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  • RealJukebox2 Basic Guide - Page 1

    ... files: "Sony OpenMG Jukebox Ver.2.2" and "RealJukebox2 Basic for Sony." You can transfer audio files from your computer to this player (or "MG Memory Stick") using either software. You can install either software or both, but you cannot use "OpenMG Jukebox" and "RealJukebox" simultaneously. There are...
  • SonicStage v2.0 Operating Guide - Page 2

    ...of profits, including claims made by third parties, arising out of the use of the software supplied with this player. • In the event a problem occurs with this software as a result of defective manufacturing, SONY will replace it. However, SONY bears no other responsibility. • The software provided with this player cannot be used with equipment other than ...
  • SonicStage v2.0 Operating Guide - Page 3

    ... required system environment ...6 System requirements ...6 Installing the software onto your computer ...7 Using SonicStage ...8 Importing audio data... and editing imported tracks ...17 Backing up audio data ...18 Troubleshooting ...18 When you want ... Uninstalling SonicStage ...19 On copyright protection ...20 Troubleshooting ...21 The software cannot be installed onto your computer ...22 Using the ...
  • SonicStage v2.0 Operating Guide - Page 4

    ... to the Network Walkman. Audio CD Import Transfer Network Walkman Internet Music files in the MP3,WAV formats • This manual describes how to install the SonicStage software and explains its operations for use with the Network Walkman. Before you start, please also review the instruction manual of your Network ...
  • SonicStage v2.0 Operating Guide - Page 6

    ...: for Web registration, EMD services and CDDB • Windows Media Player (version 7.0 or higher) installed for playing WMA files Display Others This software is not supported by the following ... sleep, or hibernation function on all computers. • For Windows 2000 Professional users, install Service Pack 3 or later version before using the software. 6
  • SonicStage v2.0 Operating Guide - Page 7

    ... onto your computer Before installing the software • Make sure to close any ... OpenMG Jukebox or SonicStage is installed already, the previous software will be overwritten by the new version. The new ... Simple Burner is installed already, the previous software will co-exist with the new version. - You... by an older software version even after SonicStage Ver. 2.0 has been installed. As a precaution...
  • SonicStage v2.0 Operating Guide - Page 19

    ... "Currently Installed Programs" list, and then click [Change and Remove]*. Follow the displayed ... computer. The uninstallation is completed when the computer has restarted. ∗ [Change/Remove] in the case of Windows 2000 ... Windows Millennium Edition/Windows 98 Second Edition Note When you install SonicStage Ver. ... Do not delete OpenMG Secure Module 3.4 since it may be used by other software. 19
  • SonicStage v2.0 Operating Guide - Page 22

    ... software cannot be installed onto your computer Problem The installation was not successful. Cause/... does not support this software. tSee page 6 for more details. All windows applications are not ... resources, such as virus-check software. There is not enough hard disk space on your ... disk. The installation appears to have Check for the appearance of an error message beneath the installation window....
  • SonicStage v2.0 Operating Guide - Page 23

    ...Network Walkman. Cause/Remedy The dedicated USB cable is disconnected. tConnect the dedicated USB cable. The driver file for the Network Walkman has not been installed. tInstall the SonicStage software for your Network Walkman using the supplied CD-ROM. Please wait for the authentication of the SonicStage software. Another ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 2

    ...whenever you call your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No. NW-E3 Serial No. Notice for users On the supplied software • Copyright ... will replace it. However, SONY bears no other responsibility. • The software provided with this player cannot be used... of Conformity Trade Name: Model No.: Responsible Party: Address: Telephone No.: SONY NW-E3 Sony Electronics Inc. 1 ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 3

    ... Started Step 1: Unpacking ...8 Step 2: Inserting the battery ...9 Step 3: Installing the OpenMG Jukebox software ...10 Other Information Precautions ...27 Troubleshooting ...28 To reset the player ...28 What happened...this manual may differ from the actual software. • Explanations in this manual assume that you are familiar with basic operations of Windows 98. For how...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 6

    ... speed data transfer using the supplied dedicated USB cable. • OpenMG Jukebox software enables you to record compact... 64MB or higher CD-ROM drive Sound Board USB port • Operating System: Windows® 98/Windows® 98 Second Edition (manufacturer installed) The following environments are not supported. -Windows 95, Windows NT and Windows 2000 -Upgraded from Windows 3.1/95 to Windows ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 10 install the OpenMG Jukebox software to your computer. Before installation, turn on your computer, and start Windows 98. Note Be sure to install the software before connecting Network Walkman with ... icon on the desktop When you restart the computer after installing the software, the "OpenMG(NW-E3&E2) Registration" icon will appear on the desktop. Make sure that ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 11

    ... • You need to download several programs (e.g., EMD key installer). To download these programs, double-click the "OpenMG(NW-E3&E2) Registration" icon, then follow the displayed instructions. &#... files and update your software. 3 After your update is completed, restart the computer. Then double-click the "OpenMG(NW-E3&E2) Registration" icon on your ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 12

    ... Walkman (Check-Out). You can also download by using EMD Services, or convert MP3 files and WAV format audio files. Please refer to the online help ... your computer. • When connecting Network Walkman to your computer for the first time, the USB driver Installer window appears. Please follow the instructions in the Installer window. • Connect Network Walkman only as necessary. Disconnect ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 24

    ... OpenMG Internet File Importer (if available). Settings Displays the "Settings" window of the OpenMG Jukebox. Exit Exits the OpenMG Jukebox... to "Simple Mode" window. Cover Art Displays images registered in the album as jacket illustrations. Music Visualizer Starts up... Visualizer. Shown only with Sony VAIO series computers in which Media Bar 3.0 or later is installed. Operation Panel Shows/hides the ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 28

    ... Jukebox to rename the title with characters which can be displayed on the player. On the connection with the computer and the supplied software Symptom The software cannot be installed. The installation does not begin automatically. "CONNECT" does not appear in the display window when connecting to the computer with the supplied dedicated...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 33

    ... below. 1. This product can only be used with a computer on which the supplied OpenMG Jukebox software has been installed. 2. Music recorded on the hard disk using the OpenMG Jukebox software cannot be ...-In to the same computer. You cannot Check-In to other computers. 5. Installation of the same OpenMG Jukebox software onto other computers is not permitted. 6. Usage...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 35

    ... 4, 32 OpenMG Jukebox software 4, 10, 13, 22 OpenMG CD Recorder 13 optimizing the CD drive 13 D display DISPLAY button display mode download driver (USB) 17, 20 20 20 4, 11 12 E EMD services 11 P playback 15 playback mode 20 Portable Player window 23 previous tracks 16 F Features 33 Q quit (software) 22 continued 35
  • Operating Instructions - Page 36

    Index (continued) R record repeat 13 20 S SDMI Shuttle switch song title start (software) succeeding tracks supplied accessories 5, 32 16 14, 22 13 16 8 T transferring 12, 18 to your computer to Network Walkman troubleshooting 28 18 12 U uninstalling upgrading Usage Rule USB cable USB driver 26 33 33 8, 12, 28 12 V volume 15 W WAV format window 4 22 36Sony Corporation Printed in Japan
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