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  • Operating Instructions - Page 2

    ...This printer has been factory set to operate with the most popular software packages. Your application software ... documentation The printer's documentation consists of 2 manuals. Operating Instructions (this manual) Installation Manual (printed documentation) ... operations, maintenance and specifications of the unit. The Installation Manual explains installation procedures. 2 Operating Instructions
  • Operating Instructions - Page 3

    ...® refers to the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. Windows® 2000 refers to...refers to the Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system. Windows Vista® refers to the Microsoft® Windows Vista® operating system. Windows® 7 refers to the Microsoft&#...® 7 operating system. Trademarks Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista are either registered trademarks ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 4

    ... provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 5

    ...12 Installing the Platen Knob ...12 Parts of the Printer ...13 Setup ...16 Installing the Software ...16 System Requirements ...16 Software Installation ...16 Connecting to a Computer ...17 Power Supply ...17 Installing the ... Control Panel Software Program ...25 Viewing the Command Reference Manual ...26 Uninstalling the Software ...26 Using the Control Panel ...27 Using ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 7

    .... • This section explains the graphic symbols used in this manual. Denotes a potential hazard that could result in serious ...does not imply that the power point is grounded (earthed) and that the installation is completely safe. For your safety, if in any ... alert operators to a specific operating procedure that must be emphasized in order to operate the unit safely. Operating Instructions 7
  • Operating Instructions - Page 9

    ... could result. Do not touch the printhead, as it becomes hot, even when not printing. Otherwise, it may cause burns. Installation and Relocation Do not position the unit in a location where it is unstable. To prevent fire or shock ... AC outlet. If the unit is moved with the power cord attached, it can cause damage to the cord which could result in fire or electric shock. Operating Instructions 9
  • Operating Instructions - Page 11

    Safety Information Precautions Installation Do not place the unit in direct sunlight and near hot ... Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Please ask your Panasonic sales company about obtaining the Material Safety Data Sheet...; • Do not operate the printer without installing paper and a ribbon cassette. Do not ... or bend the CD-ROM. CAUTION The printhead is hot. Do not touch. Operating Instructions 11
  • Operating Instructions - Page 12

    ... was purchased. Removing the Protective Paper A Printer (KX-P1121E) A Protective paper Ribbon Cassette (KX-P145) Installing the Platen Knob Platen Knob Insert the platen knob into the hole on the right side of the printer and rotate it slowly until it slips onto the shaft. Push the platen knob onto the platen shaft to secure. CD-ROM Installation Manual 12 Operating Instructions
  • Operating Instructions - Page 15

    ...this switch will advance or reverse the paper for tearing off. (Page 31) LOAD/PARK switch Pressing this switch will load/park the paper. (Page 31) FONT indicators These indicators show the Font being selected. (...31) POWER/PAPER OUT indicator This indicator is lit when the power is on and paper is installed. It blinks when no paper is installed. Operating Instructions 15
  • Operating Instructions - Page 16

    ... • In Windows Vista and Windows 7, if a window appears with the message "Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software", continue with the installation by selecting "Install this driver software anyway". 6. Connect the computer to the printer with a USB cable or a parallel cable. (Page 17) Once Plug and Play detects the...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 17

    Setup Connecting to a Computer Before you connect the printer for the first time, install the USB and Printer driver on to your computer. For more information see "Installing the Software (Page 16)". Note Notice • Use a shielded parallel cable 1.95 m (6 ft. 5 in.) or less in length. An IEEE 1284-...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 18

    Setup Installing the Ribbon Cassette Mounting the Ribbon Cassette 1. A Turn the power on. The carriage will move to the ribbon exchange area (A) automatically. Note The printer allows the ribbon cassette to ...plastic cover. 2. Move the head gap lever (A) to the (+) position. A • 3. Rotate the knob (A) on the ribbon cassette to remove any slack. B A A A 18 Operating Instructions
  • Operating Instructions - Page 20

    .... B Open the smoked plastic cover. Handling Paper Your Panasonic printer offers two paper feed choices: - Fanfold ... on. The PAPER OUT indicator will flash indicating that no paper is installed in the printer. B A B Adjust the head gap lever (A) for the ... Thick or multiple sheets A 1 2 3 4 5 6 A A B 2. Spread the wing tab (A) and lift up the ribbon cassette. A 20 Operating Instructions
  • Operating Instructions - Page 23

    ...The PAPER OUT indicator will flash indicating that no paper is installed in the printer. B Adjust the head gap lever (A) for... sheets Thick sheets or envelopes 1 2 3 4 5 6 A 4. Raise the paper support (A). A A B 2. Set the paper feed selector (A) to the " " position. 5. Insert a ... side face down behind the platen by aligning its left edge with 0 on the top cover. A Operating Instructions 23
  • Operating Instructions - Page 25

    ... configuration of the printer. Using this software, you can also print out the printer's character table. It is necessary to install the printer driver to use this software. When using the Windows driver, these settings are rarely used. When using the Windows driver, make sure Emulation is set to "EPSON". The ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 26

    Using the Software About the buttons Send Settings Sends the settings to the printer. Restore Default Returns the settings ... your country is not displayed. Uninstalling the Software If you want to remove the software that is installed on your computer, follow the procedure below to uninstall ... Control Panel, open [Add or Remove Programs]. • In Windows 2000, select [Add/Remove Programs], and ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 27

    ... allows you to set only Auto LF, Graphic Direction, Page Length, Emulation and Download buffer. If there is any paper loaded, you will get a print out of the current settings automatically. 3. Press and ... the next page. If you want to change the settings of some more items, perform steps 2 blinking. You have entered the Initial Setup mode. A 4. Press LOAD/PARK . You have exited ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 33

    Maintenance & Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Most problems associated with the printer can be traced to improper setup, installation, or cabling. The following table will assist the user in identifying and correcting some of the ..., then back on to resume printing. Set paper supply lower than printer. Check printer driver of your software package and set emulation accordingly. (Page 25, Page 27) ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 35

    Appendix A p p e Printer Specifications Power requirements: Frequency: Current: Interface: Print fonts: Software emulation: USB 2.0 Full speed, Centronics parallel (IEEE1284 standard) 3 Draft...) Epson LQ-850 IBM Proprinter X24E Buffer: Character sets: 64K (When Download buffer is disabled) 96 ASCII characters, 96 Italic ASCII characters, 38 International characters -...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 41

    ... Line Feed 31 LOAD/PARK 31 LOAD/PARK switch 15 C CD-ROM 12 Character Per Line 35 Character set 25 Character sets 35 ...17 Control Panel 15, 27, 28, 31 Control Panel Software Program Courier 31, 35 Current Settings 30 M Maintenance Micron 35 32 ...Out Detector 36 Dot configuration 35 Dot matrix 35 Download buffer 25 P Page length 25 Paper 37 installation 20 specifications 37 Paper ...
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