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Download the free PDF manual for ZyXEL NSA325 and other ZyXEL manuals at ManualOwl.com

  • User Guide - Page 5

    ... Graphics in this book may differ slightly from the product due to differences in operating systems, operating system versions, or if you installed updated firmware/software for your device. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this manual is accurate. NSA Computer Notebook computer Server ...
  • User Guide - Page 11

    ... Share Through the Web Configurator ...91 5.10 Download Service Tutorial ...92 5.10.1 Copying/Pasting a Download Link ...92 5.10.2 Installing the Link Capture Browser Plugin... Capture Browser Plugin ...100 5.10.4 Configuring the Download Service Preferences ...102 5.10.5 Using Download...Customizing the NSA's Certificate ...118 5.15.2 Downloading and Installing Customized Certificate ...119 5.15.3...
  • User Guide - Page 16

    ... The Configuration Screen ...318 17.6 SSL Certification ...319 17.6.1 Modifying or Creating a Certificate ...320 17.7 The Firmware Upgrade Screen ...321 17.8 The Shutdown Screen ...322 17.9 ....3 Configuration File Backup and Restoration ...331 18.4 Memeo Autobackup ...332 18.4.1 Memeo Autobackup Installation and Setup ...332 18.4.2 Using Memeo Autobackup After the Initial...
  • User Guide - Page 17

    ... NSA ...354 20.7 External USB Drives ...356 20.8 Firmware ...356 20.9 File Transfer ...356 20.10 Networking ...357 20.11 Some Features' Screens Do Not Display...Content Formats ...366 21.3 Supported iTunes Server Content Formats ...367 Appendix A Setting Up Your Computer's IP Address ...369 Appendix B Pop-up Windows, JavaScripts and Java Permissions...397 Appendix C Common Services...407 Appendix D ...
  • User Guide - Page 38

    ... LABEL Capacity Media Player zPilot Network Drive Shared Folder BT Download Dropbox SMART... NSA's file directory in Windows Explorer. Click this to use the NSA to manage file downloads, including ... have the NSA download *.torrent files. This displays when the NSA has the SMART package installed. Click ...pyLoad package installed. Click this to use pyLoad to have the NSA manage your downloads, including ...
  • User Guide - Page 47

    ... general system settings or log into the administrator advanced configuration screens. Note: Your browser may need Windows Media Player and VLC plugins installed to play music and video files. To get the VLC plugins, you have to download and install VLC (use the .exe file). To install a VLC plugin for Firefox, when you ...
  • User Guide - Page 60

    ... files in shares without logging into the Home screens. Subscribe the NSA to feeds to download frequently updated digital content like TV programs, radio .... The NSA can download multiple packages/files at once and automatically goes through all the installation steps. Upload ...-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing console to download and share files from the Internet. Network TCP/IP UPnP Port ...
  • User Guide - Page 61

    ... file. Configure HTTPS and the NSA's SSL certificate. Upload/upgrade new firmware to your NSA. Restart the NSA or shut it down. Click this to exit the web configurator. This is ...NSA. Maintenance Power Log Configuration SSL FW Upgrade Shutdown Logout 4.5.3 Main Window The main window ( 3 rest of this document. ) shows the screen you select in the navigation ...
  • User Guide - Page 95

    ... download task appears in the Download Service screen's Active tab. The download appears in the Completed tab when it is done. By default the NSA stores all downloads in the admin... for how to access a share. 5.10.2 Installing the Link Capture Browser Plugin In addition to copying and pasting a download link to the Download Service screen, you can also install a link capture browser plugin in your ...
  • User Guide - Page 107

    Chapter 5 Tutorials 4 From the Firefox's Bookmarks Menu, select Download Notify to check the updates of your NSA's download list. 5.11 Broadcatching Tutorial Use broadcatching to have the NSA download frequently updated digital content like TV programs, radio talk shows, Podcasts (audio files), and blogs. This example shows how to subscribe ...
  • User Guide - Page 112

    ...example). 7 If your computer does not already have the printer's driver installed, you ... OK. 8 Use the wizard screens to install the printer driver on the computer. You may need ...NSA). Note: You must install the printer driver on each computer that will use the printer. After the driver installation finishes, the computer is ready to use the printer. Select the printer in an application to use...
  • User Guide - Page 150

    ...in this screen. Table 16 Status LABEL Status System Information Server Name Model Name Firmware Version MAC Address This displays the name which helps you find the NSA on the network. Click...to the Maintenance > FW Upgrade screen from which you can upload/upgrade new firmware. This displays the NSA's unique physical hardware address (MAC). You need the MAC address to register the product at myZyXEL....
  • User Guide - Page 181

    ... files using a web browser. • Use the Broadcatching screen (Section 10.8 on page 203) to download frequently updated digital content like TV programs, radio talk shows,... (Chapter 11 on page 225) to set up additional applications in your NSA. The NSA can download multiple packages/files at once and automatically goes through all the installation steps. • Use...
  • User Guide - Page 214

    ... can subscribe to the NSA's download list on your computer. When the NSA finishes downloading new files, your RSS reader displays the information and links for the files. You can also download the files from the RSS reader to your computer. See Section 5.10.5 on page 104 for a tutorial about using the download service notification. In the Download Service ...
  • User Guide - Page 321

    ... your changes. Click this to discard changes and close the window. Apply Cancel 17.7 The Firmware Upgrade Screen Use this screen to upgrade the NSA firmware. You should first have downloaded the latest firmware files from the ZyXEL website. Do not turn off the NSA while it is upgrading the firmware or you may render it unusable. Media Server User's Guide 321
  • User Guide - Page 322

    ...screen. Table 117 Maintenance > FW Upgrade LABEL Firmware File Browse Upload DESCRIPTION ...your computer Click this to upload the new firmware. The NSA automatically restarts after you upgrade... firmware upgrade. Click this to refresh the screen. Select this to have the NSA regularly check ZyXEL... to save this field's setting. Click this to check ZyXEL's server for updated firmware. Reset Periodically...
  • User Guide - Page 357

    ... NSA to your local computer's folder or your storage device. • You can download the files from your NSA.... my network cannot use the printer I connected to the NSA. • You must install the printer driver on each computer that will use the printer. • Check Section ...internal volume. Features like the print server, download service, broadcatching, FTP and Windows/CIFS access will not ...
  • User Guide - Page 358

    ... use some applications in the Web Configurator. • The firmware installed in your NSA includes the features mentioned... 11 on page 225) to install more applications from a web location (specified in the firmware) to your NSA. ... If you are using media client software, you may need to install codecs on your computer. Since the media client software uses your computer's installed codecs, files do ...
  • User Guide - Page 369

    ... A Setting Up Your Computer's IP Address Note: Your specific NSA may not support all ... IP settings on your computer in order for it to be able to communicate with the other devices on your network. Windows Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS 9/ OS X, and all versions of UNIX/LINUX include the software components you ... same subnet. In this appendix, you can set up an IP address for: • Windows XP/NT/2000 on...
  • User Guide - Page 526

    ... Server's perl code is licensed for redistribution or inclusion in other software per version 2 of the GPL license, included below for your... only for direct distribution to end-users. These include the Windows installer and Activestate binaries. - Squeezebox firmare may not..., which we will grant for any reasonable purpose. - Squeezebox2 firmware additionally contains the following code: - Kiss FFT, ...
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