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Download the free PDF manual for ZyXEL P-2601HN-F1 and other ZyXEL manuals at ManualOwl.com

  • User Guide - Page 4

    ... User's Guide • Download Library Search for the latest product updates and documentation ... Knowledge Base If you have a specific question about your product, the answer may be here. This is a collection of answers to previously asked questions about ZyXEL products. • Forum This contains ...description of the problem and the steps you took to solve it. 4 P-2601HN(L)-F1 Series User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 9

    ... ...59 Connection Status and System Info Screens ...61 Broadband ...67 Wireless ...81 Home Networking ...111...QoS) ...135 Network Address Translation (NAT) ...149 Dynamic DNS ...157 Firewall ...159 MAC Filter ...165... MGMT ...215 SNMP ...217 System ...221 Time Setting ...223 Log Setting ...225 Firmware Upgrade ...227 Backup/Restore ...229 Diagnostic ...233 Troubleshooting ...237 Product Specifications...
  • User Guide - Page 13

    ...6.1 Overview ...81 6.1.1 What You Can Do in this Chapter ...81 6.1.2 Wireless Network Overview ...81 6.1.3 Before You Begin ...83...The UPnP Screen ...116 7.5 Technical Reference ...117 7.6 Installing UPnP in Windows Example ...119 7.7 Using UPnP in Windows XP Example ...122 Chapter 8 Routing ...127 8.1 Overview ... Static Route ...129 Chapter 9 DNS Route ...131 P-2601HN(L)-F1 Series User's Guide 13
  • User Guide - Page 17

    ... 28.3 ZyXEL Device Access and Login ...238 28.4 Internet Access ...240 28.5 Phone Calls and VoIP ...241 28.6 Wireless LAN Troubleshooting ...242 Chapter 29 Product Specifications ...243 ... Computer's IP Address ...265 Appendix C Pop-up Windows, JavaScript and Java Permissions...291 Appendix D Wireless LANs ...299 P-2601HN(L)-F1 Series User's Guide 17
  • User Guide - Page 21

    ... denotes wireless functionality, including 802.11n mode. There is an embedded USB module for IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN connectivity. Only use firmware for your ZyXEL Device's specific model. Refer to the label ...; "L" denotes the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) line feature. The PSTN line lets you have VoIP phone service and PSTN phone service at the ...
  • User Guide - Page 24

    ...). Line commands are mostly used for troubleshooting by service engineers. • FTP for firmware upgrades and configuration backup/restore. 1.4 Good Habits for Managing the ZyXEL Device Do the following things... The ZyXEL Device is setting up a WPS connection. The wireless network is not activated. WIRELESS Green 24 P-2601HN(L)-F1 Series User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 33

    ... to set up information about your SIP account and configure audio settings such as volume levels for the phones connected to the ZyXEL Device. Use this screen to configure RFC3262 support...Remote MGMT SNMP Users Account Remote MGMT SNMP VoIP Status Call Rule FXO System Time Setting Log Setting Firmware Upgrade System Time Setting Log Setting Firmware Upgrade P-2601HN(L)-F1 Series User's Guide 33
  • User Guide - Page 41

    ...-sharedkey". After you install the ZyXEL utility and then insert the wireless client, follow the... wireless client automatically searches for available wireless networks. Click Scan if you want to search again. If no entry ... there is no wireless network available within range. Make sure the AP or peer computer ... Site Survey screen. Tutorial: Security Settings 3 P-2601HN(L)-F1 Series User's Guide 41
  • User Guide - Page 64

    ... Connection Status and System Info Screens LABEL MAC Address Firmware Version WAN Information Mode IP Address ...Media Access Control) or Ethernet address unique to your ZyXEL Device. This field displays the current version of the firmware inside the ...not the SSID is enabled (on). This displays the type of security the ZyXEL Device is using in the wireless LAN. 64 P-2601HN(L)-F1 Series User's Guide...
  • User Guide - Page 73

    ...can enable PPPoE pass through to allow up to ten hosts on the LAN to use PPPoE client software on their computers to connect to the ISP via the ZyXEL Device. Each host can have a separate account and... pass through if you do not need to allow hosts on the LAN to use PPPoE client software on their computers to connect to the ISP. This field is available only when ...
  • User Guide - Page 76

    ...specific configuration of the broadband modem at the customer site. By implementing PPPoE directly on the ZyXEL Device (rather than individual computers), the computers on the LAN do not need PPPoE software installed, 76 P-2601HN(L)-F1 Series User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 112

    ... do computers on a LAN share one common network number. This is known as an Internet Protocol address. ... mask specifies the network number portion of an IP address. Your ZyXEL Device will compute the subnet ... Connections folder (Windows XP). Each UPnP compatible device installed on your network will appear ... and modified by users in some network environments. 112 P-2601HN(L)-F1 Series User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 119

    ..."Address Allocation for Private Internets" and RFC 1466, "Guidelines for Management of IP Address Space". 7.6 Installing UPnP in Windows Example This section shows how to install ... Installing UPnP in Windows Me Follow the steps below to install the UPnP in Windows Me. 1 Click Start and Control Panel. Double-click Add/Remove Programs. P-2601HN(L)-F1 Series User's Guide 119
  • User Guide - Page 121

    Chapter 7 Home Networking Installing UPnP in Windows XP Follow the steps below to install the UPnP in Windows XP. 1 ... Start and Control Panel. Double-click Network Connections. In the Network Connections window, click Advanced in the main menu and select ... Networking Components Wizard 5 In the Networking Services window, select the Universal Plug and Play check box. P-2601HN(L)-F1 Series User's ...
  • User Guide - Page 227

    ....1 Overview 25 Firmware Upgrade This chapter explains how to upload new firmware to your ZyXEL Device. You can download new firmware releases from your nearest ZyXEL FTP site (or www.zyxel.com) to use to upgrade your device's performance. Only use firmware for your device's.... Refer to the label on the bottom of your ZyXEL Device. 25.2 The Firmware Upgrade Screen Click Maintenance >...
  • User Guide - Page 228

    ... process. This process may take up to two minutes. After you see the firmware updating screen, wait five minutes before logging into the ZyXEL Device again. Figure 108 Firmware Uploading The ZyXEL Device automatically restarts in... was not successful, an error screen will appear. Click OK to go back to the Firmware Upgrade screen. Figure 110 Error Message 228 P-2601HN(L)-F1 Series User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 244

    ... connect to the ZyXEL Device wirelessly. Enable wireless security (WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK) and/or MAC filtering to protect your wireless network. Download new firmware (when available) from the ZyXEL web site and use the web configurator to upgrade the ZyXEL Device. Note: Only upload firmware for your specific model...
  • User Guide - Page 246

    ... of at least 2048 bits for authentication Configurable port number Firmware upgrade via HTTP/SCP/SFTP/GUI/FTP/ TR-069 HTTPS response slowly due to software encryption. Download bins with custom default settings Configuration download using HTTP(s) ... technologies such as ADSL. The PPPoE driver on your device is transparent to the computers on the LAN, which see only Ethernet and are not ...
  • User Guide - Page 265

    ... the IP settings on your computer in order for it to be able to communicate with the other devices on your network. Windows Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS 9/OS X, and all versions of UNIX/LINUX include ...the same subnet. In this appendix, you can set up an IP address for: • Windows XP/NT/2000 on ... but can also apply to Windows 2000 and Windows NT. P-2601HN(L)-F1 Series User's Guide ...
  • User Guide - Page 310

    .... Wireless Client WPA Supplicants A wireless client supplicant is the software that runs on an operating system instructing the wireless client how to use WPA. At the time of writing, ... is the WPA patch for Windows XP, Funk Software's Odyssey client. The Windows XP patch is a free download that adds WPA capability to Windows XP's built-in "Zero Configuration" wireless client. However, you must run...
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