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  • User Guide - Page 22

    ... Started Working safely Before using your computer, read the following recommendations for setting up a safe and comfortable work area... your screen and light shining directly into your eyes. Reduce glare by installing shades or curtains on windows, and by installing a glare screen filter on your... try to focus on distant objects. ■ ■ Setting up your computer desk and chair When you are...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 3

    ... e-mail ...46 Checking your e-mail ...47 Chapter 6: Networking Your Computer ...49 Introduction to Networking ...50 Using a router ...50 Creating an Ethernet network ...52 Installing Ethernet cards and drivers ...52 Making sure your broadband connection works ...52 Naming the computers and the workgroup ...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 5

    Contents www.emachines.com Advanced multimedia software features ...105 Recording audio ...105 Chapter 9: Customizing Your Computer ...107 Adjusting ... viruses ...Using McAfee SecurityCenter ...Using Windows XP Security Center ...Security updates ...Windows Update ...BigFix ...System recovery options ...Copying driver and application recovery files ...Creating recovery discs ...Copying driver and...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 13

    CHAPTER 1: Getting Help www.emachines.com Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity The Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity label found on the back or side of your computer includes the product key code for your operating system. If you ever reinstall Windows from the installation CD or DVD, you will need to enter these numbers to activate Windows. 6
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 23

    ...Using Your Computer www.emachines.com Working safely Before using your computer, read the following recommendations for setting up a safe and comfortable work ... into your eyes. Reduce glare by installing shades or curtains on windows, and by installing a glare screen filter on ... occasionally, and try to focus on distant objects. Setting up your computer desk and chair When you ...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 71

    CHAPTER 7: Sending and Receiving Faxes www.emachines.com Installing and configuring Fax This chapter describes using Microsoft Fax and ... Fax lets you send and receive faxes using your dial-up modem. When Windows was originally installed on your computer, Fax may not have been installed. To install Fax: 1 Click Start, then click Control Panel. The Control Panel window opens. Click/Double-click ...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 82

    ...monitor power cord into an AC power outlet, then turn it on. Windows recognizes the new hardware and searches for its driver. You may need to install the driver from the disc supplied by the manufacturer or download the driver from the manufacturer's Web site. 5 After the driver is installed, right-click any empty space on the desktop, then click...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 86

    www.emachines.com Using Windows Media Center Using Windows Media Center If your computer came with Windows Media Center installed and with a Media Center remote control (optional), you can use the remote control to watch TV, videos, ... in Standby mode (reduced power). Let you replay recorded (buffered) TV and radio programs and play the CD and DVD player. 79
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 104

    ... be recorded to DVD and replayed on another Media Center computer or on a non-Media Center computer that has a DVD player and DVD decoder software (such as PowerDVD) installed. The non-Media Center computer must also have Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 1 or 2, Windows Media Player 9 or later, and the...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 112

    www.emachines.com Advanced multimedia software features Advanced multimedia software features Windows Media Player advanced features You can use Windows Media Player to transfer WMA..., and to watch Internet TV. For more information, see the Windows Media Player online help. Recording audio Use the following instructions to make an audio recording by ...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 128

    www.emachines.com Data security Help & Support For more information about Windows XP user accounts, click Start, then ... are attached to e-mail messages or downloaded from the Internet. Checking all programs for viruses before installing them. Disabling ...virus. Periodically updating the McAfee VirusScan program to protect against the latest viruses. Making sure the Windows Security Center...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 133

    ... your computer secure. ■ ■ Express-Click Express to download high-priority updates. These updates include security updates. Custom-Click Custom to download high-priority, Windows software, and hardware driver updates. These updates include security updates. 126
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 137

    ... order. Recovery discs let you recover your device drivers and software that came pre-installed on your computer. If you are still having ..., such as a device driver. ■ "Recovering specific files and software" on page 135 describes how to install specific, factory-installed software and device drivers. Finally, in order to recover your system you may need to ...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 142

    ...by recovering specific files, such as device drivers and most pre-installed software. If you need to recover software that did not come pre-... on your system, you need to follow the software's own instructions for installation. You can recover specific files... Application Recovery program opens. 2 Click the driver or application you want to install. To select multiple items, press ...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 143

    CHAPTER 11: Protecting and Recovering Your Files and Software www.emachines.com Recovering your system using Microsoft System Restore Before using eMachines ... Restore to determine whether you can restore your system to a previous condition. Every time you install new device drivers or software, and every 24 hours (while your computer is turned on), Microsoft System Restore takes a "snapshot" of ...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 144

    ... your system. After you recover your system, you can reinstall antivirus and firewall software, then re-enable the Internet connection to update antivirus definitions and install Windows Updates. To recover your system from the hard drive: 1 Remove all CDs and DVDs from the disc drives, disconnect all USB devices except the...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 145

    ... After you restore your system, it will appear with the same files and programs it had when it shipped from the factory. You still need to download Windows updates and antivirus updates to bring your computer's software up to date. 7 Click Restart. Your computer restarts, and Windows finishes its setup and installation....
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 156

    ... current Internet service provider (ISP) software came pre-installed on your new computer, run that setup program. If it asks ...set up an existing account. If your current ISP software is not pre-installed on your new computer, locate the original Internet setup program provided by ...your ISP to see if they have an updated version of their software, and install it on your new computer. If you use MSN ...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 157

    ... discs or diskettes. If you have trouble after you install the software for your old devices, you can use... Restore to restore your computer's previous settings. Help and Support For more information about Windows Update, click Start,...peripheral device's user guide for installation information and tips. Because most installation software is periodically updated, you should also check the manufacturer...
  • NG3 Hardware Reference - Page 211

    Index www.emachines.com serial number 9 serial port 10 setting up safety precautions 194 sharing... 181 LCD panel 179, 187 memory 184 T memory card reader 184 modem 184 taskbar ... folders 59 viewing display on 76 watching with Windows Media updates Player 105 security 126 virus ...title bar 28 virus definitions 124 transferring updating Windows 142 files from Internet 45 files from old computer 147, UPS...
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