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    ... eMachines Web site ...2 Using Help and Support ...2 Contacting eMachines ...3 Getting help for Windows Media Center ...3 Using online help ...3 Chapter 2: ... the World Wide Web ...21 Connecting to a Web site ...21 Downloading files ...22 Using e-mail ...22 Sending e-mail ...22 Checking your e-mail ...23 Using Windows Fax and Scan ...23 Sending a fax ...23 Setting up your cover page template ...26 ...
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    ... should know ...44 Ethernet networking ...44 Wired Ethernet networking ...44 Wireless Ethernet networking ...47 Establishing your Ethernet network connection ...49 Testing ... Norton 360 ...59 Using Windows Security Center ...62 Security updates ...63 Windows Update ...63 BigFix ...64 Chapter 7: Customizing Windows ...65 Changing screen settings ...66 Changing color depth and screen resolution ...66...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 8

    ... possible. Please read this manual carefully to familiarize yourself with your computer's software features. eMachines stands behind our value proposition ... most current drivers, product specifications, tutorials, and personalized information about your computer. Visit the eMachines Web ... your eMachines computer. 1 Click To start Help and Support: (Start), then click Help and Support. ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 9

    ...Additional results may be available if the first list does not address your question. Contacting eMachines The label on your computer contains information that identifies your computer model and serial number.... you are taken. Many provide FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), a search feature, articles about their software, tutorials, and forums where problems and issues...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 12

    ...appear on the taskbar near the clock. The icon changes appearance to notify you when the security settings on your computer are set below the recommended value or when updates are available. Double-click this icon to open the Windows Security Center. For more information, see "Modifying security settings" on page 62....
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 17

    www.emachines.com To create a folder: Click File Á New Á Folder Á type name...3½ Floppy (A:) is your diskette drive (if installed). 3 If you want to create a new folder... folder, you place a copy of the file or folder on the Windows clipboard, which temporarily stores it. Then, ...original location and place the file or folder on the Windows clipboard. When you decide where you want ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 22

    ... ENTER. Printing a document To print a document, you must have a printer connected to your computer or have access to a network printer. For more information about installing or using your printer, see the printer documentation. 1 2 3 4 To print a document: Make sure that the printer is turned on and loaded with ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 28

    ...to your computer depends on file size and Internet conditions. 6 Open the folder that you created. 7 Install or view the downloaded file by double-clicking it. If applicable, follow the instructions provided on the Web site to run or install the program. Help For more information about downloading files, click Start, then click Help and Support...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 29

    ...the online help in your e-mail program. Using Windows Fax and Scan Windows Fax and Scan comes pre-installed with Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate Editions. Windows automatically detects the ... sending and receiving faxes. Sending a fax Windows Fax and Scan lets you send and receive ...: (Start), All Programs, then click Windows Fax and Scan. Windows Fax and Scan opens....
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 55

    ...Device Manager window opens. 4 Click the plus (+) in front of Network adapters. The wireless Ethernet device installed in ...are using for your network, you need to install wireless cards and drivers on the computers that do not have them already installed. To order wireless Ethernet PCI ...that comes with your wireless cards for instructions on installing the cards and any required drivers. Setting up ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 58

    ... and DVD drives) and printers among the computers connected to the network. Important To share a printer among the network computers, each computer must have the shared printer's drivers installed. Follow the instructions included with your printer to install the printer drivers on each computer. 52
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 61

    ... to, then click Paste. Printing files across the network Important Before you can print a file across the network, you must install the driver for the printer on the computer you are sending the file from. You can obtain the printer driver and installation instructions from the CD that shipped with your printer or from ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 65

    ... to Norton 360 for regular virus and spyware protection updates. • Using Norton 360 to check files and programs that are attached to e-mail messages or downloaded from the Internet. • Checking all programs for viruses before installing them. • ... more about these features, including how to schedule system scans and security updates, click Help & Support in the upper ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 68

    Chapter 6: Protecting your computer 4 Click Check for Updates. Your computer downloads and installs the latest virus definitions. Important To update Norton 360 after the subscription period ends, you ...computer through: • A firewall • Automatic Windows updates • Third party virus protection software • Security options in Internet Explorer...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 69

    ...or modify the Windows Update settings. • Windows Firewall to prevent outsiders from accessing the information on your computer. • Windows Defender to scan your computer for malicious or unwanted software that • may have been placed ...need to keep Windows and your computer's system software up to date. Windows Update If a hacker finds a way to bypass the security ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 70

    ...Protecting your computer 4 Click: • Install Updates to download and install updates on your computer. These updates • include security updates. Install Extras to download additional Windows software for your computer. Help For more information about Windows Update, click Start, then click Help and Support...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 77

    ..., then turn it on. 4 Turn on your computer. Windows recognizes the new hardware and searches for its driver. You may need to install the driver from the disc supplied by the manufacturer or download the driver from the manufacturer's Web site. 5 After the driver is installed, click Shortcut (Start), Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization, ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 91

    ... Support 2 online help 3 documents creating 15 opening 16 printing 16 saving 15 downloading files 22 drivers updating 2 drives mapping network 54 sharing 53 un-sharing 53 viewing contents 10 viewing files... changing Windows 67 Web site 2 BigFix 64 e-mail Bluetooth network 55 address 22 installing device 55 checking for messages 23 installing printer 55 sending...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 93

    ... sharing 54 Norton 360 59 printing password 58 user accounts 58 Windows Security Center 62 Windows Update 63 wireless Ethernet 52 serial number 3 Shared Documents folder 73 sharing drives 53 folders 53 printer 54 ...taskbar 6 TCP/IP protocol configuring 50 telephone canceling fax 27 installing Windows Fax and Scan 23 receiving and viewing faxes 27 87
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows Vista) - Page 94

    ... using 59 VGA port 71 Windows Update 63 video wired Ethernet network 44 playing 30 equipment needed... shared folders 54 installing drivers 46 setting up 46 virus protecting against 59 wireless Ethernet network 47 ...voice recognition 78 installing cards 49 installing drivers 49 W security 52 WAN 44 setting up 49 ...(WWW) 21 wide area network (WAN) 44 downloading files 22 window 8 changing colors 67 close ...
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