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  • Manual - Page 1

    GV-N95TD3-1GI/ GV-N95TD3-512I/ GV-N95TOC-1GI/ GV-N95TOC-512I NVIDIA® GeForceT 9500 GT Graphics Accelerator M User's Manual Rev. 103 12MM-N95TO5I-103R Copyright © 2009 GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Copyright ...may appear in this document nor does the author make a commitment to update the information contained herein. Macrovision corporation product notice: This product...
  • Manual - Page 4

    ... of Contents 1. Introduction ...5 1.1. Features ...5 1.2. Minimum System Requirements ...5 2. Hardware Installation ...6 2.1. Board Layout ...6 2.2. Hardware Installation ...10 3. Software Installation ...12 3.1. Windows XP Driver and Utilities Installation ...12 3.1.1. 3.1.2. 3.1.3. 3.1.4. 3.1.5. 3.1.6. 3.1.7. ...
  • Manual - Page 5

    ...-N95TD3-512I only) Integrated with 1 GB GDDR2 memory (For GV-N95TOC-1GI only) Integrated with 512 MB GDDR2... of system memory; 2 GB or more for best performance - Optical drive for software installation (CD-ROM or DVD... correct chipset driver - Two GV-N95TD3-1GI/GV-N95TD3-512I/GV-N95TOC-1GI/GV-N95TOC...1GI/GV-N95TD3-512I/GV-N95TOC-1GI/ GV- N95TOC-512I )and from the same vendor (e.g. GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY)....
  • Manual - Page 6

    2. Hardware Installation 2.1. Board Layout 1. GV-N95TD3-1GI SLI Connector HDMI Connector D-Sub monitor Connector (15-pin) DVI-I Connector HDMI TV HDMI Connector or D-Sub monitor Connector (15-pin) Analog Monitor Analog LCD ... Monitor DVI-I to D-Sub Adapter (optional) Analog LCD Monitor HDMI TV DVI-I to HDMI Adapter (optional) GV-N95 Series Graphics Accelerator -6-
  • Manual - Page 11

    ... provided S/PDIF cable to the graphics card. 2. Connect the S/PDIF cable to the motherboard. (the red wire connects to the S/PDIF out pin and the ... to the Ground pin) You are now ready to proceed with the installation of the graphics card driver. Please refer to next chapter for .... (Example: GV-NX88X768H-RH) SLI bridge connector (provided by motherboard manufacturer) - 11 - Hardware Installation
  • Manual - Page 12

    ... drivers is very simple. When you insert the driver CD into your CD-ROM drive, you can see the... install the driver for your graphics card.) 3.1. Windows XP Driver and Utilities Installation 3.1.1. Operating System Requirements Notice ...2. Make sure your system has installed the appropriate motherboard drivers (for the motherboard drivers, please contact the motherboard manufacturer.) GV-N95 Series ...
  • Manual - Page 13

    ...for Windows XP to achieve better 3D performance. For software MPEG support in Windows XP, you must install DirectX first. Users... install DirectX separately. Step 1. When the autorun window shows up, click the Install DirectX 9 item. Step 2. Choose... the components. Step 4. Click Finish to restart computer. Then the DirectX 9 installation is completed. - 13 - Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 14

    3.1.3. Driver Installation A. New Hardware Found When the graphics card is inserted into your computer for the first time, the ...: Video Controller (VGA Compatible) Click the Next button to install the driver. (Insert the driver CD-ROM that came with your graphics card.) Or click the Cancel button to install the driver from the autorun window. Step 2: Found New Hardware Wizard: Searching and ...
  • Manual - Page 15

    B. Driver Installation (Autorun Window) Insert the driver CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. The autorun... show up, please run "D:\setup.exe". Step 1. When the autorun window shows up, click the Install Display Driver item. Step 2. Click the Next ...installing the components. Step 3. Click the Finish button to restart the computer. Then the driver installation is completed. - 15 - Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 16

    3.1.4. GIGABYTE Gamer HUD Lite on Driver CD Insert the driver CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. The autorun window will appear. ... letter.) Step 2. Choose the language for the installation and click the OK button. Step 1. When autorun window shows up, click ... Click the Finish button. Then the installation of the GIGABYTE Gamer HUD Lite is completed. GV-N95 Series Graphics Accelerator ...
  • Manual - Page 17

    ... utility optimize the GPU/Shader/memory frequency settings Allows you to manually configure the GPU/Shader/Memory frequency settings Displays the GPU usage and temperature, the GPU usage/thermal curve, and your ... the system components. (Note) This item is configurable only if 2D/3D Auto-Optimized is set to Disable. - 17 Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 18

    3.1.5. Taskbar Icon After installing the graphics card driver, you will find an NVIDIA icon icon to open the control panel. in your system tray. Click this Right click the NVIDIA icon to enter the NVIDIA Control Center. You can adjust the properties of the graphics card here. GV-N95 Series Graphics Accelerator - 18 -
  • Manual - Page 19

    ... of display adapter, color, the range of display area, and the refresh rate. Settings (Resolutions and Color Quality for Windows) You may adjust the screen resolution and color quality settings in this dialog box. You can move...the NVIDIA Control Panel. Click the Start the NVIDIA Control Panel button to open the NVIDIA Control Panel. - 19 - Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 21

    .... This results in significant improvements in rendering performance and image quality. Note: It is recommended that you set to Multi-GPU mode to enhance the graphics card's performance. (Note 1) This item is present only in Advanced view mode. (Note 2) This item will show up when you install two graphics cards with the same model name and from the same vendor. - 21 Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 23

    ... Change Resolution controls, you can change the color setting, reduce screen flickering, or adjust the amount of information appearing on your display. Adjust Desktop Color Settings Use this page to set the contrast, sharpness, ... color settings, go to Adjust Video Color Settings under the Video and TV section from the Start page. - 23 - Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 25

    ...of several multi-display modes to make the best use of the displays (monitors) that are connected to your computer. Dual-Monitor Setup You can set the display to output from two monitors on the Set Up Multiple Displays page. Select your ...The width of each display is half the width of the total virtual desktop width. Horizontal Span Mode - 25 Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 27

    ...8226; Adjust your television picture quality and video color settings for the best possible viewing in its environment. • Change the position ... controls on this page to fine tune the color settings for video content on your display. Select one of the test images to monitor ... best results, play a video while you make adjustment to view the changes as they happen. - 27 - Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 29

    .... The Setup Wizard can also be accessed from this tab. nView Profiles properties This tab contains a record of all nView display settings for easy software setup. nView Windows properties This tab allows you to control window and dialog box placement when using multiple monitors. - 29 - Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 31

    nView Effects properties This tab provides special windows effects that you can apply to your applications. nView Zoom properties This tab provides dynamic zoom functionality on the desktop. Also ... screen video playback via the video mirroring control button. nView Hot Keys properties This tab lets you perform various actions with shortcut keys or key combinations. - 31 - Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 33 selected the appropriate display device and graphics card when you install the graphics driver. Restart your computer. Press on your keyboard ...check whether the driver for the graphics card is correct. For more assistance, use the Troubleshooting Guide located in the Windows Help... depend on the graphics card being installed. If necessary, adjust your monitor's setting using monitor's ...
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