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  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 1

    eMachine 355 Series Service Guide Service guide files and updates are available on the ACER/CSD web; for more information, please refer to http://csd.acer.com.tw PRINTED IN TAIWAN
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 2

    ...updates made to this service guide. Date Chapter Updates Copyright Copyright © 2011 by eMachines Incorporated. All...any particular purpose. Any Acer Incorporated software described in this manual is sold or licensed "as is". Should the programs prove... damages resulting from any defect in the software. eMachines is a registered trademark of eMachines Corporation. Intel is a registered trademark...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 3

    Conventions The following conventions are used in this manual: SCREEN MESSAGES NOTE Denotes actual messages that appear ... actions. Gives precautionary measures to avoid possible hardware or software problems. Reminds you to do specific actions relevant .... WARNING CAUTION IMPORTANT NOTE: This symbol where placed in the Service Guide designates a component that should be recycled according to the ...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 5

    ... Lock Keys and Embedded Numeric Keypad ...Windows Keys ...Hot Keys ...Using the communication key... Configurations ...17 System Utilities...29 BIOS Setup Utility ...29 Navigating the BIOS Utility ...49 General Information ...50 Pre-disassembly Instructions ...50 Disassembly Process ...50 External ... Battery Pack ...Removing the SD Dummy Card ...Removing the 3G Card ...Removing the Keyboard ...Removing ...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 7

    Table of Contents Wireless Function Failure ...3G Function Failure ...Cosmetic Failure ...Thermal Unit Failure ...External...action: ...Each PEIM entry point used in 80_PORT...Each Driver entry point used in 80_PORT ...Each SmmDriver entry point ... Upper Assembly ...LCD Assembly ...176 177 178 179 Model Definition and Configuration ...189 eMachines 355 ...189 Test Compatible Components ...201 Online ...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 12

    Software Productivity 
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 17

    ...lock slot Ethernet (RJ-45) port Icon 2 3 4 5 Description Accepts Secure Digital (SD), MultiMediaCard (MMC) Note: Push to remove/install the card. Only one card can operate at any given time. Connects to line-out ...(e.g., USB mouse). Connects to a Kensington-compatible computer security lock. Connects to an Ethernet 10/100-based network. 5 Chapter 1 9
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 21

    ...'re not connected to a network domain) + : Minimizes all windows + : Open the Run dialog ... + : Open Ease of Access Center + : Open Windows Mobility Center + : Display the System Properties... and select Windows Sidebar + < + < > > + : Search for computers (if you are on a network) + : Use the arrow... to cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Windows Flip 3-D Note: Depending on your edition...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 24

    ... enable and disable the various wireless connectivity devices on your computer. Press + to bring up the Launch Manager window panel. A red toggle indicates the device is off. Click On to enable wireless/3G/Bluetooth connection. Click ...key at the upper-center of the keyboard. NOTE: Some fonts and software do not support the Euro symbol. The US dollar sign...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 29

    Keyboard Controller Item Type Total number of keypads Windows logo key Internal & external keyboard work simultaneously Features 84-US/85-UK keys...home/end keys Support reverse T cursor keys Factory configurable different languages by OEM customer Specification New eMachines flat keyboard Wireless Module 802.11b/g/Draft-N Item Manufacturer Model Supported Standards Battery Item Vendor & model name ...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 38

    ...Ty p e CPU Speed Main Security InsydeH20 Setup Utility Boot Exit CPU N550 ... IDE master. This field displays the serial number of HDD installed on primary IDE master..... This field displays the VGA firmware version of the system. This field displays the serial number of this unit.... construction, standardized by the Open Software Foundation (OSF) as part of the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 49

    ...the WinFlash Utility: 1. 2. Double click the WinFlash executable. Click OK to begin the update. A progress screen displays. InsydeFlash V3.80.00 0 InsydeFlash Windows(R) BIOS Flash Utility Copyright(C)2009 lnsyde Software Corp http://www.insydesw.com Status Current BIOS ID Version ZQ8 V0.06 New BIOS ZQ8 V0.06 Erasing ...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 52

    ..., for example, enter BS2 to change the boot sequence to HDD|CD ROM|LAN|Floppy. Using DMITools The DMI (Desktop Management Interface) Tool ... BIOS displays Verifying DMI pool data it is checking the table correlates with the hardware before sending to the operating system (Windows, etc.). To update the DMI Pool, perform the following steps: 1. 2. Enter into DOS. Execute dmitools.exe. The following ...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 154

    ... airways are free of obstructions. Remove all external and non-essential hardware connected to the computer that are not necessary to boot the computer to the failure point. Remove any recently installed software. If the Issue is still not resolved, see "Online Support Information" on page 205. 0 146 Chapter 4
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 156

    ...its highest level. See the User Manual for instructions on adjusting settings. Note: Ensure that the computer is not running on battery alone as this may reduce display ... or close all Windows. If display size is only abnormal in an application, check the view settings and control... if necessary. Roll back the video driver to the previous version if updated. Remove and reinstall the video...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 162

    ... devices. Run a complete virus scan using up-to-date software to ensure the computer is virus free. Run the Windows 7 Startup Repair Utility: a. b. c. d. ...DVD in the ODD and restart the computer. When prompted, press any key to start to the operating system DVD. The Install Windows screen displays. Click Next. Select Repair your computer. The System Recovery Options ...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 168

    ...program experiencing mouse failure. Restart the computer. Remove any recently added hardware and associated software. Remove any recently added software and reboot. Restore system and file settings from a known good date using... For more information see Windows Help and Support. 11. Roll back the mouse driver to the previous version if updated recently. 12. Remove and reinstall the...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 169

    ...defect, such as: cosmic radiation, electrostatic discharge, or software errors. FRU replacement should be considered ...: 1. 2. 3. Run the advanced diagnostic test for the system board in loop mode at least 10 times... which adapter or device failed, which installed devices are incorrect, whether a short circuit... On Issue" on page 146.): 1. 2. 3. Power-off the computer. Visually check them for damage. If...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 180

    ... the system with minimum BIOS initialization. Users can enable this feature to restore the BIOS firmware to a successful one once the previous BIOS flashing process failed. 0 0 BIOS ... prepare the Crisis USB key. The Crisis USB key could be made by executing the Crisis Disk program in another system with Windows XP OS. Follow the steps below: 1. 2. 3. Save ROM file (file name: PAV70D2.fd for DDR2...
  • eMachines 355 Netbook Series Service Guide - Page 213

    ...you need them. In the Technical Information section you can download information on all of Acer's Notebook, Desktop and Server models including Service guides for all models Bios updates Software utilities Spare parts lists TABs (Technical Announcement ... the problem-free downloading of our technical material. Also contained on this website are Detailed information on eMachine's International ...
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