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  • Manual - Page 4

    ...1.2. Minimum system requirement ...3 2. Hardware Installation ...4 2.1. Board Layout ...4 2.2. Hardware installation ...6 3. Software Installation ...8 3.1. Windows® XP driver and utilities installation ...8 3.1.1. Operating system ... mode ...28 5.2. Resolutions and Color Depth Table (In Windows® XP) ...29 GV-NX66128DP Graphics Accelerator -2-
  • Manual - Page 5

    ... AV / S-Video and HDTV output Provides D-Sub and DVI-I connectors Most suitable for GIGABYTE BTX motherboards (including the GA-8I945G-MBX, GA-8I915D-YFD, GA-8I945D-YFD, and GA-8I915G-ZFD. The ... or higher One PCI Express x 16 slot Operating Systems Windows® 2000 / Windows® XP 64MB system memory 50MB of available disk space for full installation CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive -3- Introduction
  • Manual - Page 9 fasten the card in place, and replace the computer cover. 2. Plug the display cable into your card; then turn .... If your graphics card came with a DVI-I connector, you can connect a flat panel display to the appropriate connector, as ... VCR To VGA Monitor To Flat Panel Display You are now ready to proceed with the installation of the graphics card driver. Please refer to next chapter for detailed...
  • Manual - Page 10

    ...Drive letter to be Drive D: The installation of Windows® 2000 / Windows® XP drivers is very ...your graphics accelerator.) 3.1. Windows® XP driver and utilities installation 3.1.1. Operating system ...8226; If you install the graphics card drivers for the motherboard, which consist of SIS or VIA ...Step 1. When autorun window show up, click the Install DirectX 9 item. GV-NX66128DP Graphics...
  • Manual - Page 11

    Step 2. Choose I accept the agreement and click the "Next" button. English Step 3. Click the "Next" button. Installing the components. Step 4. Click "Finish" to restart computer. Then the DirectX 9 installation is completed. -9- Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 12

    English 3.1.3. Driver installation A. New hardware found After the graphics card is inserted into ...VGA Compatible) Click "Next" button to install the driver. (There is a driver CD disk that came ... it now.) Or click the "Cancel" button to install the driver from AUTORUN window. Step 2: Found new ...: Finish Click the "Finish" button to finish the installation. GV-NX66128DP Graphics Accelerator - 10...
  • Manual - Page 13

    ... see the AUTORUN window. If it does not show up, please run "D:\setup.exe". Step 1. When autorun window show up, click Install Display Driver item. English Step 2. Click "Next" button. Windows installings the components. Step 3. Click "Finish" button to restart computer. Then the driver installation is completed. - 11 - Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 14

    ... the AUTORUN window. If it does not show up, please run "D:\setup.exe". • Install GIGABYTE Utility (V-Tuner 2): Step 1. When autorun window show up, please click the Utilities item. Then click ... name and company. Step 4. Click the Finish button to restart computer. Then the utilities installation is completed. GV-NX66128DP Graphics Accelerator - 12 -
  • Manual - Page 15

    V-Tuner 2 V-Tuner 2 lets you adjust the working frequency of the graphic engine and video memory (Core Clock and Memory Clock). English Displays core clock status Displays memory clock status Adjust Core speed Adjust Memory speed Open Help page Select choice of skin - 13 - Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 16

    English 3.1.5. Taskbar icon After installation of the display drivers, you will find a GIGABYTE icon on the taskbar's status area. Right-clicking this .... Click the VGA Information item into the "VGA Info" and "Color Adjust" tabs. You can link to GIGABYTE website for updated information about the graphics accelerator, latest drivers, and other information. GV-NX66128DP Graphics Accelerator - 14 -
  • Manual - Page 17

    VGA Information VGA Info lists the relevant information about your card. English Color Adjust Color Adjust allows you to make color adjustments, such as brightness, contrast and gamma values for each or all of RGB colors. - 15 - Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 18

    English After installation of the display drivers, you will find a NVIDIA icon area. Click this icon to open the control panel. on the taskbar's status Right click the icon. You can adjust the properties of the graphics accelerator from here. GV-NX66128DP Graphics Accelerator - 16 -
  • Manual - Page 19

    ... the information of display adapter, color, the range of display area, and the refresh rate. Settings (Resolutions and Color depth for Windows) You may adjust the screen resolution and color quality settings ... page shows the Adapter, System and Driver version information. You can select other properties from the pop-out menu. - 17 - Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 21

    ... you conveniently access various features and presets you've configured in the Display Properties directly from the Windows taskbar. • Shortcut tools: Enabling these options will give you quick access to NVIDIA features... Portrait (90 degree rotation) Inverted Landscape (180 degree rotation) Inverted Portrait (270 degree rotation) - 19 - Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 23

    ...applications so you won't have to crowd several open application windows on one desktop. Enable the nView Desktop Manager features: ... Destop Manager (Method A). Or right-click on Desktop, select Properties/Settings/Advanced/ GeForce 6600. Double-click Desktop Management item ... item to start nView Properties. Double-click Desktop Management to see more nView properties. Software Installation - 21 -
  • Manual - Page 24

    ... The setup wizard can also be accessed from this tab. nView Profile properties This tab contains a record all nView display settings for easy software setup. nView Windows properties This tab allows you to control of window and dialog box placement when using multiple monitors. GV-NX66128DP Graphics Accelerator - 22 -
  • Manual - Page 25

    nView Applications properties This tab allows you to control nView settings depending on different applications. English nView Desktops properties This tab allows you to create up to 32 unique desktops. nView User Interface properties This tab allows customization of the nView user interface. - 23 - Software Installation
  • Manual - Page 28

    English 3.2. Windows® 2000 driver installation With Windows running on your computer, you need ... shipped with your graphics card. To install the graphics card driver for Windows® 2000, please ... Driver item, and follow the wizard to install the driver. If Windows® does not ... Service Pack (or later) before installing the graphics accelerator driver. GV-NX66128DP Graphics Accelerator -...
  • Manual - Page 29

    ... the secondary display.) Make sure you selected the appropriate display device and graphics card when you installed the graphics driver. Restart your computer. Press the F8 key on your keyboard ... in Device Manager check whether the driver for the graphics card is correct. For more assistance, use the Troubleshooting Guide located in the Windows® Help or contact ...
  • Manual - Page 30

    ...done, then restart your computer. 5.1.2. Reflash BIOS in Windows mode 1. After installing the display drivers, you will find a GBT icon in the update for you.(@VGA will not download/update the BIOS if it detects the current BIOS on your card is ... (or floppy disk). d. Complete the update procedure following the on-screen instructions. GV-NX66128DP Graphics Accelerator - 28 ...
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