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  • Generic User Guide - Page 3

    ...future reference. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. Turning the product off... disconnecting power to the power supply unit: Install the power supply unit before connecting... before removing the power supply unit from the computer. If the system has multiple sources... or over a radiator or heat register, or in a built-in installation unless proper ventilation is provided. Never...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 10

    ... ...Internet ...Keyboard ...Memory ...Memory card reader ...Modem (cable or DSL) ...Modem (dial-up) ...Monitor ...Mouse ...Networks ...Optical disc drives ...... ...Power ...Printer ...Sound ...Recovering your system ...Creating recovery discs ...Recovering pre-installed software and drivers . Returning your system to its factory condition . Telephone support ...Before calling Customer Care ...Self-...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 22

    Chapter 2: Setting Up and Getting Started 2 Insert the other end of the modem cable into a telephone ... modem on the back of your computer. 3 Using the World Wide Web The World Wide Web is a multimedia window to the Internet that gives you access to millions of information sources....can access Web sites to shop, track investments, read the news, download programs, and much more. You can explore a ...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 24

    ... to your computer depends on file size and Internet conditions. Open the folder that you created. Install or view the downloaded file by double-clicking it. If applicable, follow the instructions provided on the Web site to run or install the program. 6 7 For more information about downloading files, click Start, then click Help and Support....
  • Generic User Guide - Page 27

    ... configure network and IP addresses Determining if an Ethernet card is already installed on your computer Setting up wired Ethernet ... the type of Ethernet you are using for your network, you need to install Ethernet cards and drivers on the computers that do not have Ethernet ... any required drivers. Plug your Ethernet cable into your computer's jack and the router or the cable or DSL modem at this ...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 30

    ... you have set up your router (wired network) or access point (wireless network). If you are setting up...LANs), as well as for Internet communications. When networking is set up in Windows, TCP/IP is automatically installed as the default protocol. Using a DHCP server In order ...TCP/IP protocol on a computer with a router or access point router, the protocol must be set to "Obtain an IP address from a ...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 31

    ... computers connected to the network. To share a printer among the network computers, each computer must have the shared printer's drivers installed. Follow the instructions included with your printer to install the printer drivers on each computer. Important After the drives and printers on each network computer are shared, you can access them as ...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 34

    ... the file to, then click Paste. Printing files across the network Before you can print a file across the network, you must install the driver for the printer on the computer you are sending the file from. You can obtain the printer driver and installation instructions from the CD that shipped with your printer or from the ...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 37

    ... • Shut down and restart your computer. • Make sure that you have installed the required software. For more information, see the documentation that came with your add-in card. Audio See "Sound" on ... page 27. Ethernet You cannot see the other computers on your network • Make sure that your Ethernet cable is plugged into the Ethernet jack on your ...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 38

    ...and the second N should be different for all computers on your network. The computer does not recognize an add-in Ethernet card • Shut down and restart your computer. • Make sure that you have installed the required software. For more information, see the documentation that came with your Ethernet card. • Reseat the card. For more information ...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 39

    ... cards The computer does not recognize an expansion card • Shut down and restart your computer. • Make sure that you have installed the required software. For more information, see the documentation that came with your expansion card. File management For more information about restoring deleted files, click Start, then...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 50

    ... drive is configured • correctly by following the instructions in the drive documentation. Reinstall the device driver. An audio CD does not produce sound &#... music CDs have copy protection software. You may not be able to play these CDs on your computer. • Make ... disc. • Reinstall the device driver. • Make sure that the DVD program has been installed on your computer. 40
  • Generic User Guide - Page 52

    ... is not the default printer, make sure that you have selected it in the printer setup. • Reinstall the printer driver. See the guide that came with your printer for instructions on installing the printer driver. You see a "Printer queue is full" error message • Make sure that the printer is not set to ...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 54

    ... problem may be solved by reinstalling the software or the device drivers. To recover software and drivers that were pre-installed at the factory, see "Recovering pre-installed software and drivers" on page 46. For instructions on reinstalling software and drivers that were not pre-installed, see that product's documentation or technical support Web site. 3 ...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 55

    ... by other methods, you may need to reinstall the Windows operating system and factory-loaded software and drivers. To reinstall using discs, you must create the set of recovery discs beforehand. To create... the hard drive's entire original contents, including Windows OS and all factory-loaded software and drivers, click Create factory default disc. - OR To create...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 56

    Chapter 3: Troubleshooting Recovering pre-installed software and drivers As a troubleshooting step, you may need to reinstall the software and device drivers that came pre-installed on your computer from the factory. You can... you need to follow that software's installation instructions. To recover your pre-installed software and drivers: 1 Click (Start), All Programs, eMachines, then click ...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 57

    ... recovery deletes everything on your hard drive, then reinstalls Windows and all software and drivers that were pre-installed on your system. If you can access ... 47. Recovering from within Windows OS To reinstall Windows OS and all pre-installed software and drivers: 1 Click (Start), All Programs, eMachines, then click eMachines Recovery Management. eMachines ...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 58

    ... from the hard drive during startup To reinstall Windows OS and all pre-installed software and drivers: 1 Turn on your computer, then press ALT+F10 during startup. ...take several minutes. Recovering from your recovery discs To reinstall Windows OS and all pre-installed software and drivers: 1 Turn on your computer, insert the first system recovery disc into your ...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 59

    ..., does not appear to work, make sure that all cables are plugged in securely. • If you have recently installed hardware or software, make sure that you have installed it according to the instructions provided with it. If you did not purchase the hardware or software from eMachines, see the manufacturer's documentation and technical support...
  • Generic User Guide - Page 60

    ... technician. Warning • Have your customer ID, serial number, • and order number available, along ...-help If you have how-to questions about using your eMachines-supplied hardware or software, see the following resources: • The printed or online ... site's Documentation Library. • The software publisher's Web site. For more how-to information about Windows, click Start, then ...
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