

    ... packaged with your system or visit Before you install or remove a memory module, turn off the computer using the Start menu. If you install or remove a memory module while the computer is in Stand by or Hibernation mode, data will... applications. You may want to increase the computer's memory if you use complex software or process large amounts of data....
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 70

    ... If your printer has not been detected automatically when connected to the computer, you must install the printer driver for the model of printer that is connected to your computer. You install the printer driver either by following the instructions indicated in your printer guide, or by ...the operating system's Add Printer Wizard. If you plan to set up a printer later, close or cancel the Add ...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 80

    80 ❖ Learning the Basics Computing tips Back up your files to storage media on a regular basis. Label ... disk space and help your computer perform at its optimal level. Consult your Windows® XP operating system documentation for more information ... important for files you receive via diskette, email, or download from the Internet. Take frequent breaks to avoid repetitive-motion injuries ...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 85

    ... box Starting a program from the Start menu When you install a program, the operating system usually puts an... menu, follow these steps, which use the Windows® WordPad program as an example: 1 Click Start... then point to All Programs. The Windows® XP operating system displays the All Programs menu... Windows® Explorer. Windows® Explorer gives you a view of your computer's contents as...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 90

    ...Learning the Basics Printing your work To save: A file you are updating, open the program's File menu and click Save. A ... the new file a different name. Printing your work Verify that the Windows® XP operating system is set up for your printer as described ... more than one printer or are changing printers, you will need to set up the operating system to run with the additional printer(s). To ...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 99

    ... the disk. For example, if it is a music CD, open Windows® Media Player and point it to play the CD. For other types of media, use the associated software to open the files on the disk. Creating a CD Your computer may come with a multi-...files just like diskettes and the hard disk. CDs are often used to install software or store files that require lots of space, such ...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 134

    ...each icon and how to use it. Start button You use the Start button to: Start programs Access Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system update information Open documents Adjust system settings Find files Access Windows® Help Run programs Suspend system activity and shut down the computer
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 175

    .... Double-click the Computer Management icon. In the left pane, click Device Manager. To view the device(s) installed, double-click ... properties, double-click the device. The operating system displays the Device Properties window, which provides an array of also present. Click Troubleshooting. A Help and Support window for that device appears. For more information about Device Manager, refer...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 187

    ...hard disk, additional memory, or a pager. Most PC Card problems occur during installation and setup of new cards. If you're having trouble getting one or.... Other cards must be set up before you can use them. Use the Windows® XP PC Card (PCMCIA) Wizard to set up the card. ... can cause problems when installing the PC Card. If your system does not have built-in drivers for your ...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 190

    ... printer's self-test to check for any problem with the printer itself. Make sure you installed the proper printer drivers, as described in "Setting up a printer" on page 69. You may have connected the printer while the ...a print preview mode. This mode lets you see your work exactly as it will print. Contact the software manufacturer for more information.
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 194

    ... is hardware-related, Toshiba offers a variety of resources to help you. To stay current on the most recent software and hardware options for your computer, and for other product information, be... computer's serial number. The computer and any optional devices related to the problem. Backup copies of your Windows® operating system and all other preloaded software on your choice of ...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 225

    ...control button or left mouse button, unless otherwise stated. download - (1) In communications, to receive a file from another computer through a modem or network. (2) To send font data from the computer ... [or video] disc read-only memory) - A very high-capacity storage medium that uses laser optics for reading data. Each DVD-ROM can hold as much data as several ...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 232

    ...allows hot swapping of peripherals. See also bus, hot swapping, serial. upload - To send a file to another computer through a modem or network. See also download. USB - See universal serial bus (USB). utility - A computer program designed to perform a narrowly focused operation or solve a specific problem. Utilities are often ...
  • Satellite A60/A65 Users Guide - Page 237

    ... and DVDs 95 PC Cards 148 installing main battery 125 Internal mode 181... connection 170 surfing 142 uploading and downloading files 156 drag-and-drop 154... hardware conflicts 171 resolving 173 Help Windows XP 170 Hibernate restarting 112 using... display modes 202 display output settings 73 display settings 145 instant password 197... 199 Stand by mode 200 143 URL address not found 170 internet explorer ...
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