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  • User Guide - Page 3

    ... don't already have the latest version of Adobe Reader, you can download it from http://www.adobe.com. • Use the PDF's bookmarks to quickly navigate to the ... interest you. Adobe Reader's bookmarks pane opens by default in all ZyXEL User's Guide PDFs. •... the included CD for software and support documents. Documentation Feedback Send your comments, questions or suggestions ...
  • User Guide - Page 4

    About This User's Guide Need More Help? More help is available at www.zyxel.com. • Download Library Search for the latest product updates and documentation from this link. Read the Tech Doc Overview to find out how... Date that you received your device. • Brief description of the problem and the steps you took to solve it. 4 DMA2501 User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 7

    ... • Do NOT store things on the device. • Do NOT install, use, or service this device during a thunderstorm. There is a remote...on them or stumble over them. • Always disconnect all cables from this device before servicing or disassembling. • Use ONLY an ... be mixed with general waste. Used electrical and electronic equipment should be treated separately. DMA2501 User's Guide 7
  • User Guide - Page 10

    ... Hard Disk Share Setup ...52 8.8 Other Settings ...53 8.9 Network Wizard ...54 8.10 Network Type ...56 8.11 Wireless Setup Menu ...57 8.12 IP Setup Menu ...59 8.13...14.3 Video Playing Option ...63 8.14.4 DVD Settings ...64 8.15 Version ...65 8.15.1 Reset ...66 8.16 Firmware Upgrade ...66 Chapter 9 Troubleshooting...69 9.1 Overview ...69 9.2 Power, Hardware ...
  • User Guide - Page 13

    ...The DMA can also play Internet radio. Figure 1 DMA with Wired Ethernet Connection USB Hard Disk NSA Storage DMA See the Quick Start Guide for how to connect the DMA and install the included media server software on your Windows computers. DMA2501 User's Guide 13
  • User Guide - Page 44

    ...see Section 8.9 on page 54) to configure your DMA's IP address, gateway address and DNS settings. • Use Wireless Setup (see Section 8.11 on ...on page 65 through Section 8.16 on page 66) to reset the DMA to its default settings and upgrade the firmware. You can also see the DMA's firmware version, MAC address, and serial number. 8.2 Network Settings Introduction IP Address The DMA needs an IP ...
  • User Guide - Page 65

    ... of the DMA's wired Ethernet interface. This field is available when you insert a ZyXEL wireless N USB adapter to the DMA's USB port. This field displays the MAC address of the wireless USB adapter. Firmware Upgrade Version LAN MAC Wireless LAN MAC DMA2501 User's Guide 65
  • User Guide - Page 66

    ...The following table describes the fields in this menu. Table 17 Setup > Version > Firmware Upgrade LABEL Reset to default DESCRIPTION Reset the ...factory defaults or select No to keep the current settings and exit the screen. 8.16 Firmware Upgrade Select Setup > Version > Firmware Upgrade to open the Firmware Upgrade menu. Use this menu to upload new firmware to the DMA. 66 DMA2501 User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 67

    ... next to the option if it is selected. USB Upgrade Select this option and follow the on-screen instructions to have the DMA download new firmware from a USB drive. You must first download the firmware file, unzip it, and put it on a USB drive. Download firmware from www.zyxel.com and unzip it. Copy the "upgrade.bin" file to the USB device's root ...
  • User Guide - Page 73

    ... between the DMA and the media server to fail. Make sure that any software firewalls on the media server computers are configured to allow the DMA to access the media server. The number of... on the supported file formats and codecs. You may have Windows Media Center (WMC) and the media server software on the same computer and be sharing out the same folder. Either uninstall one of the media servers...
  • User Guide - Page 78

    ... to 254). Upload new firmware (when available) from the ZyXEL web site. Or download the new firmware (when available) from the ZyXEL web site and use a USB stick to put it on the DMA. Firmware Upgrade Note: Only upload software for your specific model! Configuration Reset DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Client Universal ...
  • User Guide - Page 83

    ...rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from country to country. Registration Register your product online to receive e-mail notices of software upgrades and information at www.zyxel.com for global products, or at www.us.zyxel.com for North American products. DMA2501 User's Guide 83
  • User Guide - Page 85

    APPENDIX End-User License Agreement for "DMA2501" B Open Software Announcements WARNING: ZyXEL Communications Corp. IS ... READ THE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING THE INSTALLATION PROCESS AS INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE WILL INDICATE YOUR ASSENT TO THEM. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS, ... effect. Ownership of the Software, Documentation and all intellectual property rights DMA2501 User's Guide 85
  • User Guide - Page 92

    Appendix B Open Software Announcements b) Accompany it with a written offer, valid for at least three years, to give...terms of Sections 1 and 2 above on a medium customarily used for software interchange; or, c) Accompany it with the information you received as to ...files, plus the scripts used to control compilation and installation of the executable. However, as a special exception, the source code ...
  • User Guide - Page 97

    ... AND MODIFICATION 0. This License Agreement applies to any software library or other program which contains ... "this License"). Each licensee is addressed as "you". A "library" means a collection of software functions and/.... The "Library", below, refers to any such software library or work which has been ... conditions: a) The modified work must itself be a software library. b) You must cause the files ...
  • User Guide - Page 99

    Appendix B Open Software Announcements "work that uses the Library". Such a work, in isolation, is not a derivative work ... (2) will operate properly with a modified version of the library, if the user installs one, as long as the modified version is interface-compatible with the ... Accompany the work with a written offer, valid for at least three years, to give the same user DMA2501 User's Guide 99
  • User Guide - Page 104

    ...the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED .... Under CURRENT (May 2000) U.S. export regulations this software is eligible for export from the U.S. and can be downloaded by or otherwise exported or reexported worldwide EXCEPT to U.S. embargoed destinations which include Cuba, ...
  • User Guide - Page 122

    ... firmware upload 65, 66, 67 version 65 firmware update 65, 66 Full 28 function A-B... GOGO button button GOTO 25 M H MAC address 45, 65 HDMI 48, 79 High Definition ...35, 43 home networks 79 humidity 77 Media Access Control. See MAC address. media server 79 access 71 software 79 menu 17 item number 18... OPTION 43 PHOTO 35 Microsoft Windows Media Digital Rights Management for Network Devices, see WMDRM-ND...
  • User Guide - Page 123

    ...74 TV display 70 R registration product 83 related documentation 3 remote control 21 Remote Control Activity LED 14 REPEAT button 27 repeat interval 24 reset 66 U updating firmware 65, 66 uploading firmware 65, 66 USB for firmware upload 67 troubleshooting 74 DMA2501 User's Guide 123
  • User Guide - Page 124

    Index V version 65 firmware 65 VIDEO button 21 Video icon 21 video subtitle color 28 video output 48 W warranty 82 note 83 weight 77 widescreen format 49 Windows Media Audio Professional, see WMA PRO Windows Media Center 73 wireless network type Ad-Hoc 45 Infrastructure 45 WMA PRO WMDRM-ND 13 Z ZOOM button 26 124 DMA2501 User's Guide
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