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Download the free PDF manual for ZyXEL NWD2105 and other ZyXEL manuals at ManualOwl.com

  • User Guide - Page 4

    About This User's Guide Need More Help? More help is available at www.zyxel.com. • Download Library Search for the latest product updates and documentation from this link. Read the Tech Doc Overview to find out how... Date that you received your device. • Brief description of the problem and the steps you took to solve it. 4 NWD2105 User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 11

    ... ...19 1.4 Hardware and Utility Installation ...20 1.4.1 ZyXEL Utility Icon ...20 1.5 Configuration Methods ...21 1.5.1 Enabling Windows Wireless Configuration ...21 1.5.2 Accessing the ZyXEL Utility ...21 Chapter 2 Tutorial ...22 2.1 ...24 2.3 Connecting to an AP Without Using WPS ...26 2.3.1 Manually Connecting to a Wireless LAN ...26 NWD2105 User's Guide 11
  • User Guide - Page 13

    ... ...80 Chapter 8 Product Specifications ...83 Part III: Appendices and Index ...87 Appendix A Setting Up Your Computer's IP Address ...89 Appendix B Wireless LANs...119 Appendix C Windows Wireless Management...133 Appendix D Wireless for Windows 7...157 Appendix E Legal Information...163 NWD2105 User's Guide...
  • User Guide - Page 17

    ... HAPT ER 1 Getting Started 1.1 Overview The ZyXEL NWD2105 wireless N-lite USB adapter brings you a ..., music downloading, video streaming and online gaming. This section includes: • About Your NWD2105 on ... LANs. Ad-Hoc An Ad-Hoc wireless LAN is a self-contained group of computers connected wirelessly ... and using the ZyXEL utility to connect your NWD2105 to a network. NWD2105 User's Guide 17
  • User Guide - Page 20

    ...Getting Started Note: Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is not available in ad-hoc... and Utility Installation Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide to install the ZyXEL utility... when the NWD2105 is installed properly. Note: When you use the ZyXEL utility, it automatically disables Wireless... connected to a wireless network. The NWD2105 is connected to a wireless network. 20 NWD2105 User's Guide...
  • User Guide - Page 23

    ...you an example of how to set up your wireless network using WPS. This example uses the NWD2105 as the wireless client, and ZyXEL's NBG334W as the Access Point (AP). ... is turned on and that it is within range of the computer with the NWD2105 installed. Make sure that you have installed the NWD2105's driver and utility on your computer. In the NWD2105's utility, click the Adapter tab, enable WPS and...
  • User Guide - Page 64

    ...AP. The following figure shows a sample AP network set up. Figure 53 AP Network Example . Here, the NWD2105 is installed on computer A and set to operate in access point mode. Computer A provides an Internet connection to the wireless LAN, so wireless stations B and C can access the Internet. NWD2105 User's Guide 64
  • User Guide - Page 73

    ...the ZyXEL utility from your computer. See Section 6.3 on page 74 for details. • Upgrade the ZyXEL utility. See ... You should never try to locate and install or uninstall device drivers yourself since they are modifications... could irreparably damage your installation. 6.1.3 Before You Begin • Disconnect the NWD2105 if you are going to uninstall or upgrade the ZyXEL utility, save your work...
  • User Guide - Page 74

    ... Driver Version Utility Version DESCRIPTION This field displays the version number of the NWD2105 driver. This field displays the version number of the ZyXEL utility. 6.3 Uninstalling the ZyXEL Utility Follow the steps below to ... Wireless Nlite USB Adapter Utility. When prompted, click OK or Yes to remove the driver and the utility software. Figure 62 Uninstall: Confirm 74 NWD2105 User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 75

    ... 3 Click Finish to complete uninstalling the software and restart the computer when prompted. Figure 63 Uninstall: Finish 6.4 Upgrading the ZyXEL Utility Note: Before you uninstall the ZyXEL utility, take note of your current wireless configurations. To perform the upgrade, follow the steps below. 1 Download the latest version of the utility from the ZyXEL web site and save the file on...
  • User Guide - Page 80

    ...Manager. Verify the status of the NWD2105 under Network Adapter (steps may vary depending on the version of Windows). Install the NWD2105 on another computer. If the error persists, you may have...too many wireless stations connected to a wireless network. 4 7.4 Problems Communicating with Other Computers The computer with the NWD2105 installed cannot communicate with the ...
  • User Guide - Page 85

    ...Vista (32- and 64-bit), Windows XP (32- and 64-bit), Windows 2000 SOFTWARE SPECIFICATIONS Device Drivers Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit) Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit)... XP (32- and 64-bit) Windows 2000 Mac OS X (10.3/10.4/10.5) WIRELESS FEATURES Wireless Security WEP 64bit...Router's PIN Other WMM power-saving support Compatible with Windows Zero Configuration NWD2105 User's Guide 85
  • User Guide - Page 89

    A PPENDIX A Setting Up Your Computer's IP Address Note: Your specific NWD2105 may not support all ... to configure the IP settings on your computer in order for it to be able to communicate with the other devices on your network. Windows Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS 9/ OS X, and all versions ...them in the same subnet. In this appendix, you can set up an IP address for: • Windows XP/NT/2000 on page 89 ...
  • User Guide - Page 128

    ... the time of writing, the most widely available supplicant is the WPA patch for Windows XP, Funk Software's Odyssey client. The Windows XP patch is a free download that adds WPA capability to Windows XP's built-in "Zero Configuration" wireless client. However, you must run Windows XP to use it. 128 NWD2105 User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 142

    ...Center link. Otherwise, click Close. Windows XP Be sure you have the Windows XP service pack 2 installed on your computer. Otherwise, you should at least have the Windows XP service pack 1 already on your computer and download the support patch for WPA from the Microsoft web site. Windows XP SP2 screen shots are shown unless otherwise specified....
  • User Guide - Page 152

    Appendix C Windows Wireless Management The following table describes the labels in this screen. Table 38 Windows XP: Protected EAP ... or trusted CA without prompting. This field is available only if you installed the Windows XP server pack 2. Do not prompt user to authorize ... or other Certificate Properties Figure 142 Windows XP: Smart Card or other Certificate Properties 152 NWD2105 User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 163

    ... any liability arising out of the application or use of any products, or software described herein. Neither does it convey any license ... to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This device generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy, and if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to ...
  • User Guide - Page 166

    ...web/ support_warranty_info.php. Registration Register your product online to receive e-mail notices of firmware upgrades and information at www.zyxel.com. Regulatory Information European Union The following information applies if you use the ... ustanoveními směrnice 1999/5/EC. Undertegnede ZyXEL erklærer herved, at følgende udstyr udstyr overholder ...
  • User Guide - Page 171

    ... 34 shared key 35 auto authentication 35 automatic connection 47 automatic network scan 26, 54 B Basic Service Set, See BSS 119 BSS 119 C CA 35, 126 CCMP 35 Certificate Authority See CA. certifications 163 notices ... current configuration 45, 67 current connection status 45, 67 D data encryption 47 digital ID 35 dimensions 83 disclaimer 163 download 75 driver version 74 NWD2105 User's Guide 171
  • User Guide - Page 174

    ... rate 45 trend chart 46 TTLS 61 wireless LAN introduction 32 security 34 wireless LAN (WLAN) 32 wireless network 33 wireless ...tray icon 145 WZC (Wireless Zero Configuration) 21 U uninstalling the ZyXEL utility 74 upgrading the ...weight 83 WEP 34, 49 automatic setup 34 manual setup 34, 49, 70 passphrase ...Fi Protected Setup 44 Windows 61 Windows XP 21 Wired network 69 wireless client 33 ...
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