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  • User Manual - Page 1

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Special notes on LCD monitors ...1 Information for your safety and comfort ...2 Unpacking ...5 Screen position adjustment ...6 Connecting the power cord...7 Safety precaution ...7 Cleaning your monitor ...7 Power saving ...8 DDC ...8 Connector Pin Assingment ...9 Standard Timing Table...11 Installation...12 User controls...13 How to adjust a setting...14 Troubleshooting...20
  • User Manual - Page 3

    X223W Information for your safety and comfort Safety instructions Read these instructions carefully... and disconnecting power to the power supply unit: Install the power supply unit before connecting ... near or over a radiator or heat register, or in a built-in installation unless proper ventilation is provided. Never ... short current or damage rotor devices, HDD, Optical drive, and even exposure risk ...
  • User Manual - Page 5

    ... your muscles or shrugging your shoulders install the external display, keyboard and mouse properly and ... you view your monitor more than your documents, place the display at the center of your ... reflections by: • placing your display in such a way that the side faces the window or any light ... looking at bright light sources, such as open windows, for extended periods of time. Developing good ...
  • User Manual - Page 8

    ... counter clockwise direction. After rotation is complete, adjust the screen height to suit your own position. In order to use the Rotate function, the included ADM Software must be installed. NOTES Do not touch the LCD screen when you change the angle. It may cause damage or break the LCD screen. Careful attention is required ...
  • User Manual - Page 9

    ...cord set should have the appropriate safety approvals for the country in which the equipment will be installed. SAFETY PRECAUTION · · · · Avoid placing the monitor, or any other heavy ...cabinet front and sides. Power saving The monitor will be driven into Power Saving" mode by the control signal from the display controller, as indicated by the ...
  • User Manual - Page 10

    X223W DDC To make your installation easier, the monitor is able to Plug and Play with your system if your system also supports DDC protocol. The DDC (Display Data Channel) is a communication protocol through which the monitor automatically informs the host ... PIN ASSIGNMENT 15-Pin Color Display Signal Cable PIN NO. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. DESCRIPTION Red Green Blue Monitor Ground DDC-return ...
  • User Manual - Page 12

    X223W Standard Timing Table To reduce the need for adjustment for different modes, the monitor has default setting modes that are most commonly used as given in the table below. For optimum adjustment, the user is suggested to perform the Auto Setup under Windows "Full Screen" pattern or using the pattern in the floppy disk provided. When none of the mode is matched, ...
  • User Manual - Page 13

    X223W INSTALLATION To install the monitor to your host system, please follow the steps as given below: Steps 1. 1-1 Connect Video Cable a. Make sure both the monitor and computer are powered-OFF. b. Connect the VGA video cable to ...OFF. b. Connect one end of the 24-pin DVI cable to the back of the monitor and connect the other end to the computer's port. 2. Connect power cord Connect the power...
  • User Manual - Page 15

    X223W HOW TO ADJUST A SETTING 1. Press the MENU-button to activate the OSD window. 2. Press < or > to select the desired function. 3. Press the MENU-button ...P/X Series OSD behave When user press "MENU" button on front bezel 1 2 1. Acer eColor Management If selected to "Acer eColor Management " item, will appear the Acer eColor" OSD · OSD and" Key " locations Value ...
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