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  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology Basics - Page 7

    The following 3 steps activate your BWT-enabled notebook PC: 1. Install the BWT software. 2. Enable BWT functionality. 3. Set up the BWT software. These steps are explained ...the first time, the Found New Hardware wizard opens. Follow the instructions in the wizard to load the BWT driver. Set up the BWT software After the software is installed and BWT functionality is enabled, a Bluetooth icon will ...
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology Basics - Page 8

    ... of the HP 450 Deskjet printer feature integrated BWT capability. After you install the printer software on your notebook, select Start > My Programs > My Bluetooth Places to manage the BWT printer ....hp.com/products/wireless/PAN/. Also, visit http://www.hp.com/products/wireless/ for updates to the HP wireless product portfolio. Table 2. Bluetooth wireless ...
  • Software Update - Windows Vista - Page 5

    Table of contents Updating software Updating the BIOS ...2 Determining the BIOS version ...2 Downloading a BIOS update ...3 Updating programs and drivers ...5 Index ...6 v
  • Software Update - Windows Vista - Page 7

    ... list of support alerts, such as security enhancements, and optional software and driver updates. You can manually check for updates at any time by selecting ... currently installed on the computer. If your computer is connected to a network, consult the network administrator before installing any software updates, especially system BIOS updates. NOTE: The computer system BIOS is stored on the system...
  • Software Update - Windows Vista - Page 8

    ... the BIOS, first determine what BIOS version you currently have and then download and install the new BIOS. Determining the BIOS version To determine whether available BIOS updates contain later BIOS versions than those currently installed on the computer, you need to ... (also known as ROM date and System BIOS) can be displayed by pressing fn+esc (if you are already in Windows...
  • Software Update - Windows Vista - Page 9

    ... BIOS update CAUTION: To prevent damage to the computer or an unsuccessful installation, download and install a BIOS update only when the ... using the AC adapter. Do not download or install a BIOS update while the computer is running on battery power, ... If you connect your computer to a network, consult the network administrator before installing any software updates, especially system BIOS updates. ...
  • Software Update - Windows Vista - Page 10

    NOTE: After a message on the screen reports a successful installation, you may delete the downloaded file from your hard drive. 4 Updating software
  • Software Update - Windows Vista - Page 11

    Updating programs and drivers To download and install software other than a BIOS update, follow these steps: 1. Access the page on the HP Web site that ... and Support. - or - ● 2. 3. Visit the HP Web site at http://www.hp.com and click Software & Driver Downloads to download the software for your computer model. Follow the instructions on the screen to find the software you want to update. At...
  • Software Update - Windows Vista - Page 12

    Index B BIOS update downloading installing 3 3 C computer information 2 S SoftPaq 1 software BIOS update 3 HP Web site 1 SoftPaq 1 updates 1 updating programs and drivers 5 U updates, software 1 6 Index
  • Management and Printing User Guide - Windows XP and Windows Vista - Page 8

    ... Managing and updating software HP provides several tools for managing and updating software on client computers HP Client Manager (select models only) HP OpenView Radia Management ...-accessible reporting of business-critical details such as thermal warnings and memory alerts Remote updating of system software such as device drivers and the system BIOS NOTE: Additional functionality can be added ...
  • Management and Printing User Guide - Windows XP and Windows Vista - Page 9

    When HP Client Manager (installed on a client computer) is used with Altiris Solutions software (installed on an administrator computer), HP Client Manager provides increased ...and fixed asset tracking System software deployment and migration Windows® migration System deployment ... administrators can also update the system BIOS and device driver software from a central console. ...
  • Management and Printing User Guide - Windows XP and Windows Vista - Page 11

    ... computer, SSM detects versions of both hardware and software, and then updates designated software from a central repository, known as a file store. Driver versions that are supported by SSM are denoted with a special icon on the HP driver download Web site and on the Support Software CD. To download the SSM utility or to obtain more information on SSM, see ...
  • Management and Printing User Guide - Windows XP and Windows Vista - Page 16

    ... software 2 Computer Setup utility 2 D deployment, software 2 H HP OpenView Radia Management Solutions 2, 4 HP Universal Print Driver, using 9 I image, computer 2 Intel Centrino Pro technology 8 S software deployment 2 recovery 2 updates 2 System Software Manager 5 U updates, software 2 W Web sites HP Universal Print Driver 9 Intel Centrino Pro 6 Intel Pro technology ...
  • ProtectTools - Windows Vista and Windows XP - Page 79

    ... the BIOS TPM is factory-reset, ownership is removed and firmware update capability is prevented until the Embedded Security Software platform and User Initialization Wizard have been configured... (or greater) e. 5. If the FW version does not match 2.18, download and update the TPM firmware. The TPM Firmware SoftPaq is a support download available on the HP Web site at http://www.hp.com...
  • Security - Windows Vista and Windows XP - Page 31

    ... system and other software may have become available after the computer was shipped. To be sure all available updates are installed on the computer observe these guidelines: ● ● Run Windows Update monthly to install the latest software from Microsoft. Obtain updates, as they are released, from the Microsoft Web site ...
  • Security - Windows Vista and Windows XP - Page 34

    Index A administrator password antivirus software 23 3 C cable, security 27 Computer Setup device security 17 DriveLock password 12 power-on password 8 ...Security Manager 26 P passwords administrator 3 DriveLock 12 power-on 8 setup 5 user 3 S security cable security, protecting the computer 1 software antivirus 23 critical updates 25 firewall 24 stringent security 18 U user password 3 27 28 ...
  • External Media Cards - Windows Vista. - Page 10

    ...to conform to the standard specifications of the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA). Configuring an ExpressCard Install only the software required for your device. ...9679; ● Install only the device drivers for your operating system. Do not install other software, such as card services, socket services, or enablers, supplied...
  • Pointing Devices and Keyboard - Windows Vista - Page 10

    ... specifications Answers to questions about using your computer Tutorials to help you learn to use the computer and Windows features Updates for the Windows operating system, drivers, and the software provided on your computer Checkups for computer functionality Automated and interactive troubleshooting, repair solutions, and ...
  • HP Business Notebook PC - Getting Started - Vista - Enhanced for Accessibility - Page 30

    ...software included with the computer may have been released since the computer left the factory. Some updates may affect the way the computer responds to optional software... other software installed on the computer as soon as the computer is connected to the Internet. To access links for updating installed software, refer to Help and Support. Turning off the computer Whenever possible, turn off the ...
  • HP Business Notebook PC - Getting Started - Vista - Enhanced for Accessibility - Page 53

    ...27 slots ExpressCard 14 SD Card Reader 12 security cable 13 software antivirus 19 identifying 18 installing 23 setup 6 troubleshooting 27 updating 24 speaker, identifying 10 specifications...problems 29 overheating problems 29 resources 25 software problems 27 startup problems 26 unresponsive computer 28 wireless network problems 30 turning off the...
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