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  • User Guide - Page 1

    ...available online at Toshiba's Web site at At this Web site, you will find answers for many commonly asked technical questions plus many downloadable software drivers, BIOS updates, and other downloads. For more information, see "If Something Goes Wrong" on page 125 in this guide. GMAD00349010 04...
  • User Guide - Page 19

    ... ...37 Charging the main battery...40 Using the computer for the first time ...40 Initial setup ...41 Setting up your software...41 Registering your computer with Toshiba ...41 To Shut down your computer ...42 To...56 Refresh your PC (with user's data) ...57 Reset your PC ...59 Installing drivers and applications...62 Using the touch pad...63 Adjusting touch pad ...
  • User Guide - Page 41

    ... Started Registering your computer with Toshiba 41 Initial setup The Windows 8 Startup screen is the first screen displayed when you ...names of windows displayed, and the order in which windows appear, may vary according to your software setup choices. The first... through steps to set up your software. Follow the on-screen instructions. Registering your computer with Toshiba Product registration ...
  • User Guide - Page 62

    ...the "Fully clean the drive" option may take several hours. Installing drivers and applications The TOSHIBA Application Installer allows you to ... your computer. To reinstall drivers and applications: 1 From the Start screen begin typing TOSHIBA Application Installer and click...touch your selection. Search field (Sample Image) Installing drivers and applications 2 3 4 5 Click or touch Next....
  • User Guide - Page 66

    ... computer. To do this: 1 2 3 4 Read the directions that came with the device to see if you first need to install new software. Connect the device's video or USB cable to the port on the computer and to the device. Connect the device's power cable to a live electrical outlet (if applicable). Turn on the external device ...
  • User Guide - Page 104

    ... tasks in the notification area are Current time, Power usage mode, network connectivity status, and speaker volume. To activate a ... as an online newspaper. Windows® Store Although many applications will be pre-installed or built-in to your computer, you will also have the ability to download many other applications with a touch or the click of your mouse. In the Windows® Store you can ...
  • User Guide - Page 123

    ...recovery media" on page 54. Service Station The Service Station helps you keep your new computer running at its best by notifying you when updated software, firmware, documentation or other information is available for your computer. The Service Station will alert you when updates are available, and you can then choose...
  • User Guide - Page 124

    ... applications that were originally bundled with your computer. To reinstall drivers and applications: 1 To access TOSHIBA Application Installer from the Start screen begin typing Application Installer, or ... or touch Support & Recovery. Click or touch TOSHIBA Application Installer. The TOSHIBA Application Installer window appears. 2 3 (Sample Image) TOSHIBA Application ...
  • User Guide - Page 126

    ... put into Sleep mode and the battery has discharged. If you performed a shutdown before this message was displayed, a program or driver may have prevented Windows® from shutting down. Data stored in the computer's memory has been lost. Data stored in the computer's internal storage drive may not be affected.
  • User Guide - Page 129

    ... Your computer settings will be changed back to their defaults Your Apps from the Windows® Store are retained Apps you installed from discs or Web sites ... performing properly. Restore points are created: ❖ ❖ When new hardware or software is installed Manually by the user System Image Recovery Windows® will "Recover" the Operating system using a specific image provided by ...
  • User Guide - Page 130

    ... mode Starts Windows® in an advanced troubleshooting mode Enable boot logging Creates a file that lists all the drivers that are installed during startup ❖ Enable Safe Mode Starts Windows® with a minimal set of drivers and services. If the computer starts and runs in Safe Mode, you will know the Operating ...
  • User Guide - Page 132

    ...a device. Properties include the name of the manufacturer, the type of device, the drivers installed, and the system resources assigned to the ... appears. Click or touch Settings. From the list of device(s), click or touch Device Manger. To view the device(s) installed, double-click.... This tab also provides options for updating the driver or rolling back the driver in case the new version is causing ...
  • User Guide - Page 133

    ... or faulty memory modules may cause errors that seem to be hardware or even software related....swipe in from the right edge When the Windows® charms appear, click or touch the Settings ( ) charm. In the lower ... be faulty. If the error recurs without the memory module installed, the error is not caused ... must have at least one memory module installed for the computer to work. NOTE For this model...
  • User Guide - Page 135

    ... that takes its power from the battery? Is your software using the internal storage drive more? Is the display power set to turn off automatically?... Web site at Refer to this site often to stay current on the most recent software and hardware options ... keyboard error messages. You may need to update your keyboard driver. Refer to the documentation that came with ...
  • User Guide - Page 141

    ... Run the printer's self-test to check for any problem with the printer itself. Make sure you installed the proper printer drivers as shown in the instructions that came with the printer. You may have connected the printer while the computer...preview mode. This mode lets you see your work exactly as it will print. Contact the software manufacturer for more information.
  • User Guide - Page 143

    ... then press ENTER. The IP address for each active network adapter will be displayed. ❖ Connect your computer directly to your... check the access point vendor's Web site for recent firmware upgrades. Problems with WEP keys, in particular, are frequently addressed in new firmware releases.... in the drive tray. Use the DVD Player software that came with your computer to view DVD movies. Clean the...
  • User Guide - Page 145

    ...regular basis, back up the information stored on your internal storage drive. Use Windows® to back up files, or the entire computer, to an optical disc, or external hard disk. Here are some ways you can do this Use the Windows® operating system to back up files or your entire computer to an optical disc, or external hard disk. Copy files ...
  • User Guide - Page 146

    ... If you experience problems after installing some new hardware or software, you can easily select a...turn back the clock,' restoring the Windows® operating system to the state it was in just prior to the installation. This is much easier and more effective than uninstalling the hardware or software, which... time, you can re-establish your Windows® configuration using the saved restore point....
  • User Guide - Page 148

    ..."back up files". General tips for installing hardware and software Here are a few tips to help ensure safe and easy installation of... able to easily restore the Windows® operating system to the state it was in prior to the installation, undoing any ... successfully. Always carefully follow the installation instructions that accompany the hardware or software. ❖ ❖ ❖
  • User Guide - Page 149

    ...❖ 149 Restart the Windows® operating system. Always restart the Windows® operating system after each installation, even if the installation utility does not prompt you to ... sequence: 1 2 3 4 5 Back up critical data. Create a restore point. Install one item of hardware or software. Restart the Windows® operating system. Use the new hardware or software for a while, noting any...
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