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  • User Manual - Page 20

    ......10-6 "Running" tab ...10-6 Launching applications...10-6 Switching the icon display...10-6 Icon settings ...10-7 Tab settings ...10-8 How to Make...12 System Information ...10-14 Identity Tab...10-14 Memory tab ...10-15 Driver tab ...10-15 System tab ...10-16 Wireless tab ...10-16 Tools Menu ...10... ...11-11 On-line Help ...11-11 Copyright and Contact Information ...11-12 TOSHIBA Pocket PC e750 xx
  • User Manual - Page 23

    ... Pocket PC, and explains how to connect your Pocket PC to a computer, a network, or the Internet. For instructions on setting up your Pocket PC and installing ActiveSync, see the Quick Start Card. The following table is... Pocket PC Companion CD. that can be installed on the Pocket PC Connecting to and synchronizing with a computer Last-minute updates and detailed technical ...
  • User Manual - Page 45

    ... following table contains a partial list of programs that are on your device. Look on the Toshiba Pocket PC Companion CD for additional programs that you can install onto your device. Icon Program ActiveSync ... MSN Messenger Pocket Word Description Synchronize information between your Pocket PC and computer. Keep track of your appointments and create meeting requests....
  • User Manual - Page 58

    ...Skills Customize Your Toshiba Pocket PC You can customize your device by adjusting device settings and installing ...your device has enough memory. The most popular place to find software for your device is on the Pocket PC Web site ( To...the program designed for the Toshiba Pocket PC and your device processor type. 3. Read any installation instructions, Read...
  • User Manual - Page 59

    Basic Skills 4. Connect your Pocket PC and computer. 5. Double-click the *.exe file. If the file is an installer, the installation wizard will...begin. Follow the directions on the screen. Once the software has been installed on your computer, the installer will automatically transfer the software to your device. If the file is not an installer, you will see an error message ...
  • User Manual - Page 68

    Microsoft ActiveSync TOSHIBA Pocket PC e750 Chapter 3 Microsoft ActiveSync Using Microsoft® ActiveSync.... Before you begin synchronization, install ActiveSync on your PC from the Toshiba Pocket PC Companion CD. For more information on installing ActiveSync, see your Quick Start card. ... device. After installation is complete, the ActiveSync Setup Wizard helps you connect your Pocket PC to your ...
  • User Manual - Page 96

    ... instructions to download the book files. Sample books and a dictionary are also included in the MSReader folder in the Extras folder on the Toshiba Pocket PC Companion CD. Use ActiveSync to download the files from your computer to your activated device as described in the Read Me file in the Microsoft Reader folder...
  • User Manual - Page 102

    Pocket Internet Explorer TOSHIBA Pocket PC e750 Chapter 6 Pocket Internet Explorer Use Microsoft® Pocket Internet Explorer ... ways: During synchronization with your computer, download your favorite links and mobile favorites that are stored in the .... Unless you mark the favorite link as a mobile favorite, only the link will be downloaded to your device, and you will ...
  • User Manual - Page 103

    ... If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later on your computer, you can download mobile favorites to your device. Synchronizing mobile favorites downloads Web ... go one level deep. If you did not specify an update schedule in step 4, you will need to manually download content to keep the information updated on your computer and device. Before synchronizing with your device, in Internet ...
  • User Manual - Page 107

    Getting Connected TOSHIBA Pocket PC e750 Chapter 7 Getting Connected You can use your device to exchange information ... or WAP pages by using Microsoft® Pocket Internet Explorer. The communication software for creating an ISP connection is already installed on your device. Your service provider will provide software needed to install other services, such as paging and fax services. If this is...
  • User Manual - Page 123

    Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b) Wireless LAN Enable network access using IEEE 802.... Wireless off". Click the link to turn off the Wireless LAN module power and then the... LAN Manager Wireless LAN Manager enables you to control some power management settings and also enable to see some information of your Wireless LAN ... you can also launch this by tapping Start > Settings > System > Wireless LAN Manager User's ...
  • User Manual - Page 126

    ..., but can only be used if DHCP is being used. Info Screen MAC Address: Display Wireless LAN MAC Address. MAC (Media Access Control) Address is a hardware address that uniquely identifies each device of network. Version Information: Firmware Display FW version that included Wireless LAN hardware. Driver Display Wireless LAN Driver version. Utility Display Wireless LAN ...
  • User Manual - Page 141

    ... execute following program using explorer, if you need. \windows\bt_rescue.exe Preparing to Connect with Bluetooth Follow the ... Search for peripheral devices Bluetooth authentication and service update 1. Tap Bluetooth icon. When using Bluetooth Settings for the first time, or when... Settings screen appears. You can also display the Bluetooth Settings screen by tapping Start > Programs > Bluetooth ...
  • User Manual - Page 165

    Optional Functions How to Make a Backup You can make a backup of the Toshiba Pocket PC data to the storage device. If you have ...up your data on the storage device, you can restore that data in your Toshiba Pocket PC. You can also delete backup file data from the storage device....Database information of Microsoft Pocket Outlook. If you update ROM programs using special installation programs...
  • User Manual - Page 170

    Optional Functions Memory tab The Memory tab presents information about the systems RAM, ROM, and Flash ROM Disk. Driver tab The Driver tab displays the drivers used by the system's software applications. User's Manual 10-15
  • User Manual - Page 173

    ATI Presentation Pack TOSHIBA Pocket PC e750 Chapter 11 ATI Presentation Pack The Toshiba Expansion Pack... to run a smooth presentation directly from your Pocket PC. IA Presenter can run as a standalone mobile PowerPoint player using your portable device's ...IA Screen Mirror IA Screen Mirror with the Toshiba Expansion Pack project the current contents of your Pocket PC's LCD screen onto an external ...
  • User Manual - Page 174

    ..., after opening one of the tabs, select Help from the Windows Start Menu. Installing the ATI Presentation Pack All components ... ATI Presentation Pack are installed together by doing as follows: 1. Make sure your Pocket PC is connected to your computer and that an ActiveSync connection has been... 4. Check your Pocket PC screen for any additional steps required to complete the installation. Using IA ...
  • User Manual - Page 183

    ...projects an exact emulation of your mobile device's screen contents (LCD display) onto a connected ... application"). 6. To make adjustments to the settings, use the "switching" button on your mobile device to freeze ... Help messages via the Windows Start Menu. A Note about Updates to the ATI Presentation Pack ... Mirror. For updates, please visit the IA Style web site ( User's Manual ...
  • User Manual - Page 194

    ...? How do I choose? Infrastructure Mode is used to connect your Pocket PC with the Access Point. Usually, to form a Wireless Network, you can connect your Access Point to the ADSL, ... host computer already successfully connect to the LAN or Internet through the LAN Adaptor or the Modem. 2. Install the Wireless LAN Adaptor into your Host computer successfully and set 802.11 Ad Hoc Mode and the proper ...
  • User Manual - Page 199

    .... F5: How do I make sure that the Wireless LAN SW has been installed successfully and that Wireless LAN already work properly? 1. Please check if the "IEEE 802.11b WLAN Adaptor" already exist in Start > Settings > Connections > Network Adaptors; if not, the Wireless LAN Driver is not Installed successfully. 2. Please check if the Wireless LAN Utility already exist and could be ...
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