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  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 3

    ... purchasing our computer! ...2 Using the eMachines Web site ...2 Using your Reference Guide ...2 Using Help ... your model and serial number ...4 Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity ...4 Chapter 2: Using Windows XP ...5... Web ...21 Connecting to a Web site ...21 Downloading files ...22 Using e-mail ...23 Sending... Microsoft Fax ...24 Installing Fax ...24 Configuring Microsoft Fax ...24 Setting up your...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 4

    ... ...42 Manually updating the Media Center Program Guide 43 Introduction to Networking ...46 Using a router ...46 Creating an Ethernet network ...48 Installing Ethernet cards and drivers ...48 Making sure your broadband connection works 48 Naming the computers and the workgroup ...48 Configuring the TCP/...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 5

    www.emachines.com Chapter 6: Customizing Windows ...57 Adjusting the screen and desktop settings ...58 Adjusting the color depth ...... ...68 Changing advanced power settings ...69 Activating and using Hibernate mode ...70 Installing an uninterruptible power supply ...71...76 Using Windows XP Security Center ...80 Security updates ...81 Windows Update ...81 BigFix ...83 Index ...85 iii
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 10

    ... or bottom of your computer case includes your computer serial number. eMachines Customer Care will need this information if you call for assistance. Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity... on your computer includes the product key code for your operating system. If you ever reinstall Windows from the installation CD or DVD, you will need to enter these numbers ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 30

    ... receive faxes using a broadband connection. Your dial-up modem cable must be installed before you can send and receive faxes. You cannot... Fax lets you send and receive faxes using your dial-up modem. When Windows was originally installed on your computer, Fax may not have been installed. To install Fax: 1 Click Start, then click Control Panel. The Control Panel window opens. Click/Double-click Add...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 44

    ... If your home video camera supports it, it can be connected to your computer so that you can download video from the camera as data files. You can also create video from a Web cam ... movie editing software with your computer. For more information about using this software, including additional features not available in Windows Movie Maker, see that program's online ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 48

    Chapter 4: Playing and Creating Media Files Using Windows Media Center If your computer came with Windows Media Center installed and with a Media Center remote control (optional), you can use the remote control to watch TV, videos, and DVDs, to listen to music, and to view photos. (The remote control included with your Media Center may look different.) For detailed setup ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 49

    ... program recordings, and more. When you first use the Media Center setup wizard, the Program Guide is set up to automatically download program information from your cable or satellite service provider. However, on occasion, you may need .... The Guide Data dialog box opens. Select Yes, then press OK. Media Center downloads the Program Guide updates. 43
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 54

    ...is listed. If one is not listed, you must install one. Creating an Ethernet network Installing Ethernet cards and drivers After you have determined the type of Ethernet you are using for your network, you need to install Ethernet cards and drivers on the computers that do not have Ethernet already installed. Use the documentation that comes with your...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 58

    ... computers connected to the network. To share a printer among the network computers, each computer must have the shared printer's drivers installed. Follow the instructions included with your printer to install the printer drivers on each computer. Important After the drives and printers on each network computer are shared, you can access them as ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 61

    .... Click Edit, then click Paste. Printing files across the network Before you can print a file across the network, you must install the driver for the printer on the computer you are sending the file from. You can obtain the printer driver and installation instructions from the CD that shipped with your printer or from the ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 70

    ... monitor's power cord into an AC power outlet, then turn it on. Windows recognizes the new hardware and searches for its driver. You may need to install the driver from the disc supplied by the manufacturer or download the driver from the manufacturer's Web site. After the driver is installed, right-click any empty space on the desktop, then click ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 81

    www.emachines.com About Windows XP user accounts Windows lets you set up a user account for each person who uses your computer. When you set up user accounts, Windows sets up a My Documents folder for each account. You can assign a...are attached to e-mail messages or downloaded from the Internet. • Checking all programs for viruses before installing them. • ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 86

    .... Click OK. Using Windows XP Security Center Windows Security Center helps protect your computer through: • A firewall • Automatic Windows updates • Third-party virus protection software • Security options in Internet Explorer Modifying security settings To modify security settings: 1 Click ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 87

    ...regularly to keep your computer secure. • Click Express to download high-priority updates. These updates include security updates. • Click Custom to download high-priority, Windows software, and hardware driver updates. These updates include security updates. 81
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 88

    Chapter 7: Windows XP Security Center Use the Windows XP Security Center to schedule automatic updates. Windows can routinely check for the latest important updates for your computer and install them automatically. To schedule automatic updates: 1 Click Start, Control Panel, then double-click Security Center. 2...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 91

    ... Support 2 online help 3 documents creating 15 opening 16 printing 17 saving 16 downloading files 22 drivers updating 2 drives mapping network 54 sharing 52 un-sharing 53 viewing contents 9 viewing files ... needed 47 changing number of example 46 colors 58 installing cards 48 extended 63 installing drivers 48 selecting screen saver 62 extended desktop 63 using...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 92

    ... 28 IEEE 1394 port 38 setting up cover page installing template 26 Fax 24 ... 46 Privacy Service 76 scanning for viruses 76 Spamkiller 76 starting 76 updating 77 VirusScan 76 Media Center see Windows Media Center ... Outlook 20 Outlook Express 20 Windows Media Player 33 Windows Movie Maker Wordpad 15 ... playing audio CD 33 playing DVD 33 recording audio 35 using Windows Media Player 33 multiple monitors ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 93

    ... and folders 11 Security Center Windows XP 80 security settings modifying 80 sharing drives 52 ... 33 music CD 33 Windows Media Player file 33 power advanced settings 69 changing ... printing documents 17 files across network 55 Program Guide See Windows Media Center Program keyboard 18 Recycle Bin 6 ... remote control folders, or see Windows Media programs 18 Center remote software control See programs ...
  • eMachines Desktop PC User Guide (Windows XP) - Page 94

    ...drives 53 folders 53 updates security 81 37 updating playing audio CD 33 device drivers 2 playing audio file 33 McAfee...6 editing 38, 39 using 75, 80 playing 33 Windows Update 80 saving 39 WMA file transferring to computer creating 36 38 editing track... Web (WWW) 21 removing 75 downloading files 22 connecting to 21 downloading files 22 eMachines 2 window 8 close button 8 closing 8, 18 maximize button...
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